UNO Cards Game Review – How to Play Online

If you are looking for a fun card game to play with friends, you can try UNO. Each player starts with 7 UNO cardsYou must match one of their cards to the split card to play. The first player losing all cards wins the round. Then all players count their points. The game continues until one person gets 500 points. Once you have it, you can try variations to turn things around. Read this UNO Cards Game Review.



Flip the Cards and Hand 7 Cards to Each Player

Take out a pack of UNO cards and shuffle the 108 cards. Then you give seven cards to each person who wants to play. Ask the players to hold the cards face down. With 2 to 10 players, you can play UNO. Players must be a minimum of seven years old.


Place the Rest of the UNO Cards in the Middle of the Table

Hold the cards face down in a pile. These cards are the cards that players draw during the game.


Turn Over the Top Card of the Card to Start the Game

Place the top card on the drawbar. With this card, you start the game, and it gets rolling.


Play a Card that Matches the Card’s Color, Number, or Symbol

To the dealer’s left, the player must discard a card if it matches the color, number, word, or symbol on the card face up in the center of the table. Ask them to discard your card. The next player is looking for a card from the hand to play.

For example, if the top card in the discard pile is a red 8, you can play any red card or card of any suit with an 8. The game is usually played clockwise by the dealer. If the player has a joker, they can use it at any time.


Draw a card from a Deck of Cards if you cannot play a Card

When it’s your turn, and you do not have a card that matches the color, number, or symbol on the top card, you can take a card from the draw pile to add your hand. You can play this card immediately if it matches any card aspect on the table. If you cannot play the card you have just drawn, the player next to you can switch.


Beware of Action And Pranks

In addition to the simple UNO cards with numbers. If you play a joker, choose the color of the next game. If you roll a 2, the player next to you must draw two cards and skip your turn. When you play backward, you change the direction of the game so that the one that is left before you get a new turn.

  • A flipchart consists of two arrows that are in opposite directions.
  • If you get a jump card, a card with a circle with a slash across it, the player next to you must jump over the turn.

Playing a Wild Draw 4 card is the same as playing a standard wild card, but the next player draws four cards and skips his turn.


Say “One” When You Only Have One Card Left

Please switch to a player who only has one card in his hand. At this point, the player must say “One”; otherwise, they will be penalized if another player calls them.

If someone forgets to say “UNO,” give them two cards as a penalty. If no one notices that the player has not said “One,” there is no penalty.


Play Your Last Card to Win the Game

When you have only one card left (and you have already called it “One”), wait until the game goes around the table and comes back to you. If you can play your last card before someone else runs out, you are the winner of the round. If you cannot play your previous card, you can draw a new card and continue until someone else’s hand is empty.

Try to register a joker as the last card if you have one. That way, you’re sure you know you can play it and win the game.


Count the Points in each Player’s Hand at the End of Each Round

The one who wins the trick earns points by adding the cards to the remaining players. Keep track of your points for each round and keep playing rounds until one person gets 500 points. This guy is the winner of the game.


Enter the winner of the round to make a hand

  • 20 points for each Draw 2, Reverse, or Skip card in the opponent’s hand
  • Wild Draw 4 cards, which have 50 points

Name of digital card (for example, an 8-card corresponds to 8 points). You can also count the number of cards a player has after each turn and let the player who reaches 100 points win first, even if this is not part of the official game rules.


Try Simple Varieties

Play UNO online or on a game console.

Do not worry if you do not find people to play UNO with you. You can easily search the internet to play UNO online. If you prefer, buy one to play on your PC or gaming system as a PS4 or Xbox One. You can also customize the rules to create unique UNO games.


Play Double Cards to Complete the Game Faster

To play a Quick UNO game, each player must play two games instead of 1, if they have any. It means that everyone navigates the maps faster. For example, if there is a yellow three on the table, a player may roll a yellow seven and a red 3.

If you do not want the game to end faster, you can ask players to draw two cards instead of one as long as they do not have one card to play. As you go through several maps, consider getting at least 1000 points instead of 500.


Customize Your Placeholders

You will probably see three customizable placeholders if you play with a newer card than UNO. To play with these empty placeholders, write your own rules that everyone agrees to. So you can play them like others. A universal rule can be, for example:

  • Everyone must draw two cards.
  • The next player must sing a song or draw a card.


Swap a Card with the Player Next to You

Swap hands with another player when you receive the “Swap Hands” card. It is another newer card that UNO has in the deck. Play the Wild Swap Hands card as a Wild Card, but decide which player you want to swap hands with.

For example, if you have this card, wait until the game is almost over and switch hands with the player with the least cards.