Transfer PS4 Games to PS5

Transfer PS4 Games to PS5 | PS4 Discs are Compatible with PS5

You may have a new console, but that does not mean you have to ditch your old games. Sony has made it easy for you to set up your new PlayStation 5 and play many of your favourite PlayStation 4 titles. Provided you have the latest PlayStation in your hands. Read this Transfer PS4 games to PS5 Review.


How do I transfer from PS4 to PS5? Here are a few ways to PS4 save data transfer to PS5.


How to Transfer PS4 Games to PS5?

Will you be able to transfer your PS4 data to PS5? The first method is direct data transfer. Before you begin, check the System Update section of Settings to the latest update installed on your PS4. Also, make sure that you are logged in to the same account to plan to use in the new system.

You must connect both systems to the same network with a wired LAN connection or with WLAN. For faster Wi-Fi streaming, Sony recommends that you connect your PS4 directly to your PS5 with an Ethernet cable.


  • When logged in, go to Settings > System > System software > Data transfer.
  • Press next repeatedly, and PS5 prompts you to press the PS4 switch for 1 second. After a few moments, a list of games and applications with “stored data” that you want to transfer is present.
  • Select any, none, or all of this information as needed, and then click Next. We will cover stored data in more detail shortly.
  • Follow the instructions in this section to select the games you want to move to PS5 and start the copy process. Fortunately, data continues to transfer in the background, so you can continue playing Miles Morales when this happens.
  • To keep track of your progress on PS5, go to the download section. Once each game has been copied, you can play it right away, even if the others are still streaming.


Use an External Storage Disc

The next option I like best is to use an external hard drive. You can already have one connected to the PS4 to store more games. Otherwise, it is easy to format a device for both consoles.


  • Connect the player to the PS4 and go to Settings > Peripherals > USB Storage Devices.
  • Choose Format as extended storage after selecting your computer. Select Next, then Format and Confirm.
  • To start streaming your games, go back to the Settings menu, select Storage and when the calculation is complete, then select System Storage.
  • Follow the instructions to select the games you want to copy to your player and select Move to Extended Storage.
  • Before disconnecting the player, go back to USB storage devices and select Stop using this external storage to disconnect the player from the computer securely.
  • Insert the device into the PS5. Go to Settings > Storage > Remote Storage > Games & Apps. You can see the games you just moved.
  • Now is your choice: Move your PS4 games to PS5 or you can leave them on the extended storage device.


Play your PS4 Games Directly from the Remote Device

With PS5, you can play your PS4 games directly from the remote device. I’ll keep them there. This saves space on the PS5’s internal disk, which is too small for PS5 games that cannot be played from the external storage disk. As we are at the beginning of the PS5 life cycle, there have been reports of remote storage issues. I have not found any, but if you are worried about these problems, I recommend that you disconnect the remote unit when not in use.

Some PS4 games, such as the original Spider-Man, have PS5 upgrades available. In these cases, you should install the new version of PS5 directly on the hard disk of the PS5 system, not on the external device. But when these errors have been resolved and we have the opportunity to update PS5 internal devices, I think it is a good solution to store all PS4 games on the external device.



Install Games and Dates from a PS4 Disc on PS5

Many PS4 discs are compatible with PS5 and can install on the new system as before. Just insert your PS4 CD to install the game. You need the disc version of PS5 instead of the digital version to use this method. But you probably already had that in mind when choosing a system.

Note the following here: If you have connected an external device, there is a default setting that automatically installs PS4 games for external space. It’s a win for me, but you can disable this option in the settings if it’s not what you want.

Download it from PlayStation Store

It seems to be the most realistic option. But if you have already purchased or downloaded games from PlayStation Store, you can download them again on your new system. It works for all compatible games you have purchased from the store. It also works with all free PlayStation Plus games that you have previously added to your library while your account is still active.

If you have a fast internet connection or want to download a few songs, this may be the best option. If you have connected an external device, they will be automatically installed on that device unless you change the default settings.


Transfer PS4 Games to PS5: Stored Data

It does this for the games themselves, but do not forget you save games. You can copy them to PS5 using the data transfer process, as previously stated. Unfortunately, you cannot copy them to the external storage device you use to play games. You have some other options.


  • Go to Settings > Manage to save data on PS4.
  • If you have an active PS Plus account, you can now upload data to online storage or copy data to a USB storage unit. (A single USB memory stick is sufficient).
  • You can download your game stores individually or press the radio button on your controller to select more titles.
  • After copying to the cloud or USB device, you will find the stored data and game/application settings section on PS5. Then select the songs you want to transfer and download or copy them.


When you do, you can check what happens to your PS5 storage data. It configures to sync with the cloud by default. So if that is what you want, you’re ready. You have backups available when the PS6 comes out.


How to Upgrade your PS4 Games to Higher Versions of PS5 for Free

You can upgrade Marvels‘ Avengers, Assassins Creed Valhalla, Hitman 3, and other games to next-generation versions of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake update coming in June.

How can I play PS4 games on PS5? The backward compatibility feature of the new Sony console allows you to play the vast majority of PlayStation 4 games on PlayStation 5. However, some publishers allow you to update PS4 games to PS5 versions for free. That way, you can play many of them with dynamic 4K 60 fps resolution and get shorter charging times, which provide a better gaming experience.

The main game that recently received such an update is Marvel’s Avengers. The PS5 version was launch on March 18 with Hawkeye and his new story mission. However, you should make sure that the PS4 version is installed long enough to transfer your storage space.


How to Transfer Clips from PS4 to PS5

  • Turn on the PS4 and PS5 consoles and connect them to the same network via WIFI or LAN cables.
  • Go to Settings > System > System Software > Data Transfer > Next on the PS5 console.
  • Select the PS4 from which you want to transfer data.


Data Transfer PS4 to PS5 not Working

  • If you are PS4 and PS5 are wirelessly connected to the network. You can try to transfer data by connecting each console to the network with a wired connection or using an Ethernet cable to connect both consoles.
  • Turn off your router, wait for at least 5 minutes, and then turn it back on.
  • Try transferring data again by going to Settings > System > System software > Data transfer
  • If you only want to transfer recorded data, try another storage medium, For example. A USB storage unit or online storage
  • Follow these steps if PS4 to PS5 data transfer stuck.


Transfer PS4 Games to PS5: PS4 to PS5 Transfer Time

Transferring data from PS4 to PS5 via Wi-Fi is the instinctive choice for most users. Of course, the wireless transmission will be a little slower, but if you are looking for a LAN cable hidden in a forgotten box somewhere in your house, you will have to go up. And we hate to stand. The thing is that wireless technology is slowing down.

While the exact times may vary from user to user, you can be sure that the wireless data transfer will take too long depending on the console version and the amount of data.

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