Xbox Wireless Controller Review | Is it Worth the Money

The Xbox Wireless Controller is not a new gamepad, but rather a revised version of the gamepad used with the Xbox One, and some updates have been made for the launch and the new Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles.

While the Xbox Wireless Controller for the latest Xbox has the same name as its predecessor and is very similar in design, this is a significant improvement over Microsoft’s previous Core gamepads. Read this Xbox Wireless Controller Review.

The Xbox Wireless Controller feels familiar in hand but subtly different. Improved touch structures and refined geometry provide a more ergonomic (and comfortable) gaming experience. We are also pleased that Microsoft has finally implemented a unique share button on the game controller that makes taking screenshots and videos much easier.

However, accessing the Share button can sometimes be tough, and we are frustrated that the game controller is still not loading automatically. Instead, a separate charging package must be purchased. Microsoft’s new gamepad seems to be inspired by the Xbox Elite Series 2 Wireless Controllers and provides some of the premium design features of the premium controller in a cheaper form. The result is an elegant, affordable and accessible control that feels good.


At first glance, the Xbox Wireless Controller does not seem like a particularly drastic change from its predecessor. It has a similar shape and retains the traditional design for buttons and triggers. A closer look will give you a feel of the subtle differences implemented by Microsoft.

First, the exterior of the gamepads now has a matte finish that matches the new consoles’ design. Although it looks good, it has its drawbacks: The black controller that comes with the Xbox Series X detects scratches and scuffs you feel.

Given the number of hours you expose to, it can be tough to stay in top shape for many years to come. Other control color options are available (you must purchase these separately, while the Xbox Series S includes a white version); some may be less likely to wear.

However, there is a dispute, and in general, we have found that the Xbox Wireless Controller looks and feels like a premium controller. The newly designed cushion now has a tactile structure on the trigger, handle, and bumper, making the control unit feel safer in our hands.



In addition to cosmetic changes, the Xbox Wireless Controller also offers feature enhancements. We found that the controller responds better, possibly due to lower latency from Microsoft (along with higher frame rate stability on the Xbox Series X / S). When connecting the controller wirelessly. Including Xbox One, an iPhone 11, and a Mac was fine.

Xbox Wireless Controller now works on AA batteries again. But if you want to avoid the hassle of changing or recharging batteries all the time, you have two options. You can invest in a Play and Charge set or connect the control unit to the console via USB-C. When it comes to redesigning, you can map Xbox one wired controller on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S via the Xbox Accessories app. The degree of customization is somewhat limited.


Connect an Xbox Wireless Controller to the Console

The Xbox Wireless Controller that comes with the Xbox has a feature. That allows you to quickly switch between a paired Bluetooth device and an Xbox console or PC with Xbox Wireless. If the control unit connects to a Bluetooth device, press the Pair button twice. The controller immediately switches to the latest Xbox wireless connection it pairs with.

To return to the paired Bluetooth device, press and hold the Pair button to enter the pairing mode. The controller automatically connects to the Bluetooth device while searching for new devices. Suppose you want to connect another Bluetooth device, Xbox, or PC. If there are no new devices nearby in pairing mode, it remains connected to the old Bluetooth device.


Xbox Wireless Controller for PC

PC is one of the most multidimensional consoles for offering players several ways to enjoy the gaming experience. PC gamers can also enjoy a wide range of digital games on Steam’s digital distribution platform. They are making PC games exceptionally diverse.

In addition to using a standard mouse and keyboard, players can also use several different controllers, including Microsoft’s Xbox One controllers.

Many PC games allow you to play with a wireless Xbox controller instead of a keyboard or mouse. Connect your controller to a Windows computer with a USB cable, Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows, or via Bluetooth. Some computers also come with Xbox Wireless, enabling you to connect with the controller without any adapter.


Price and Availability

  • Xbox Wireless Controller Price: $59.99 / £54.99 / AU $74.99
  • Three colors in the beginning: Carbon Black, Robot White, and Shock Blue
  • The price of the Xbox Wireless Controller is $59.99 / £54.99 / AU $74.99. Note, however, that all Xbox Series X and Series S consoles come with a controller in the box.

All you have to do is buy another Microsoft Xbox One Wireless Controller. You should also not have trouble finding extra equipment as the Xbox Wireless Controller is available at many major online retailers and stores.