Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction Review 2022

Rainbow Six Extraction, an excellent tactical co-op shooter that combines motion and stillness, is truly a tactical shooter. This is what we discovered in our initial playthrough. Rainbow Six Extraction can be played with up to 3 players. Rainbow Six Siege characters travel through America to discover the secrets of the Archen, an undiscovered lifeform. The VR Training Tutorial is only for single players. We will give a decent Rainbow Six Extraction Review so that you can get some idea about the game.

We also had the opportunity to experience the main content which includes several maps and three other people. This tutorial lasted approximately four hours. We will be talking about the game’s charm, which can be difficult to grasp from just a glance.

It’s a tactical shooting game. While it has all of the charm and intensity of Sage’s intense PvP combats, Extraction offers a fresh take on PvE. The characters are still there, but the storyline is not. This is a wonderful way to experience the Rainbow Six series.

What is the Rainbow six extraction game about?

The map is the main feature of this game. You will find four maps in the game, each one inspired by different parts of the US such as New York City or San Francisco. There are 12 levels in total. Each level is broken into 3 levels. There are multiple levels in each level, some of them similar to Siege’s, and many have destructible walls or “trapdoors” which can be destroyed to get to the lower levels.

It is a complex game with many carefully placed items and players having the option to make their destruction paths. It takes fewer bullets to demolish a wall than Siege, so creating new lines is much easier.


Every level is assigned a random target. You can capture an archenemy or destroy a target. Or you could carry a bomb that will blow up the target. You must complete the following objectives: A at level 1 and B at level 2 ……. When you choose an operator you will see the target so that you can decide which operator to use and what Tech items you should use.

One example is “Destruction”, which is one of the goals. The video also covers Level 2. It is possible to put a bomb in your area and then endure a series of archenemy attacks until the bomb is removed.


The location of Archispine targets is not known at the beginning of this level. Therefore, it is important to locate them in the field. The archenemies will not be able to see you at this stage. If you manage to sneak up on them you can use a takedown technique to take them down. You can also find “Nests”, where Archenians can spawn indefinitely. These nests are safe to destroy as long as you haven’t been spotted by them. It is also possible to destroy them without using ammunition or HP.


You can also communicate with friends in the tension of the game to eliminate archenemies. A small, radio-controlled drone can be controlled to quickly spot enemy targets and locate them. You can return them after the cooldown.

After you have found the target, then put the bomb on the ground and attempt to escape the archenemy’s attack. You can attack Archen in a variety of ways. There is the basic “grunt”, which hits you, and “spiker”, which shoots projectiles at precise distances, as well as the “breacher,” that explodes on approaching. The “Protein”, which assumes the role of an operator, is another mission objective. The “Singularity” has a boss-like archenemy called the “Protein”, which is an operator.

After you have achieved your goal, go to the airlock and move on to the next level. You should repeat this process.

Choosing the right operator/gadget for your goal

The operator can see the target before they pick it, as mentioned previously. You need to select the best operator/gadget that will help you achieve your goal. If your objective is to steal a biopsy sample from an enemy by sneaking upon them, the Vigil operator can be used. Or the Tech gadget Smoke Grenade can fool the enemy.

You will need Alibi to use decoys and Jager to complete the “Serial Scanning” mission. Jager has a turret-like device. You can start discussing your strategies as soon as you have chosen your gadgets and operator.

Every operator is assigned a level. This is determined by how much experience they have gained in clearing roads. Their abilities and weapons will improve depending on how high they are. Operator Doc has the Stim Pistol that can heal and revive his allies. However, once he has leveled up, he can use a Submachine Gun and a Marksman Rifle. The Stim Pistol also increases the recovery rate.

It’s important to familiarize yourself with each objective in the initial stages of the game. The weapons are grouped into units. There is also a unique combination, like Doc being able to equip the 417 Marksman rifle via Twitch.

You may be familiar with smoke grenades or drones from FPS games like Siege. There are also glue grenades to slow enemies down and XR recon drones that automatically scan for items, which can only be found in Extraction.

The option to forgo your target

The game’s unique aspect is the fact that you do not have to meet the goals set by the level to move on to the next. You can always access the airlock that will take you to the next level. If you recall, the objective required that you sneak, however, no one was able to pick up either a smoke bomb or an operator. The enemy then spotted your position. You can choose to move on to the next level by passing the target. There is an escape helipad, which is open at all times.

You can request an escape from this helipad to complete a mission while you are still working on a level. Although you do gain more experience when you finish a level than you get from the mission, this is still a useful system. This is due to the limited resources available and the inheritance stamina system.

Cross-mission stamina system

There are objects in each level to refill ammunition or Tech items. However, these can be scarce, especially at the third level. You may find yourself running out of ammunition in later levels if you have spent a lot in the first levels.

It is important to control your energy. It is possible to increase your stamina but not recover it. While you can temporarily boost your health, once you leave, your unboosted health will remain. Low-health operators who come back will be temporarily disabled from flying and in poor health. A different operator can complete the mission and restore some health so that the operator can fly again. You will lose your health if you defeat a level while you’re attacking it. From that point on, you can fire only with your sidearm. Your teammates may still be able to revive you but you’ll be totally out of control the second time.

The remaining players have two options: continue playing or escape the helipad to gain more experience. Transferring the unconscious ally’s body to the recovery pod at the helipad is the best method to escape. The only way to escape is for the unconscious player to be transferred from the helicopter pad to a recovery pod. To get him back the player will need to sortie with another operator from the location where he is MIA. The rescue objective must be completed, which can only occur if an MIA has been identified. You should be vigilant about your health.

The disadvantages to losing your health can be severe, as I have explained in detail. If you fall, you will need to get it back. This could further drain your resources, pushing you over the edge. This system is high-risk and adds tension to the previously mentioned sneak peek gameplay.

There are milestones within the game, in addition to the progression each operator has already achieved. You can unlock milestones by clearing and collecting experience or by losing missions. Each level you reach, your milestones reward you with skins, tech items, and points. Some milestones also allow for the unlocking of maps or operators. You won’t lose any of the milestone levels you have unlocked, even if they are lost.

Tension provoking static and dynamic

After playing the extraction rainbow game, I had the impression it was challenging. My first mission was an easy one for three Siege players and me. After a couple of games, we were able to get the hang of it. Tactical trial and error is a great thing. It makes it easier to stick to your strategy. This strategy is very similar to Siege, and you must coordinate with your allies. Radio chat is also available, which can be selected with the wheel. You have the option to ping your enemies or share objects, so you don’t need to worry.

While the quiet moments of getting around enemies and neutralizing them are intense, the dynamic moments of fighting off waves of attacks are flashy, fast-paced & solid shooters. It’s a fun contrast. You can also see how Siege’s technical maneuvers, like waiting for an enemy to enter a wall or setting up a fire line on the fly, are put into practice.

Positive actions by your team, like defeating the archenemy will show up as scores on the screen. You can increase your score even further by defeating penetration enemies. Combining individual gameplay with team tactics creates a fun and unique experience that is tied to Siege.


We’d like some words of encouragement to Siege players about the Rainbow Six Extraction game. While you can still use your Siege gadgets, you will also have the opportunity to experience new features such as the Lion which now has a more defined outline, and Jager’s ADS which creates a strong turret-like effect. As you can see, the trailer shows fans delight at the stunning graphics and cut scenes of Siege characters.

The limited-edition co-op shooters game “Outbreak”, which was released in Season 1, Year 3 will be a fond memory for old-school Siege players. It’s a fun way to improve your shooting skills while also practicing your aim. Extraction is the more serious variant of this game. This game is well worth a visit. Hope you liked our six extraction reviews, in which we have told you everything possible including random objectives, rainbow six games, harder difficulties, body armor, and many more other things.

Rainbow Six Extraction is available on PC via the Epic Games Store/Ubisoft Store and PlayStation 5/PlayStation 4/Xbox One/Xbox Series X – S starting January 20, 2022. Cross-platform play and progression will be possible from the launch of Rainbow Six Extraction. The game will be also available via Xbox Game Pass or PC Game Pass starting at launch.