Super Smash Bros Ultimate Review | Fifth Installment of the Chain

Bandai Namco Studios and Sora Ltd. collaborated on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, a 2018 collaboration game released by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch. Following Super Smash Bros. for the Nintendo entertainment system and Wii U, this is the fifth installment of the Super Smash Bros. chain. Read this Super Smash Bros Ultimate Review

The game follows the traditional style of play: players must control one of several characters and use different attack strategies to weaken opponents and get them out of an arena. It offers a variety of game modes, including a single and multiplayer mode promotion.

Ultimate offers more than 80 playable warriors, all from all previous Super Smash Bros. games, as well as several newcomers. The list ranges from Nintendo mascots to third-party franchise characters. The game supports DLC after the launch, which adds more warriors and other content.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Gameplay

Super Smash Bros Ultimate review is a fighting game for up to eight players where game characters from Nintendo and other third-party franchises must try to stand out. However, each player has a percentage goal that increases as they damage, making it easier to shoot in the air and out of the arena.

Standard matches use one of three winning conditions:

  1. Time-limited: Players try to earn the most points by defeating opponents within a time limit.
  2. Stick: Players have many lives and aim to be the last player to stand.
  3. Endurance: Players also have to reduce their opponent’s health to zero to defeat them. The rules can customize to the player’s taste and saved as templates for subsequent tournaments.

Players can also use various items to attack enemies or give them bonuses. In time-limited games, assistant trophies attack and defeat to score points. Each character also has a powerful Final Smash attack that performs by receiving a Smash Ball or filling a special meter, both of which can be turned on and off.

The game offers 103 different levels that include in the base game. The other floors are equipped with DLC fighter jets. Everything can be played or switched to alternate Battlefield and Omega forms to remove dangers from the stage.

Other enhancements include, for example, new icons and indicators for specific traits visualization of the cloud limits value. New methods create Smashdown and returning modes such as Classic, Special Smash, and Home-Run Contest. Each character can only perform once. And a tournament mode where up to 32 players can compete in elimination groups. I hope this Super Smash Bros Ultimate Review will help you out.



Like the other games in the Super Smash Bros. series, it is a combat sports series. It has a crossover role of fighters from various Nintendo franchises. And players from series from third-party developers such as Konami, Sega, Capcom, and Bandai Namco Entertainment are among the companies involved, such as Square Enix, Platinum Games, Altus, Microsoft, SNK, and Mojang Studios.

The base game contains 74 playable warriors, including the previous 63 warriors’ contributions and 11 new ones: Inklings of Splatoon; Princess Daisy from the Mario series; Ridley and Dark Samus from the Metroid series; Simon and Richter Belmont from the Castle Vania series; Fire Emblem Awakening Chrome; King K. Donkey Kong’s Rool, Animal Crossing’s Isabelle, Street Fighter’s Ken Masters, and Pokémon Sun and Moon’s Incineroar.

At the beginning of the game, players only have access to the eight starting characters from the original Super Smash Bros. game in 1999. And they must unlock the rest by completing the game’s classic mode, playing World of Light, or fighting various battles.


Echo Fighters

Some characters whose movements are based on other characters are classified as “Echo Fighters.” They have movements and proportions similar to the warriors they are based on, but their unique animations and game differences. However, these characters can be displayed individually or stacked with the warriors based on the character selection screen.

Some characters also have alternate skins with different genders, or sometimes different characters, for example, Bowser Jr., who dresses up as one of the other Koopalings but has the same movements and skills as the other Koopalings. Some returnees have also received outfit updates from him, including Mario, who followed Cappy from Super Mario Odyssey, and Link, who wore The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.


Super Smash Bros Ultimate Price

The standard version of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is the simplest. Includes games only and costs $59.99. A separate Fighter Pass is available for $24.99 that offers players DLC at no extra cost. A small saving is an “offer” that includes regular games and charges $84.98 at GameStop and Walmart.


Super Smash Bros Ultimate Fighter Pass 2

One month before the game’s release, a DLC (downloadable content) package called Fighters Pass was released, later followed by the announcement of Fighters Pass Vol. 2. On Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Nintendo Direct November 1, 2018, Masahiro Sakurai confirmed that paid Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DC would be available.

The first wave of content consists of five Challenger Packs, each with a unique fighter, stage, and different songs. These packages, also available through a complete package called Fighters Pass, were released regularly until January 28, 2020. In addition, Piranha Plant was available for free as a limited pre-sale bonus and is currently available for purchase separately from Fighters Pass.

During Nintendo Direct on September 4, 2019, Nintendo announced that more DLC Fighters would be produced after the first Fighters Pass would be delivered due to solid sales of Ultimate. On January 16, 2020, Fighters Pass Vol. 2 and Byleth and the previous Fighters Pass were called Vol. 2.

The pass contains six challenger packages. As in Vol. 1, each package consists of a switch, a stage, and different pieces of music. Byleth and Vol. 2 releases on January 28, 2020. According to Sakurai, this will be the latest super smash ultimate DLC release Ultimate.


Super Smash Bros Ultimate PC Download

Super Smash Bros Ultimate play on PC, a new video from BDoS Gaming, shows the latest entry in the popular series that play on PC. The performance is still not optimal but solid for 2-player matches. There are still some emulation errors. So do not expect the experience to be perfect, but they will solve it shortly given how much work the development team has put into the emulator. 

Super Smash Bros Ultimate online is one of the best Nintendo Switch exclusive products thanks to the game mechanics and a large amount of content, and it is also one of the best items in the series.