DualSense Charging Station PS5 Review

DualSense Charging Station

In addition to PlayStation 5, Sony has released several peripherals available at the next-generation console launch. You have Pulse 3D wireless headsets, a PS5 camera, a Media Remote, and a PS5 DualSense controller. Still, you do not sleep on the less glamorous but functional PS5 controller charging station when you take an extra gamepad with the console. I hope you will love … Read more

Media Remote PS5 Review & Complete Guide

Media Remote PS5 Review

Sony Playstation 5 Media Remote offers a wide range of multimedia features, including several essential streaming applications and services and the ability to play Ultra HD Blu-ray discs. However, controlling media playback with a game controller is painful because it is difficult to remember which buttons perform which functions. A traditional remote control makes it … Read more

PS5 HD Camera Review (2023) – Everything you need to know

PS5 HD Camera Review - Everything you need to know

In gaming, the PlayStation 5 has made its mark as a titan, offering revolutionary graphics, lightning-fast load times, and an innovative controller that defies reality. But along with the PS5, a new piece of hardware stands ready to redefine your gaming experience: the PS5 HD Camera. This sleek and smart device promises to integrate you … Read more

Camera Adaptor PS5 Review | How to Get a Free PSVR Adapter

Camera Adaptor PS5 Review

Updated: July 5, 2021 If you have managed to get a PlayStation 5 and want to play VR games, you can take a few more steps. Most PS4 games, like PS VR titles, are backward compatible with the PS5. However, there are still gaps in the console to console compatibility method. It includes the most crucial element of … Read more

DualSense Wireless Controller PS5 Review

DualSense Wireless Controller PS5

DualSense, Sony’s name for the built-in PlayStation 5 dualsense wireless controller, takes full advantage of the capabilities of a new generation of consoles. The successor to the DualShock 4 of PlayStation 4 has a new look and newly designed shape that is comfortable on the hands, making it a fundamentally better and more exciting control unit. You … Read more

PlayStation 5 Gaming | Incredibly Powerful and Popular Console

PlayStation 5 gaming

Sony’s PlayStation 5 is a generational leap into the game’s future. Sony’s newest and best game console is finally here. The new Sony PlayStation 5 has a new AMD CPU and GPU with a fast internal SSD and offers a revised Dual Sense controller with improved HAPTICS and several exclusive game titles. Read this PlayStation … Read more