Splatoon 2 Review | Fighting with Colorful Cannons

Splatoon 2 Review

Splatoon 2 is a 2017 Nintendo Switch third-person game developed and released by Nintendo. The Splatoon 2 release date is July 21, 2017, and is a direct sequel to Splatoon, with a new story-based single-player mode and several online multiplayer modes. In June 2018, Octo Expansion, a player expansion pack, was released as downloadable content (DLC). Read this Splatoon 2 Review. … Read more

Best Nintendo Switch Lite Controller

Nintendo Switch Lite Controller

Nintendo Switch Lite is only designed and optimized for portable mode. For this reason, the control units are built-in and cannot be removed as Joy-Cons. The built-in controllers do not support HD Rumble or the IR motion cameras required for motion control. Therefore, you cannot play games that use motion controls, for example: Call Fit Adventure or Fitness … Read more