Puzzle & Dragons Game Review – Keys to Success

Updated: October 8, 2021

Puzzle & Dragons is a puzzle game where players can move and match colored balls on a grid. The number and type of game determine which of the six monsters in the player’s team attacks waves of enemy monsters and which damage they deal. Read this Puzzle & Dragons Game Review.

Keys to Success


1. Simplicity

Puzzle & Dragons is an Extremely Simple and rewarding game. First, the player must play a simplified game and make sure that the colors of the ball match the color of the monsters he uses. The more the player matches the colors, the more damage the monsters will do, as simple as that.

Completing the Dungeon is easy. But very rewarding, as it’s always surprising when a player opens the monster eggs he earned by filling the Dungeon. Furthermore, you can play Puzzle & Dragons with just one hand and require very little skill.


2. Complexity

After the player has completed a dozen dungeons, two things happen. 

  1. First, the player’s monster box is filled, forcing players to think about which monsters to keep and sacrifice or sell.
  2. Second, the player wants harder monsters because dungeons are slowly but surely getting harder. The demand for better monsters allows players to learn. How to acquire these monsters and prepare them for the complex part of the Game.

This meta-game also has an impact on the Game’s behavior. Engagement is improving because games are no longer just fun. Each session has a clear goal, and players start playing more often to win more monsters than they can sacrifice or sell.


3. Resistance – Energy Mechanics

One of the Puzzle & Dragons’ restriction mechanisms is the limited endurance consumed when the player enters a dungeon. Few twists differentiate the Puzzle & Dragons energy mechanic from the more general energy mechanics we know from Facebook games.

How the energy mechanic is implemented in D&G is very well thought out, as it provides fast progression at first and slow progression when the player is more involved. The player’s endurance limits are very low initially and reset quickly as the game progresses. The time it takes to regain endurance and slowing down progress is the best way to increase revenue.

Increasing the endurance limit also has two benefits for game design:

  1. First, Puzzle & Dragons award different endurance prizes in other dungeons. By increasing the entry price to more difficult dungeons, Puzzle & Dragons limit the session length for experienced players.
  2. Second, suppose there is no concern that inexperienced players may enter more difficult dungeons (they do not have enough stamina to join them). In that case, Puzzle & Dragons can make the Special dungeons visible to all players and create long-term goals for beginners themselves players.


4. Monster Consumption

To upgrade their monsters, players must first upgrade them and develop them further. To upgrade, players must sacrifice the monsters they collect in the dungeons. When the target monster has reached its maximum level, the player can turn it into something new and exciting. However, the development is not easy because the player must find specific sets of EVO monsters in the Dungeons for evolution.

Then there is the problem of currencies with increasing costs and development. The only way to get more coins is to complete more dungeons. Players cannot even buy real money coins. To get ahead, players need to invest time. First, players must sacrifice dozens of monsters to get a Monster to the maximum level. Players can then use rare monsters to make that monster a new type of rare monster that can evolve.


5. Game Element

In Puzzle & Dragons, players cannot buy the monsters they need. Instead, they can get monsters in two ways:

  1. The first is to complete dungeons.
  2. The second is to get them out of the machine.

New monsters always come in eggs, hatch in front of the player, and reveal a random monster inside.

The lack of a direct monster buy and the randomness make this game so well deserved. But, first, Puzzle & Dragons increase engagement by removing the ability to purchase desired monsters instantly.


6. Fast Content Production

A good content update adds something new to the game that players want and need. Something unique that encourages players to keep playing to earn extra content makes some players spend their money on it right away.

With improved game mechanics and design, you can reduce the risk of getting stuck on a conveyor belt with content.

Players develop by hitting dungeons, and these dungeons are straightforward to develop. The Dungeons are more or less the same because it only changes the color of the walls and opponents. So adding a few hundred dungeons is no big deal. You do not even need a new version, just a simple server update.



7. Social

Before entering a dungeon, the player must select a guide, which is another player’s MONSTER. Each time a player uses another player’s MONSTER as an assistant, The owner of the assistant will receive points that the machine uses to get new monsters.

When the player has completed a dungeon, he can help the owner as a friend by sending a friend request. Players can have a certain number of friends depending on rank. The higher the RANK, The more friends the players can have. By using a friend’s monster to help you, you can earn more Pal points, as well as more leadership skills, making your monsters more powerful.

In short, the game’s social mechanics promote bonding by encouraging multiple connections per day. Social mechanisms also drive players to develop. The better help they offer, the more often it is used to earn more Pal points.


8. Special Dungeons: Events

Each player has several unique dungeons that are open for a limited time. Some dungeons are from a particular day, For example, Monday dungeons, while others only offer players a severe challenge. But all Special Dungeons have one thing in common to develop their MONSTER.

To advance, players must play Special dungeons. The same player must have strong monsters, a high endurance limit, and a good friend helper to complete Special dungeons. The Special dungeons fit perfectly in the game’s central loop.