Temple Run Review – Quick Game for Android

Updated: October 12, 2021

The long-awaited Android version of Temple Run is finally available! It was most popular on the iOS platform, and the developer, IMANGI Studios, said they would release an Android version on March 27, which they did. Two days after its release, it rose in the Sky Store.

We have all been through this. Just as you meet the golden idol, a horde of crazy monkeys chases you through the jungle. Your only hope is to run like hell and pray that you do not stumble over a tree root or fall into a watered grave.

It is the basic premise of Temple Run, another in a long list of endless Smartphone games that show that the most straightforward concepts can be the most fun as long as they do it right.

Features of the Game

Temple Run is full of professionals. In addition, it has many innovative and unique features that cannot be seen in any other endless racing game.

  • Environmental changes. Fun and scary!
  • Fly in a cool balloon and collect many coins and pearls.
  • Explore many phases of adventure, especially the dark forest
  • Collect many cool things/collectibles like magnets, diamonds/gems, and accelerator
  • Start with a “lead” to go very fast.
  • Beat your friends by scoring big points and participating in weekly challenges and leader boards.
  • Unlock many attractive characters and costumes.
  • Free ads!


Monkey See, Monkey Chase

Temple Run introduces you as Indiana Jones in a side-scrolling world. You have no control over your speed. So you can avoid obstacles on the ground.

It has four Movements: Turn left, Turn right, Jump and slide, activated by sliding your finger left, right, up, or down the screen. You can also tilt the phone/tablet to change the position.

Choose the right time. Then you can navigate a curve, jump over a tree root or slide under a burning fence. If you make a mistake, you will dive into a swamp, be mutilated, or cremated by gorillas.

There is no escape from the monkeys. Someday you will fail and die and have to start all over again. However, you get achievements by crossing milestones along with the distance and collecting coins along the way.


Jungle Dam

You can use these coins in a game store to buy things that make it easier for you to escape. Some of them give faster improvements. Others provide you with life again where you fall, etc.

You can also spend real money in the store and buy more coins on various items. However, this is unnecessary, as it takes more than enough time in your competitions to buy all the power-ups you need.

Temple Run is a complete game that starts before you dive into a world of fast sweeping, tipping, and fun kill. Even though much of the scenario is different, every game is other, so it’s not a learning model. Instead, you grab the phone/tablet, press to grab the idol, and run for your life again. It is not very original or loaded with content. But if ambition is less important to you in a game than solid play and smart presentation, it’s worth checking out.


Temple Thief

You control a temple thief who just stole a holy and cursed idol. First, you have to let it run and escape danger! However, this is not so simple because he increases the speed over time. It would be nice if there were no curves or obstacles in the way to avoid it. As soon as you get to one, the monkey’s dog will take you, and it’s over. The game aims to keep the attacker alive as long as possible and at the same time cover more and more ground.


Lockable Devices and Boot

The purpose of collecting coins in the game is to spend them in the store! You can use them on new characters, tools, and startups that become more useful as you go along. Power-ups help you go faster, avoid obstacles and collect more coins while playing.

If you run out of coins, you can make in-app purchases to buy more without playing the game to earn them. However, these are optional, and nothing in the game is limited if you do not accept them. I like this paid version of the app because you get free games for free, and you can speed things up if you want. Unfortunately, many other games and apps with in-app purchases are not as fun as this one.



A Good Game You Can Bet

Temple Run has all the features that a smartphone game needs to be fun. It’s addictive, easy to play, and endless. But, it makes it difficult to pose and perfect for Times. I mention that it is optimized for tablets. High-resolution graphics on a larger device means you can enjoy Temple Run on a high-quality screen without stretch.