QuizUp Game Review – Fastest Growing Game

Updated: October 8, 2021

QuizUp Game is a mobile game initially developed and published by Plain Vanilla Games of Iceland and is now run by Glu Mobile. The game is a mobile question and answer program similar to the Trivial Pursuit game.

QuizUp is a competitive game where one user competes against another in seven timed multiple-choice questions on various subjects. In total, users can choose from over 1200 topics, and all questions are sent voluntarily by content providers. Most subjects are available in different languages. Read this QuizUp Game Review.

QuizUp Development

It would have been easy to top QuizUp’s early hits. However, the computer-driven use has helped develop QuizUp from a new fashion game that enables users to become a social platform to stay up to date.

They understood how users used their app and what actions resulted in user recall. Then they worked as a team to develop QuizUp’s social functions and solve the other half of the growth formula. Using usage data throughout the development process, they created what their customers had always told them they wanted.


Playing Style

When you challenge a friend, they get a message that you want to play. The good thing is that you now have the opportunity to play alone. And your friend can then play against your answers whenever he wants. When they have finished the game, you will be notified of the result, whether you have won or not.

You get six sets of multiple-choice questions, and some even contain images, for example: for the brand logo or the celebrity categories. You have ten seconds to answer the question. The quicker you respond, the more you earn points. It gives the game another level of difficulty.

You only have a few seconds to read the question before the answer options appear and the countdown begins. If the other person knows the answer, he is likely not set up fast enough and loses points, which can be the difference between winning and losing.

If you press the correct answer, your score on the side of the screen flashes green and is filling. You can see the total points at the top of the screen next to your name and profile picture. Press the wrong answer, and the counter flashes red. When both participants have arrived, you can see which answer your opponent has chosen.



Bouns Round

The last question is a bonus round that gives you double points and can help you when you fall behind. After the game, a summary screen shows the total number of points you have earned, including winning bonuses, the entire game, and more. Even if you lose the game, you will continue to get points to advance in the subject. However, the actual significance of your level in the game is unclear.

You can also select a question if you think the answer is wrong.

Your opponent can give up at any time during a game. If they do, you will still earn points and move on. Unfortunately, when you start a game, you can never pause it. So if you cannot continue playing, all you can do is give up, which means your opponent gets points, but you do not.


Accessories and Updates

There are many other additional features in QuizUp. Casual players need to worry about trivia categories. But if you want to dig deeper, you should look at the threads of each topic, the player’s ranking, performance, and statistics for each game and its overall performance.

QuizUp is free, but it offers in-app purchases that allow you to earn more points and go faster. Fortunately, these are hidden in the store menu instead of bombarding you while you play. They cost between $ 2.50 and $ 7.50 to increase your score.



How Do We Measure the Success With Which We Achieve Our Goals?

Again, seven people could think of seven different ways to evaluate the performance of a role. We need to find a sufficient target to understand how successful we are. To ensure that QuizUp does not go everywhere, we closely monitor our KPIs’ commitment to most, if not all, of the changes. In addition to our KPIs for engagement, we decided on some specific changes for change.”


What are the Goals of the New Role?

It may seem a bit simple until you place seven people in one room and get seven very different answers. Everyone must work to develop the product in the same direction. By answering this question, QuizUp can ensure that the features they offer match your overall vision.

“In the development of our products, we have seen how easy it is to choose a function just because it makes sense at first glance,” says Stefanía. Having a clear goal and the desired result for a position is necessary for designing key indicators and understanding performance.



QuizUp is a beautifully designed social quiz game that takes your seemingly unnecessary knowledge of “Breaking Bad” characters or Asian geography and succeeds. Well, helpful in challenging strangers and friends to brag about their rights.

The game also has a good layout and enough categories for you to play more and more tricks. Although there is no way to play offline, QuizUp is a fun trivia game that can easily entertain you for hours.