War Robot Game Review – Industrial Landscapes or Ruins

Updated: October 8, 2021

War Robots is a third-party PVP shooter online. Destroy opponents or conquer and keep guys scattered throughout the map. Qualify, fight for glory and lead your clan to victory. Read this War Robot Game Review.

Main Features

  • Select Fighter Aircraft: More than 50 robots with unique designs and functions let you find a style that suits you.
  • Play as you like: Do you want to crush and destroy? Save and protect? Or are you just annoying your enemies? You can do anything with a wide range of weapons, including ballistic missiles.
  • Multiplayer Mode: Join other people! You can also join a powerful clan to find trusted partners (and friends!) or even create your own.
  • Single-player Mode: Would you rather play alone? Lonely wolves can express themselves in special situations such as arenas or for free for everyone!
  • Discover the tradition: World of war robots grow and expand with each update, and the ever-growing community is always ready to help.



In war robots, the player spends most of his time-fighting. It is the most important part of the Game; then, the player returns. Press the large orange button on the main menu, “To Battle,”  and start with one card. The Game gives you a robot to choose from, and therefore after the countdown, the GAME begins.


Battles in War Robots Seems EPIC

The most common options are robots with long-range weapons, rockets, or lasers. The cards are one square per kilometer. There are two main game modes:

  • Dominance: In dominance, the robot also appears in the base after being destroyed.
  • Beacon Rush: The battles are faster and more violent in the second mode. For that reason, experienced players prefer this mode.




War Robots maps are mostly industrial landscapes or ruins. There’s only one card with mine, but it does not feel natural. Ironically, only on this map can we see our robots’ size, the height of five stories.

The main condition for winning this game is the control of the tag. Therefore, it is necessary to design the cards correctly. An essential feature of the cards is divided into open and closed cards. There is an excellent opportunity to see robots with medium and long-range weapons on open maps. Robots with melee weapons also have the advantage of punch cards with many protections and mazes.



War robots took the easy way to play from GTA as a base. The left finger is responsible for the legs, while the right finger is used for controlling hands. Robots are handled very naturally and fluently. It is unnecessary to think about running in one direction and shooting in another during the battle. The player focuses only on the shot.


Robot Configurations and Matchmaking

To rank the range of tanks in the game, you also need to start with the weapon types. Armament is categorized into two categories: Heavy, Medium, and Light. We give 3 points for the heavy weapon, 2 points for medium, and 1 point for the light weapons. There are also special abilities (jumps, jumps, invisibility, etc.) and shields pointed.

There are currently 29 robots and 28 types of weapons in the Game. Robots and Weapons can be ranked from 1 to 12 levels. Many weapons that can be installed on the robots give the game depth.



The new player goes on the aesthetic surface of the hangar. However, the main goal is to send them into battle immediately. PVP combat is the main driving force behind the retention of the war robot. There are several options open to gain experience in matches and increase the player’s level.


Soft Coins

The first value that players find in the Game is the soft currency, silver, that they can earn in battle. Therefore, some of the money is used to repair a damaged robot. The main purpose of money is to buy and upgrade robots and weapons.



Adding sites is “horizontal” growth while updating robots is “vertical” growth. Money is used as the most important tool for upgrading robots and weapons. The update time increases from level to level.

A new player can go up to the silver league in the next League, even if he has lost matches. The player develops in a whirlwind of offensive losses for each match against strong opponents in the higher Leagues, which significantly lags in weapon strength, speed, and survival.


Two Solutions are Possible from this State

  1.  The player buys robots and weapons for cash. Robots like Lancelot, Galahad, and Organs immediately place the player in a new position in their League where they are the leading player on the battlefield.
  2. The player begins to experiment with free robots and new weapon combinations that actively help win the current meta goal.



In MOBA, a team that works well together has an advantage over a team of random players. War Robots actively encourages players to fight in troops by handing out small rewards in hardcore currency. In the menu section where you create moves, you can also invite your Facebook friends who have played with the player in previous matches and the participants in your clan.



Gold in War Robots is only shown to players after they have deposited money into the Game. We start with 100 Gold in the account. Each time a player reaches the next level, he gets 50 gold coins. Two daily tasks yield 30 gold each. For a successful game in a winning match, they give Five Gold for advanced Damage and Five Gold to advance by catching fours.


Premium Robots

The reality of the game is that if you want to upgrade to the most beautiful and efficient robots and weapons, you have to pay hard currency. It means that when you get to the high leagues, you already have advanced robots.



Gacha’s design change addresses the most significant issues with this type of lottery: duplicates, lack of Content, and frustration at not getting the Content the player needs. By giving away new robots and weapons in pieces, developers provide less Content that players did not need for prizes. Therefore, the player is happy when they get a little bit super hot and then starts planning to get more.