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Sonic Dash Game Review is not a bad game. The game is fast enough to live up to the Sonic name, and the cheerful graphics and classic Sonic sounds are always good for a solid dose of nostalgia. But it’s a boring game without originality.


Playing Style

Sonic Dash review is an infinite runner. It’s very similar to the game in the Temple Run series and Subway Surfers video games. Therefore, the player controls their chosen character through endless 3D landscapes and progress at any time. Also, to avoid obstacles in the player’s path, he can jump, roll, avoid sideways (similar to Quick-Step) and stamp a throw.

The player can extend the duration of a cast twice. Therefore, in episodes where the player must overcome large holes, he can use the home attack against several opponents to overcome them. Also, the goal is simple. To run as far as you can and get a high score without hitting a wall, falling off the track, or taking a shot without bows.

Once the rings have been collected, the bar meter fills the bottom of the screen, and when it is full, the player can run Dash Boost, similar to Sonic Boom or Boost. The player cannot jump during a boost even if Sonic will automatically blow through the obstacles. When you use Dash, the score multiplier is double.

Upgrades such as Head start, Magnet, and Dash Boost can be used and upgraded in the game. Players can share and compete for achievements such as “Best Time” or “Long Time”. At the end of the route, the player reaches a set of three springs where the rings are stored automatically. The monitors above these springs indicate where to take the player.


Sonic Dash Rounds

Also, if the player strikes a feather, he has the choice between four rounds. However, the player must move the finger according to the instructions on the screen. Therefore, if he succeeds, the player will receive a bonus of 10 to 100 ringtones. However, failing in the middle of a series of tricks is not rewarding.



Each day, the player has a chance to win prizes by collecting four pieces of the puzzle that form a picture of Sonic. However, doing this for several days in a row increases the value of the prize you have won.

Prices and corresponding days listed below:

  • Price 1: 3 spring bonuses
  • Price 2: 3 advantage
  • Price 3: 500 rings
  • Price 4: 5 red star rings
  • Prize 5: the player wins three random prizes.



Completing missions gives the player XP and gems. Therefore, a new assignment is filled every three hours or by seeing an advertisement. Also, an assignment can be exchanged by advertising. Also, the player can only change one mission every twelve hours.


Multiplier Points

If He Earns Enough EXP, The player’s point multiplier can be, increased to a maximum of x49. Therefore, new areas can be, unlock after receiving a certain points multiplier.

Events are unlocked when the player reaches a point multiplier of x10.



Each character has a unique upgrade profile that the player can use to improve performance during a race. There are 5 different upgrades per character, and each upgrade rewards XP with the player’s point multiplier.


Update the Description

  • Dash Boost. A high-speed boost that lets you overcome obstacles
  • Multiplier X2 doubles all points
  • The magnet attracts the rings nearby
  • The shield protects against damage
  • Good start with a dash boost


Objects and Obstacles

  • Calling
  • Object field
  • Random ring bonus
  • Magnet
  • Characters
  • Rings of red stars
  • Control panels on the dashboard
  • Springs
  • Point
  • pumps
  • Totem


Sonic Dash Game Review: Enemies

  1. Crabmeat: Can be defeated by jumping or rolling.
  2. Nails: must be defeated with a Spin Dash, as landing on them will damage the player.
  3. Chopper: jumps between large rooms. The player must tap the screen to make a series of attacks from behind and continue. It is possible to destroy them with a spin during a Dash Boost.
  4. Ghosts: As part of the PAC-MAN event, BLINKY, Inky, Pinky, and Clyde appear as enemies instead of each BADNIK when using PAC-MAN or Ms PAC-MAN selected the character. Also, they do not share the peaks.
  5. BADNIK (Paramount): As part of the advertising for the Sonic the Hedgehog movie at the Teen Sonic and Baby Sonic events, the BADNIK from the movie were available as enemies. Also, they did not share the characteristics of the beak and did not replace the helicopter.



Sonic Dash Game Review: Bosses

Bosses have three phases when it first appears. It attacks the player from behind in three rounds and gets closer and closer. The boss then moves in front of the player and sets traps until he retires at the end of the game. After reaching the springs at the end of the field, the player can attack the boss up to; three times to get bonus points for each hit. If you miss once, the boss will run away.


Sonic Dash Game Review: Zones

While Sonic Dash had two different zones when it was first released, subsequent updates have increased the number to seven different zones. Each area appears to be destroyed the first time it is unlocked and can be restored by collecting animals and using pearls. However, rebuilding an area rewards the player with specified milestones, including the respective character in the area. The latest updates have three options. The last one is more expensive and usually more exclusive.


Sonic Dash Game Review: Booster

There are 5 different types of power-ups in the game. The player can have up to 3 active starts per race.

  1. Spring bonus: If you hit a spring, you get a bonus point that increases for each subsequent spring hit.
  2. Combination of enemies: All combinations of enemies are worth bonus points.
  3. Ring Stripes: Ring Stripes give you an extra point bonus.
  4. Result bonus: Your result gets a bonus at the end of a race. (Approximately 13.043%)
  5. Golden BADNIK: Defeat Golden BADNIK for a 6-point bonus!

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