Words With Friends Review – Play With Friends

Updated: October 12, 2021

Words with friends look and feel like a Scrabble clone, and some unique differences make it special. Therefore, there are several different strategies for playing words with friends and winning almost every time. There are times when you get false tiles, and now trading helps. However, some of these strategies include organizing the board, which word gets the most points, learning a new dictionary, etc. Must read this Words with Friends Review.

Tips to Play Words with Friends

Using notches is the perfect way for a beginner to learn the pros and cons of the game. Our trick expands your dictionary (even if you do not know what the word means). It also helps you develop new strategies and match your favorite game method.

But if you with our trick feel that you have an unfair advantage, check out these tips for playing words with friends. Show your opponents that you can win. Follow our Words with Friends Review to learn about the strategies used in the game.


Investment Strategy

How you place your pieces on the board has a lot to do with the game’s flow. If you rotate, you can play around the corner, and each turn limits the number of letters you can use. It’s not fun to have half a bag of chips and use two letters.

Instead, it is helpful sometimes to sacrifice points to open the board. You can do this by playing words perpendicular to each other or parallel, but with the last letter or two. This placement strategy is crucial when playing someone who insists on playing in a corner. You have to play the game elsewhere; otherwise, the fun is over before you can complete the game.



Like checkmate in chess, you can make openings that you know you can take advantage of, but the other player forces you to fold or play poorly. Sometimes this means that you can get a TL or TW before the other player or deliberately write a word with a letter you want to use later.

This strategy is much more like chess; you need to calculate some movements in the future. Of course, this strategy also depends on the cards you get. So remember that sometimes you get false letters, and you will not use this trick.



10-Point Tiles

Do not remove the 10-point tiles because you do not understand a word other than ZOO or AX. Searching for letters is not always a good practice, but the 10-point letter can be helpful towards the end of the game or when you have access to a page. In short, hold 10-point tokens for tricky situations where a TL or DL ​​is nearby. There are automatically 30 or 20 points, so keep the ace in your pocket.



It may seem like the opposite of the first strategy on this list, but talking to friends is about more than just being friendly. The idea behind this strategy is to play your words towards the middle of the board. It means many similar words and tries to stay close to the central star.

It may not make much sense, but a more condensed game can prevent both players from getting stuck in a corner. If you play a little less friendly than number one in the list suggests, you can hit the sweet TL and TW combination long before the other player realizes the possibility.


2- and 3-Letter Word Art

Another tip for playing Words With Friends is to study the dictionary in two and three letters. It will go a long way towards making the side games. The more words you can do in one round, the more points you earn, even better if you do it with all seven pieces. For simplicity, Word-Grabber here lists all possible letters in words with friends.

You can play better if you remember unusual words with two or three letters. For example, AA or ED can provide much-needed space to place the perfect phrase on the board. Forming more than one word with your letters is the first way to get too many points next to a TW. The more your phrase can be parallel to another, the better. Seriously, it can score more than 100 points if done right.


Trade these Tokens

Swapping tiles in Words with Friends makes you miss a turn, and it seems like a bad idea to risk losing your turn to new tiles.

Mosaic trading is 110% of the best strategies in this list, especially when you end up with three tiles of the same letter. I was there; it hurts a lot to behave like all kinds of triangles with Unusual. In the long run, it will be much easier for you and the other player if you exchange chips for a better selection.

Winning words with friends should be much easier if you follow these 7 tips for playing words with friends.


What’s in the Bag?

The words with friends specifically tell you what chips you still have in your pocket. It restricts the traditional Scrabble gameYOLO attempts are not allowed. It is a good strategy that everyone should use. By looking at the bag’s contents, you can plan the words used.

For example, when you know there is no identifier left, remember the words that do not contain it. Or even better, if you are missing some tiles in your pocket, start with the strategy. That is consistent with keeping the letters you need, like the vowels, open on the table. It is one of the most crucial tips for playing with words with friends. So remember this every time you play.