PUBG Season 18 Review | Popular Battle Royale Game

PUBG Season 18 is just around the corner, but it is not until after the current season is over. Season 17 of PUBG Royale Pass will end on March 15, so you still have a few days to complete your quests and collect the pending rewards for this season.

The RP Section will be Frozen for two days when the season is over. PUBG Mobile’s season 18 Royale Pass is expected to launch on March 17, and a Special reward awaits you when you reach one of the highest levels. Read this PUBG Season 18 Review.

In each season’s Royale Pass, you have two options: Elite Pass and Elite Pass Plus. And to collect rewards between each of them, you must complete quests where you earn RP points. The higher the RP score, the higher the rank.

But getting 100 RP seems like a daunting task. That is because the rewards you will receive after reaching this milestone will be significant. With Royale Pass season 18, PUBG Mobile introduces a special Reward called the String Ensemble Outfit.

PUBG season 18 is the official result of Player Unknown’s Survival Game Battlegrounds. In many ways, the mobile version of PUBG has overshadowed its big brother, especially in terms of revenue.

It was the most lucrative mobile game in May 2020 and raised $ 226 million for PUBG’s parent company. As a result, PUBG Mobile is Extremely successful, and with a steady stream of updates, new seasonal content, and game modes for its loyal player base, the game will continue to draw in new players. Here’s what you need to hear about Season 18 of PUBG Mobile.


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PUBG Season 18 Royal Pass Rewards

Season 18 Royale Pass offers two payment options. Elite Pass costs 600 UC, while Elite Pass Plus can be bought at 1800 UC. UC stands for Unknown Cash.


PUBG Mobile Season 18 Royale Pass has Lost Rewards

PUBG Mobile Season 18 Royale Pass offers a host of rewards starting tomorrow. Some YouTubers say season 18 Royale Pass will bring new clothes and skins to ammunition. Prices include the new Heavenly Cadence set, Electronica Hearts – AUG, Night Ensemble backpack, Electronica Hearts set, Heavenly Cadence – Kar98K, and String Ensemble Set.


PUBG Level

During season 18, players give a neon parachute to reach ace level. Other rewards include season 18 Ace name and title and 1600 Silver Shards, and a legendary tool effect.


PUBG Season 18 RP Rewards

PUBG Season 18 Review is one of the most popular Battle Royale games today. The game has seen a massive increase in popularity in recent years as it has managed to give players an immersive experience with HD quality graphics and realistic dynamics. A new Royale Pass add every two months or at the beginning of a new season. Royale Pass contains colorful clothing, coat of arms, vehicle surfaces, and other items.


PUBG Season 18 Tier Rewards

During season 18, players give a neon parachute to reach ace level. Other rewards include season 18 Ace name and title and 1600 Silver Shards, and a legendary tool effect.


PUBG Season 18 Release Date in Pakistan

PUBG Mobile Season 18 Royale Pass is Expected to start on March 17. The PR section is currently frozen.


Frequently Asked Questions


When does PUBG Mobile Season 18 Begin?

PUBG Mobile Season 18 begins March 17, and season 17 ends March 15.

You can download PUBG Mobile from both the App Store and Google Play to see what it’s about. Android users can also take advantage of PUBG Mobile’s new Royale Pass Prime subscription service and enjoy the benefits and advantages reserved for Prime players.

Subscribers receive 300 or 900 Royale Pass coupons each month, as well as access to the benefits of Prime’s exclusive flight ratings. The Prime subscription is currently only available on Android devices, but iOS users can look forward to an upcoming collaboration with Apple in the future.


What does PUBG Mobile Season 18 Contain?

PUBG Mobile Season 18is part of patch 1.3, attached to the game on March 9. The update introduces new maps, weapons, game mechanics, and more. PUBG Mobile season 17 included the unique theme of Runic Power, where players could find mysterious valuable items to give themselves and their weapons different abilities.

PUBG Mobile season 18 has the theme Hundred Rhythms, which together, with dozens of new Cosmetics, adds a location of the same name to the fan-favorite Evangel card. The mode will be available from March 9, based on the 1.3 updates. Players will also be looking for the new PUBG Mobile season 18 adventure Event. The event creates a puzzling character and hands out adventure coupons that players can collect and redeem for various free rewards.


How much does PUBG Mobile Season 18 Royale Pass Cost?

PUBG Mobile Royale Pass has a free basic version, but the benefits are limited and generally not that impressive. If you want to give your character something more attractive, you have to pay to unlock the Premium Pass rewards. Season 17 free passes cannot go beyond rank 60. That also applies to PUBG Mobile season 18. So remember that if you like rewards beyond rank 60.

PUBG Mobile Season 18 Royale Full Pass costs 600 unknown cash ($9.99 / £9.99), so players can earn all the rewards and accelerate their progress through elite issues. If your free time is limited, the Elite Pass Plus costs 1800 UC ($29.99 / £29.99) and immediately increases your rank to 25. You can also receive one-time rewards as part of your purchase.


PUBG Season 18 Leaks

PUBG Mobile developers will soon release PUBG Mobile season 18. Players are enjoying the Royal Pass for season 17, which ends on February 15. As soon as season 17 ends, the new season will be launched for players. If you have previously unlocked the Royal Pass for PUBG Mobile season 18, you will see expected RP rewards from 1 to 100. I hope this PUBG Season 18 Review will help you out.