The Witcher 3 PC Review

Updated: October 7, 2021

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a position game in the action genre. The game is set in a fantastical setting inspired by Slavic mythology. Players control Geralt of Rivia, a monster killer known as the Wizard, searching for his daughter.

Players fight with weapons and magic, interact with non – player characters, and complete quests to earn points and gold to upgrade Geralt’s skills and purchase equipment. Read this The Witcher 3 PC Review.

The development started in 2011 and took three and a half years. The culture in Central and Northern Europe was the basis for the gaming world. With RED Engine 3, the developer creates a complex story without affecting the game’s open world. Marcin Przybyowicz composed most of the songs, which the Brandenburg State Orchestra played.

The Witcher 3 Gameplay

Players control Geralt of Rivia, a monster killer known as the Wizard. Geralt walks, runs, rolls, avoids, jumps, climbs, and swims. However, it carries bombs, crossbows, and two swords, among other weaponry. The steel value uses to kill people, and the silver value is most effective against creatures and monsters.

Players can draw, swap and cut swords as they wish. There are two types of melee attacks. Mild attacks are fast but weak, and strong attacks are slow but strong. Players can block and counter the enemy’s attacks with their swords. Swords have limited durability and must repair regularly.

Aard requests that Geralt launch a telekinetic blast, while Axii confuses foes, Igni burns them, Yrden slows them down, and Quen provides a temporary shield to the players. Signs consume energy and can only use for a limited time.

Players can use mutagens to increase Geralt’s magical power. Geralt loses his health when enemies attack him. Even if you wear armor, it can help reduce the loss of health. Health restores through meditation or consumables such as food and drink. Ciri, Geralt’s adopted daughter, can travel short journeys and is sometimes controlled by players.


Most Important Properties

Play as a very skilled monster-draper who can hire Wizards, trained, and transferred from childhood to acquire superhuman abilities, strengths and reflexes are a counterweight to the monster-infected world they live in. Destroy enemies with cruelty as a professional monster hunter armed with several upgradeable weapons, mutant drinks, and combat magic.

He hunts various exotic monsters, from wild animals roaming the mountain passes to cunning supernatural predators lurking in the shadow of densely populated cities. He invests his rewards in upgrading his weapons and buying custom armor or spending them on horse racing, card games, fistfights, and other entertainment he brings with him at night.


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt PC Game

Development for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt highly compressed begins in 2008. Therefore, success takes approximately three to five years. According to the company, the success will also be completed at an estimated 81 million dollars. It was developed by the Polish video game company CD Projekt Red and released by CD Projekt.

The author of the game is Marcin Blacha. Therefore, the game developers used a red 3-engine for the development. Also, it only develops the game in single-player mode. On May 19, 2015, the game was released for Windows, PS4, and Xbox One. Even after the launch. Therefore, the game will copy by about 1.5 million people worldwide.


The Witcher 3 PC Requirements

  • CPU Speed: Information for Witcher 3 Wild Hunt PC Processor: 3.3 GHz Intel Core i5-2500K processors / AMD Phenom II X4 940 processor
  • Memory: 6 GB RAM
  • Platform: Windows 7 64-bit, Windows 8 (8.1) 64-bit, or Windows 10 64-bit operating system
  • Video Card: Radeon Pro HD 7870 / Nvidia GeForce GTX 660
  • Pixel Protection: 5.0
  • Vertex Shader: 5.0
  • Free Hard Drive Space: 35 GB
  • Dedicated Video RAM: 2,048 MB


The Witcher 3 Steam

The Witcher: Wild Hunt is an open-world historical role-playing game set in a graphically stunning fantasy realm, with prominent choices and significant consequences. In The Witcher, you also play as a professional monster hunter, Geralt of Rivia, whose mission is to find a son of a prophetess in a large open world rich in trading towns, pirates, dangerous passages, and forgotten caves to explore.


Witcher 3 Steam Key

It’s a unique key that lets you download The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt for PC from legitimate sources.


Witcher 3 Game of the Year Edition

The game includes Hearts of Stone and Blood & Wine expansions, which add 50 hours of story to the game, and new features and regions triple the exploration world’s size. Become a professional monster killer and go on an adventure with epic proportions.

Now you can enjoy this massive 100+ hours of open-world adventure, as well as the two story-based expansions that are worth another 50 hours of play. This edition contains extra content: new weapons, armor, complementary clothing, new game modes, and side quests.


Witcher 3 Switch

How does the Witcher 3 work on the Nintendo platform? Better than expected, but miracles do not work here. To ensure Witcher 3 playability, the developers significantly lowered the resolution to 540p in handheld mode and 720p when in the dock. In practice, the Switch version looks much smoother than its PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One counterparts.

And I cannot honestly say that it looks terrible. However, I think the game would look good if I did not know the other versions. However, the level of detail and craftsmanship of the Witcher 3 is enough to live up to the world.

A walk through the original city of White Orchard or the city streets of Novigrad is serene and captivating, even if everything looks like you see through the bottom of an empty glass bottle. I hope the Witcher 3 PC review will help you out.