PUBG Mobile Secrets – How Can I Improve my PUBG Mobile Skills

Updated: October 7, 2021

PUBG Mobile is a Battle Royale game, and if you play against experienced players, you may not survive long. PUBG Mobile guarantees that this will not happen thanks to its technology that ensure that players of the same rank are grouped in the exact match. But, an older player comes with the mix from time to time, which gives the new player group the chance to win relatively small.

Read this PUBG mobile secrets review to have some sneak peek about PUBG mobile tips to take your gameplay ahead of everyone.

PUBG Mobile Secrets


Configure the PUBG Mobile Game Profile Correctly

  • For the players who just started their PUBG journey, the following information may help them create a PUGB profile:
  • A new user must log in to create a new profile. There are several ways to do this. You can use the game from Google, Facebook, Twitter, or the guest account. If you choose to sign in to Facebook, Twitter, or Google Play, you can sync your progress.
  • Signing up for social accounts like Facebook or Twitter makes it easier to collaborate with your friends to play in pairs or teams.


Adjust Your Game Settings

Before you get ready for Battle Royale, you can change your overall PUBG mobile game by changing some game settings.


Choose between Solo, Duo, or Squad

In PUBG, you can play solo or join a friend for a duo match. In group mode, up to four people can join together.

Go to Select Mode > Create Select SoloDuo, or Troop Mode and Click OK to select the desired mode.


Choose the Right Graphics Quality

PUBG mobile is a graphics-intensive game. So if you are using a mid-range phone and the graphics are set to HD or HDR and the frame rates are set to High or Ultra, you will notice a lot of delay or drop. Therefore, select the graphics settings accordingly. We also recommend enabling an automatic graphics setting, which reduces the graphics settings when performance deteriorates.


Classic or Arcade

There are two game modes in PUBG Mobile:

  1. Classic: In classic mode, 100 players compete against each other.
  2. Arcade: On the other hand, Arcade mode has choices and game options for War, Quick Play, Sniper Training, and Mini-Zone.


Frequently Asked Questions


Which Gun is best in PUBG Mobile?

There are different types of weapons and animations available in the PUBG game. These are divided into rifles, snipers, and designated sniper rifles (DMR), short machine guns (SMG)light machine guns (LMG)pistols, and short rifles. These weapons have different firing speeds, projectile speeds, target range, and effective damage.

In addition to these things, you must also be aware of the recoil effect of a weapon that can cause you to lose your shot and transfer your position to the enemy.


Is PUBG Mobile Full of Bots?

PUBG Mobile has raised several questions regarding player selection. One of them has to do with the issue of bots in the game. We knew that the game could not always find 100 players at once for a classic game.

That’s why PUBG Mobile has also been known to use robots in its battles to fill all 100 seats. These bots have random names that resemble real human players and offer quite heavy gameplay.

As a PUBG player, it’s more satisfying to kill a real human player than a game. Therefore, players always wonder if the player they killed is a fine or a real human being. Bots behave in a very “robot” way.

By bot, I mean a very predictable pattern. A bot always moves calmly on a fixed road across the map. You will never be aggressive in your movements.


Is PUBG Mobile Dangerous?

PUBG mobile is a fantastic first-person shooting game, but becoming addicted can lead to mental and physical health problems that you may not be aware of.


It’s Extremely Violent

PUBG has been called a violent game. Excessive violence can also lead to physical aggression, emotions, and actions, harming a player’s mental health.


It Leads to Gambling Addiction

If you play PUBG too much, you may be less productive. Depending on video games is nothing new, but remember that it is not suitable for your mental health.


You may Become Less Socially Active.

Most players spend all day playing PUBG, which means they are less socially active.


How can I Improve my PUBG Mobile Skills?

Here are some tips for professionals to get better at Battle Royal games like PUBG Mobile.


Basic Movements

Movement is essential in PUBG Mobile. It is enough to go a few days to jump, crouch, lie in the gym, move, jump out the windows, jump walls, etc.


Good Sensitivity

Different mobile devices have their unique sensitivity calibrations. A good tip in this regard would be to practice war mode with comfortable sensitivity settings.


Learn to Play Strategically

One of the most critical points in the game is to have the right strategy. Therefore, choose the right team and follow the advice of the game manager (IGL). Playing according to a plan will help you maximize your skills at the right time.


Ultra-Fast Reactions

Be incredibly fast. Avoid giving your opponent the chance to target. Find the enemy, avoid camping, plan your next steps and act wisely. High reflexes help to play match-to-hand combat.


Who is World No 1 PUBG?


Levinho is the most famous PUBG mobile player globally and has about 9.5 million subscribers on YouTube. He started his playing career in 2017. Levinho’s real name is Brahim. He lives in Sweden. His brother Sevou is also a well-known PUBG Mobile player. Levinho plays PUBG Mobile on iPhone 12 Pro Max, and his clan name is Mence.


How can I Play PUBG Faster on my Phone?

Free up Space by Deleting Unnecessary Data

To play without delay, you need a lot of storage space. Great games like PUBG mobile generate and delete files in the background while running. When you are short of disk space, you can slowly write and delete data. Therefore, always make sure you have at least 5 GB of free space.


Uninstall Unnecessary Applications

The Android devices we use are not optimized for gaming if you have many applications. You have the services for these applications in the background and receive notifications.

The sudden warning from Amazon that you receive is also due to Amazon running in the background. To avoid this, uninstall programs that you do not use. It also provides more gaming resources available for the Phone. However, the more RAM and CPU you have to play the game, the faster it runs for low-speed devices.


Game Booster

All gaming phones, as well as newer phones, come with game mode as standard. Make sure the game mode is set for the best performance so that you can get the best gaming experience that your Phone can offer. Unfortunately, not all phones have this mode. But for the devices that have it, you need to use it to increase the performance. You need to fix the delay in PUBG mobile.