The Last of Us Part II | PlayStation 4 Game Review

An adventure video game developed by Naughty Dog and released for PlayStation 4 by Sony Interactive Entertainment. Ellie is seeking revenge for a tragedy, and Abby, a combat soldier involved between his military and a religious cult. The game plays in the third person and allows the player to fight against human enemies and cannibalize zombie-like creatures with firearms, improvised weapons, and hidden. It is our latest The Last of Us Part II review.

The Last of Us Part 2 game is probably the best and most popular project that Naughty Dog has ever begun. It is much more than a traditional sequel that takes the original message and spreads it in a way that is seen as bold, ambitious, and without a doubt controversial.

  • A deep story based on the original
  • Ellie’s story and stories about comrades are touching and nuanced
  • The fight is enormously satisfying
  • Sets a new default for multiple card game views

The Last of Us 2 Cast

The latest American TV series has its Joel: Pedro Pascal from The Mandalorian, AKA TV’s favorite father. Takes on the series’ male lead, and Troy Baker. The actor behind Joel inside the video game has given his approval to casting support.

Pascal joins Game of Thrones alum Bella Ramsey as Ellie, which seems perfect. With her role as Lady Lyanna Mormont, the fan favorite on Game of Thrones, Ramsey has already proven that he can do just more than playing a wild, confident and show-stealing character.

As for the other previously unreleased roles, we know that the duo will be accompanied by Ellie Left Behind’s girlfriend, Riley. As well as Tess, Marlene, and Maria.


The Last of Us Remastered

It features the Map Pack of Lost Territoriesthe Map Pack of Restored Territories, and the highly praised The Last of Us: a left-handed single-player adventure mixing survival, friendship, and love with survival and action games.

It has won over 200 awards for the year and rebuilt the PlayStation4 system. Now with 1080p, higher definition character models enhanced shadows and highlights, and other improvements in the game.


The Last of Us Part II PS4

It is a third-party horror video game. On May 27, before the game was released on June 19 on PS4, Neil Druckmann released another version of the Part II content. It included an additional game, including Ellie’s ability to swim and use boats and ropes to cross the terrain. An extension of the Washington Liberation Front and the Seraphites’ background history and the presentation of a new extended game sequence.


The last of Us PC

The Last of Us is a PlayStation game developed by Naughty Dog on June 14, 2013, for Microsoft Windows. The player controls Joel, who follows the youth Ellie through a world that destroys the United States. The player uses firearms, ancient weapons, and secretly to ward off enemy people and zombie-like animals infected with a transformed strain of the Cordyceps parasite. 


The Last of Us Part 2 Metacritic

The Last of Us Part 2 game is designed to put the player in this post-apocalyptic world. And guide their emotions through this story of survivors. While the setting is something to admire, keep the pace and mechanics constant of visible stories and repetitive strategies.

The Last of Us Part 2 undoubtedly has a compelling story to tell. They take the emotions you developed during the first adventure and use them against you differently. We meet Ellie years later when she distanced herself from Joel for unknown reasons. She made new friends and became an essential resource in the Jackson community.

But in an instant, she steals everything from her, and she runs for revenge. Her mind reflects in the middle when she discovers some clues. It is essential to capture these emotions in these early parts. As the desire for revenge is unusually low. The moment you open your eyes and think about where you are and how it must have been. It can even make you feel sympathy for those who killed you.


The last of Us 2 Release Date

The Last of Us Part II was announced on December 3, 2016, during the PlayStation Experience event. During Sony’s unveiling status on September 24, 2019, Naughty Dog reports that the game would be released on February 21, 2020.

On October 25, Druckmann announced that the game would be postponed until May 29, 2020. Several videos were released online at the end of April showing scenes, fun, and necessary details about the action. Druckmann tweeted that he was “broken” with fans and the team developing for several years. Sony confirmed a new June 19, 2020 release date on April 27.


Frequently Asked Questions


Is The Last of Us 2 coming to PC?

While The Last of Us 2 is only available for Sony Platforms, it is good that it plays on PC in one form or another. Sony’s PlayStation Now streaming service lets you stream PS4 God of War, The Last of Us, and Uncharted 4 to your computer. So, The Last of Us 2 may eventually join the service. But there’s no way to hold your breath on an Xbox One or Switch version.