Table Top Racing World Tour

Table Top Racing World Tour PS4 Review

Updated: July 1, 2021

Table Top Racing World Tour is a PlayStation 4 car racing game downloaded from the PS4 Play Store. Table Top Racing and Micro Machines used relevant settings and environments. Like Micro Machines, the player controls a miniature car with rails that span various elements in a larger structure. For example, a kitchen table, a garage, a Japanese restaurant, and a picnic table. As in Mario Kart, the cars have simple arcade-style controls. Check this Game on PlayStation Store.



Two game modes include championships and special events. There are two championships in each of the three categories. 

  1. Cult Classics for amateur drivers 
  2. Street Racers for professional drivers
  3. Supercars for experienced drivers

Each stage has more events to play and more stars to win than previous championships. New events are unlocked gradually by achieving a podium position until the final is opened before unlocking the next title by getting on the podium in the last. 

The first match in the spark plug consists of seven competitions with 18 stars. Earn these stars before you can unlock the spark trophy. The Twin Cam Challenge consists of eight rounds and 24 stars that we should achieve before the final starts. The initial class race in Street Racers and Supercars will remain suspended until a podium is earned in the second championship in the previous class.



Table Top Racing World Tour PS4 route layout is different, as there are five environments with four separate route configurations called routes, a total of twenty unique routes. Each track encourages exploration on each route by taking shortcuts and collecting hidden bronze, silver, and gold coins that offer extra gold coins.


Car Designs

Table Top Racing World Tour, car’s design is as varied as the track’s design; consisting of three vehicle categories, based on Cult Classics, through Street Racers and Supercars, where each step shows a marked improvement in their respective maximum abilities.

Each category contains four cars whose aesthetics are reminiscent of a race similar to well-known branded cars from an American muscle car called the Brawler. And the Cool 72 Rallys have a remarkable appearance, like the Ford Escort Mk1 rally car from 1972. Tokyo Aero Subaru and Fauxrari rally car is in every way an impressive representation of a Ferrari.



In Table Top Racing World Tour, the race is too slow. Whichever car you choose, from the most expensive supercar to the trunk. They go slower than an octagonal snail on a salty road, which means it is too easy to glide and turn.

Even if you activate the gains recorded in combination with the standard amplifiers on each track, you will only get a temporary speed increase before returning to the first gear until you wait for the next recording.


Car Combat

Car combat is an integral part of the Table Top Racing World Tour game, with power-ups. Including everything from temporary speed improvements to a range of weapons, such as tracking a rocket at a general after the forward-facing directional rockets. They can be kicks with a locking mechanism and EMP that sends an explosion of current around your car to break the opponents temporarily. Or prevent them from driving over your vehicle.



The player initially receives 13,500 gold coins with gold coins as the game currency to buy their first car, where only a Bug Rat and a Leviathan are available for 12,250 and 12,850 coins. You can earn coins by completing the race as high as possible, doing a trial period as fast as possible, or getting as many driving points as possible in an operational event. 

Coins are essential to buy upgrades. That is better for cars to use. Car and tires are upgrades to improve a specific performance element, for example, increased top speed, acceleration, handling, or armor. Upgrades cost more coins as you move up the steps with available automatic upgrades. In Table Top Racing World Tour, the first phase of the costs of the upgrades is 1,000 gold to unlock cars.


Frequently Asked Questions


How to Improve the Driving Speed?

In Table Top Racing World Tour, an upgrade system allows you to improve the car’s speed, acceleration, and turns and buy wheels and new color choices, but the fact that the prices are so low. The money is so easy to find that half of the players you play with the same specifications anyway, and the cycle starts again.



Table Top Racing World Tour looks like a fun multiplayer racer, but it flops. The game seems to be in first gear is too fast and easy. You can also read more about PlayStation Gaming Reviews.

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