Super Mario 3D World Review

Super Mario 3D World is one of the games that did not get the attention it deserved when it was initiated in 2013. But now it is available on the Nintendo Switch as Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Rage, and there are two games in one; Bowser’s Fury is a new card world in the open world for players who want something a little more challenging. Read this Super Mario 3D World Review.

I had never played Super Mario 3D World till last Friday, and now it’s one of my favorite Mario games. It is worth it even without Bowser Fury. I was so amazed that I could not pull myself together. The hours passed in a few minutes, and suddenly it was 3 in the morning, and I fell asleep with my Switch.

Super Mario 3D World has the same concept as previous Super Mario games. You will be released at the beginning of a linear world map, and you will unlock new levels as you complete each challenge. Finally, you reach World 8 to defeat Bowser and free the Sparaxis, fairy-like creatures he kidnapped and poured into glasses.

Even if the levels are linear, you can still go around the world map to find secret levels and mini-games to help Mario on his mission. The Levels of Captain Toad that appear in all worlds are the most fun: you want to go through an obstacle course full of collectibles, but without the opportunity to jump, so you have to be strategic.

Once on the levels, you can move freely in beautifully designed environments with up to four players such as Mario, Princess Peach, Toad, or Luigi. Rosalina can be unlocked later in the game. With the Switch version, you can now play online in multiplayer and get help (or sabotage) from your friends, even though I played it alone and always had a great time.

Super Mario 3D World is a simple game. However, if you get stuck, there is a chance not to get completely frustrated, as you will get an exaggerated bonus that will distract and destroy any monsters or projectiles in your way. So if you’re looking for a challenge, the new Bowser’s Fury game has it for you.

Super Mario 3D World Plus Bowsers Fury

You will play the game in the company of your son Bowser Jr. in another beautiful open world consisting of different islands full of challenges and cats. I’m serious. Everything in the Game is a cat: bushes, trees, monsters. He is cute. Instead of stars, you collect Cat Shines that light the headlights on the map.

What’s not cute is how Bowser scares you throughout the Game. Unlike other Mario games where Bowser is a threat that only exists in a castle, you want to enter. Instead, he is a threat that occurs randomly at any time during your adventure.

You can wander around the islands and face peaceful challenges in just a few minutes. Then a giant bow chases you and tries to kill you with fireballs and an explosion of flames. And when Mario does not have enough Cat Shines to unlock a boss fight with Bowser, you must hide behind structures to block some of his targeted attacks and wait for him to leave again.

A big problem is the camera angles in these boss battles. Sometimes it seemed like it was a Bigger battle than the battle itself to get the camera in the proper position to see Bowser’s attack. Unlike Super Mario 3D World, Bowser’s Fury is only suitable for 1-2 players. One plays the role of Mario, and the other as Bowser Jr. This is only available for local multiplayer. But I would not recommend playing this way unless the other person is doing Straightforward and tedious tasks to support Mario; that’s nice. As Mario Odyssey multiplayer (which I did not like for the same reason either).


Cat Shines

This game will wake you up first. It was scary at first for me because I was collapsing under pressure. Then you relax, and it becomes easier when you learn to handle Bowser. After that, it’s more of a constant annoyance than a threat because it happens too often.

But at the end of the Game, it’s no longer easy to avoid Bowser, and it came without warning. When he drives even crazier for you to avenge him, he turns into an ever-present stalker who will relentlessly attack you as you fight to get the last of the Cat Shines needed to unlock the final battle.

There are 100 Cat Shines in the Game, so 100 different challenges are required, and 50 are needed to unlock the final battle. And despite some problems, I think Bowser’s Fury is a fantastic game full of fun puzzles and islands to explore.

If you already have a switch, you should add Super Mario 3D World: Bowser’s Rage to your collection. You cannot go wrong with two great games in one.


Super Mario 3D World Switch Release Date

  • Release Date: February 12, 2021
  • Player: Up to 4
  • Nice: Action
  • Editor: Nintendo


Super Mario 3D World Deluxe comes to the Nintendo Switch in February.

Super Mario 3D World Deluxe launches on February 12. It gives Switch players all the action of playing Wii U and adds more Bowser’s Rage content that includes new levels. All this together will provide one of the most muscular Mario adventures of all time.

The original Super Mario 3D World game was released in November 2013. Nintendo designed the Game and 3D Land to connect the audience to Mario 3D and 2D games. The idea was to offer a three-dimensional world with a slightly slower game and a firmer camera angle. It also gave Nintendo developers the ability to add things like collaboration multiplayer. With Super Mario 3D World, up to four players can simultaneously control all the characters on the screen.

Super Mario 3D World Deluxe is also one of the biggest upcoming releases for the Nintendo Switch. But, unfortunately, society has been silent for much of 2020 due to the challenges of the global COVID-19 pandemic. That left Nintendo fans with little interest. But Now, this Game with the 3D Mario and Pikeman 3 Deluxe collection meets that release schedule.

Pros & Cons

thumbs up regular


  • Still the best Mario Multiplayer platformer
  • Add Bowser’s Fury, an expansive, imaginative, and ambitious new game
  • Multiple online player promotions
  • Faster than the Wii U version

thumbs down regular


  • In handheld mode, Browser Fury performs at a lower frame rate.
  • Captain Toad mini-games are not fun with four players.


Super Mario 3D World Online

New and improved features make their debut.

Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury has the same collaborative Game, creative levels, and bonuses as the original Game, but with further improvements. For example, the characters move faster, and the board lights up faster in the Super Mario 3D World section. In addition, both fairy tales support the newly added instant mode – take a break from the action to get the perfect picture, apply filters and decorate with stamps.

  • In Super Mario 3D World, choose between Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Toad and set out to save Pixie’s kingdom. Each character has their style of play: Luigi can jump very high, and Peach can float quickly. The characters move faster in the Super Mario 3D World portion of the Game, and the board lights up faster.
  • During your Super Mario 3D World adventure, collect stamps and use them in snapshot mode (in both super Mario 3d world bowsers fury Nintendo switch) to create masterpieces to share with friends and family.
  • In Bowser Fury, Mario arrives at Lake Lap cat and meets an angry Bowser. Join Bowser Jr. and enter a cohesive world of cat subjects. Yes, everything. Enemies, flowers, and even birds take the form of cats.
  • Do you need extra help getting Bowser out of his anger? Another player can take control of Bowser Jr. and help by attacking enemies and saving bonuses. Two sets of chlorine are better than one.