Watch Dogs Legion PS5 Review

The new Ubisoft title nearly begs for next-gen. Allowing you to join any NPC in the enormous London area as a playable character (can we still call them that?). Despite the PS5’s power and potential Watch Dogs Legion PS5 feels trapped in the middle of console generations. Despite its innovative premise and innovations, it cannot break out from the classic “Ubisoft open-world” template.

PS5 Watch Dogs Legion is, at its essence, a Watch Dogs game. Anyone who has played the previous two games will recognize the general open-world gameplay. Hacking and gunplay are also helpful. The hacker rebel group DeadSec needs to stir the pot that is starting to boil within the city and recruit citizens. Anyone and everyone to rise against the wicked corporation Albion.

What’s New?

Each citizen has unique qualities that might help your opposite team or assistance in games. After an injury, medical characters may reduce the amount of time your characters are off their feet. Captured opposite members could be sentenced to less time in prison if someone in the legal system intervenes.

Others will have powers such as speedier hacking times, ability bonuses, and increased combat capabilities. Some even had a combination of positive and bad qualities, such as a fighter I recruited who was a “glass cannon,” doing a lot of damage and taking a lot of it.



I would have liked to see the more diverse attributes played up a little more to create an incentive to seek out and recruit team members based on the tasks you would go on and how you wanted to execute them.

While some of this element is there, it isn’t nearly as strong as it may be. You may realistically play through the majority of the game as a single character. Relying on DeadSec-wide tech and upgrades and essentially ignoring specific character benefits.

It would have been interesting to see particular skills or tech restricted to specific people. It was pushing you to participate more in the recruitment system to form a cohesive team. Currently, the system is nothing more than a novelty.


Permadeath Watch Dogs Legion

Playing with permadeath turned on made this “play as anyone” option significantly more engaging for me. It felt a little like XCOM with permadeath turned on as I built up my “legion.” I put a little more thought into who I brought in and who I sent out on missions.

Losses had a lot more of an impact as I lost the skillsets that particular characters had. Swapping characters became, for the most part. A cosmetic alteration since every character played the same and can wield the same weapons, gear, and skills.

WatchDogs Legion PS5 is a story that is both terribly on the nose and exceedingly dull and sanitized. It has unmistakably political roots. You can’t have a game about resisting an oppressive authoritative force without it being political.

But it never really delves into the actual difficulties that would lead to and result from such a political dystopia. It has the potential to say a lot, yet it doesn’t say anything at all. 

Legion’s story falls flat when you combine the game’s thin political foundations with the “play as anyone” feature’s lack of a compelling protagonist to identify with.


Hackers Anonymous

The power to hack anything and anyone has always been a part of Watch Dogs’ fantasy, and it’s still true now. Sure, you can play Watch Dogs Legion like Grand Theft Auto or any other chaotic open-world game.

But the absolute joy comes from hacking cameras, panels, locks, and automobiles. And nearly anything electronic using your phone. The best encounters are when they don’t even aware you’re there—solving a task almost entirely by manipulating cameras, panels, and items to clear the route to a goal.


Multiplayer in Watch Dogs: Legion

Unfortunately, it appears that the focus on hacking has shifted. The game’s third-person gameplay is adequate. It isn’t bad, but neither is it very noteworthy.

Rather than focusing on novelty marketing points like “play as anyone.” I’d want to see the hacking theme in future editions explored to set the franchise different from other open-world games. The core of the concept that makes Watch Dogs so intriguing in the first place, like the plot, has a lot of potential but fails to grow into anything meaningful.


That New Gen-Tech

Watch Dogs Legion takes use of the PS5 by reducing load times, which is a good thing given how long they are. Even on the latest platform, loading displays break up the action. Because of the PS5 SSD, they only last a few seconds each. But it’s telling how frequently they occur. However, I can’t imagine going through the PS4 version. The speedier load times are pretty beneficial.

The game’s visuals are fantastic, especially the London setting. The neon-lit streets, moist cobblestones, and winding alleyways conjure a vibe we haven’t experienced in an open-world game before. While many games are all well to have a similar background, it’s enough to make Watch Dogs Legion feel fresh in London alone. Even if it is stagnant at 30 frames per second, the PS5 improves the lights, reflections, and textures that litter the metropolis.



When will Watch Dogs: Legion be released?

And what a buttery 30 frames per second that is. I wouldn’t precisely describe Watch Dogs Legion’s performance as “poor.” On the other hand, character animations are stiff, and the decreased framerate does not credit them. In general, I’m not a framerate snob. On the other hand, Legion desperately needs a higher framerate option, even if it means sacrificing a high-fidelity dystopian London.

In terms of additional PS5-specific elements, Watch Dogs Legion scratches the surface, with some light usage of adaptive triggers and haptics, as well as rudimentary use of Activity Cards. I don’t anticipate third-party developers (particularly those working on cross-gen games) to exploit these features just yet fully. Still, the advantages of this new-gen version appear to be minor.

As a result, you get an experience with much potential but end up being thoroughly mediocre. It’s challenging to categorize Watch Dogs Legion as a poor game. It’s competent if formulaic, open-world game with a dull tale and innovative elements that work better in theory than in practice. The PS5 version improves the aesthetics and load times as predicted, but it isn’t a spectacular example of a “next-gen” title.


Watch Dogs: Legion Gold Edition PS5

The difficulty is that you never feel truly connected to your teammates. There is no development because they primarily repeat simple sentences over and over with the occasional character sentence during specific cutscenes.

Even with the perma-death option activated, you only miss specific talents that your now-deceased partner possessed. But with the ability to locate another person on the street to fill their shoes, even that is a temporary loss.

The voice acting isn’t great either. They offer hyper-realistic thoughts of what the average Londoner would say by mismatching. The faces you chat to often utilize an unusual combination of slang and the Queen’s English.



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It results in a city full of caricatures. “Point my tits in the right direction” isn’t something we’ve overheard many cockneys say casually. With such a tiny number of people, we frequently witness people conversing with a clone of their voice.


Review of Watch Dogs Legion

You begin the game as Dalton, a spy similar to Taron Egerton from Kingsman, working his way through Parliament to prevent a terrorist attack. Albion will take control of London with an iron grasp if you fail, leaving Dedsec to spin in the wind until they can rebuild the hacking collective.

You see, there is no primary character in Legion. Instead, you can bring anyone in London into your Dedsec crew and have them engage on missions for you as provide soldiers for the cause.

Only a few are proficient hackers as part of their character; the majority are street sweepers, delivery drivers, and the like, but hacking is a simple procedure owing to a phone with AI built-in.

If you can overlook the logical leap, it’s a pretty unusual concept that works out effectively for the most part. Recruiting high-level or remarkable team members provides some intrigue.



From a technical sense, Watch Dogs Legion looks fantastic. It does an excellent job of portraying the streets of London. Something that only happens once in a while. Which has made for a bit of homecoming during lockdown this year.

Unfortunately, flaws abound in Watch Dogs Legion. Apart from people disappearing and reappearing in the midst of your car bonnet or pedestrians falling from the sky. While playing on an Xbox One S, Legion completely crashed and rebooted many times during our playthrough.


Online modes in Watch Dogs: Legion

Watch Dogs: Legion online will have four modes available when it launches.

  • ‘Tactical Ops,‘ the largest of them all, requires you to execute a sequence of five interrelated missions while coordinating and communicating with your human companions. These are the most difficult and time-consuming of the bunch. ‘Leader of the Pack is the title of the first.
  • You may also form teams of AI operatives in Watch Dogs: Legion online. You can use them to complete various co-op missions around London geared for two to four players.
  • Spiderbot Arena is the third offering. At its debut, it was the sole player-vs-player (PvP) option. In six-minute rounds, up to four players compete in Spiderbot Arena, using their spider bots to destroy other spider bots.
  • Finally, Watch Dogs: Legion online features several neighborhood tasks. The smallest of which may be performed without the help of colleagues. That can be accomplished solo. These are supposed to be discovered when exploring the open environment of London with your buddies.


Is it possible to use my existing operatives?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Although Watch Dogs: Legion online takes set in the same London as the single-player game. It is an entirely different version of the English capital. As a result, your Watch Dogs: Legion single-player save game. Along with your Legion of operatives will not be carried over to online multiplayer.

You don’t have to go through recruiting missions to gain new operatives and related talents in Watch Dogs: Legion online. Instead, you can do so by spending Tech Points (the in-game currency denoted by a green hollow diamond). Previously, Tech Points could only be used to purchase and improve a wide range of advancements. Gadgets, weapons, hacks, and more. In Watch Dogs: Legion online, completing any activity earns you Tech Points, as well as new player XP and cosmetic upgrades.

While Watch Dogs: Legion will allow you to play a range of new objectives with your friends. You won’t be able to enlist their assistance in the single-player campaign.


Release Date and Price

As of October 26, Watch Dogs Legion is available to play on Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Windows. It will be released on PS4 and PS5 on November 19.


The Verdict on Watch Dogs Legion

Legion doesn’t quite reach the heights of its predecessor in San Francisco. Your crew isn’t as likable, the missions aren’t as fun, and the plot isn’t as compelling. There is still a lot to like if you take the time to explore the streets of London and make it your playground.