Yahtzee with Buddies Review – Have Fun with Friends

Yahtzee with Buddies is the most popular dice game on the Android market. However, Yahtzee with Buddies is even better than the original dice game we played for years.

It offers a fun social element and a tournament mode to make the game even more exciting. Read this Yahtzee with Buddies Review.

Play Yahtzee with Buddies on your PC or Mac with the free Android BlueStacks emulator to make this unforgettable game even more exciting.

The BlueStacks player lets you play any Android application or game directly on your computer.

Yahtzee is on the go, an app version of the classic game you can take anywhere and play anytime. It’s a fun friend game to make new friends, play with Facebook friends or play alone.

Here you love Yahtzee with Friends

Download and Read for Free

You can use many features for free. Of course, there are ways to buy extra, but playing with your friends does not cost you more than some fun with your friends.

Keep reading this Yahtzee with Buddies Review to have more fun with your friends.

Treat Yourself Extra

This game is fun to buy if you want to occasionally pamper yourself. However, I stick to the budget “No more dice.”

But if you prefer to play without restrictions, you can buy more dice for extra playing time. There are also many custom cubes you can get.

Easy to Play

There are many ways to play Yahtzee with friends. You can play with friends, other regular players, virtual players/champions, and yourself.

You can also play several mini-challenges and games to get more rewards and bonuses.

Spend Time with Friends

You can join the group of players already in the game. Connect your application account to Facebook, and you can play with your friends who have also played.

You can also use a chat system in the application to play and chat with your friends.

Lots of Fun Challenges

In addition to the traditional Yahtzee game, there are other activities, from many games to extra mini-games and virtual scratch cards.

You will not be bored by the new Yahtzee app.

Team Play

You can create a virtual “team” to join and get rewards based on the group’s efforts.

There are regular and weekly challenges.

Earn all the Rewards

You can earn rewards in the game by playing Yahtzee with friends. Win while playing, drop some clothes (like Yahtzee, Full House, etc.), and be rewarded for winning.

You can also play mini-games and win special dice, pet, and frame games. Frames decorate your player’s avatar to show the current level.

Play Anywhere, Anytime

Because this game is an application on your phone, you can easily take it. Play with friends anytime, anywhere, with an internet connection.

Whether you want to play for a few minutes or spend an entire afternoon having fun, Yahtzee with friends will find fun entertainment for your friends.


Cute Characters to Play and Win

Yahtzee’s design team has worked overtime to develop all the characters created for this game.

Everything in the game is about a dice game. You can win several sets and other sets you can play to win.


The game consists of several rounds. A player gets three dice rolls each turn, even if he can finish after one or two rolls.

After the first roll, the player can save as many dice as desired and roll the other again. This process repeats after the second roll.

The player has the choice of which dice he wants to move. Moving the two dice that have previously been rolled or not is possible.

The Yahtzee card contains 13 different category fields. After the third roll, the player must select one of these categories at each turn.

The score given in the field depends on how well the five cubes match the scoring rule for the category. For example, one of the categories is called “Triangle.

The point rule for this category means that a player only makes if at least three of the five dice have the same value.

The game ends after 13 rounds of each player and fills each of the 13 boxes. Finally, the total score is calculated by adding the thirteen boxes with all bonuses.

Yahtzee Bonus and Joker Rules

A Yahtzee occurs when all five dice are equal. If the player draws a Yahtzee and has already filled the Yahtzee box with a score of 50, he gets a Yahtzee bonus and another 100 points.

However, if they roll a Yahtzee and have the Yahtzee tab filled with the score 0, they will not receive a Yahtzee bonus.

In both cases, select a category as usual. The points are the same as usual, except that Yahtzee’s box is used for the upper part, full houses, small straight categories, and large straight categories are used to get 2530, and 40.

Even if the dice do not meet the requirements for these categories, in this case, Yahtzee should act as a “wild card.”