PUBG Partners With Solana Labs

The gaming company behind the hit PUBG series is now “assaulting” NFT battlegrounds.

Web3 gaming is an emerging concept that’s being investigated by some of the most prominent video game developers in the world. These companies use NFT assets and cryptocurrency-based ecosystems.

Blockchain-based gaming is a well-known company that creates games focusing on Solana.

Krafton, the creator of PUBG Battlegrounds (also known as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds), is also the originator. Krafton and Solana Labs announced Wednesday a partnership to develop and promote blockchain-based games and services.

Krafton, Inc., a South Korean publisher, was granted official rights to develop blockchain-based games by Solana.

PUBG has been downloaded over a billion times on Steam. It was also reported that it had as many as 696,000 concurrent users in early 2022. The popularity of PUBG is second only to Epic Games Fortnite in a battle royale.

Krafton’s Web 3 Division leader HyungChul Park stated in a press release that Krafton “will continue to see ways to collaborate closely with blockchain businesses like Solana Labs while we work towards establishing our Web 3 ecosystem.” “Solana is the most advanced Web 3.0 ecosystem technology. Krafton and Solana will collaborate to gain the insights needed for faster investment and production of blockchain-based experiences.

This announcement is made as traditional gamers remain skeptical about NFT adoption due to recent backlash against the technology.

Krafton spent $6.6 Million in February to invest in two NFT startup companies based in Korea, which will help it build its Web 3 business.