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Our PUBG Mobile Update Guide shows the most important changes in chronological order, so you can look back and see what has been built on At Pocket Tactics. We like to look forward more often than backward, so we’ll keep the list of updates nice and slim, as we won’t distract you from changes made to PUBG Mobile before the year. Read this PUBG Mobile Latest Events review.

If you are a fan of PUBG Mobile, please follow our guide on how to replace PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Emulator. Let’s move on to the latest PUBG Mobile update without any further additions. We recommend that you bookmark this page as we update it regularly when there is a new update to discuss.





PUBG Mobile’s latest event is weird and leads giant Ducks to Battle Royale success. Playing a game on Evangel, Miramar, Sancho, Vivendi, or Livid can earn you reels to move B. Duck around the map. It doesn’t give you themed rewards, and there’s even a Buck-branded outfit that you can purchase until March 22.



The latest Great addition to PUBG Mobile is Power Armor. Before you can wear the high-tech costume, you must search the map for resources and create each piece. However, the payment is worth it. Additionally, PUBG Mobil’s Valentine’s Day 2021 event will run from February 9 to March 7.



From January 22-28, PUBG removed Mobil’s Ban Pan project and banned a total of 1,857,847 scammers. Most of the cases involved the utilize of automatic targeting tricks, X-ray vision attacks, and speed attacks.


Thank You Cyber Week

During the next week, PUBG Mobile will have a small gift. The above tweet shows all kinds of freebies and discounts available during the week. There is now also a Youth Enforcer set.



Frost Festival

The PUBG Mobile Frost Festival game has landed. Now you can break the slopes and show off your snowboarding skills, explore a giant ice castle, and try to get into the party spirit by defeating rival players with ruthless abandon. Check out the trailer above for more information.


PUBG Mobile Latest Events: Divided Spring Record

Registration for PUBG Mobile Club Open Spring Split is now open. Here, PUBG Mobile’s top players and teams compete against each other for their share of a $ 1.6 million prize pool. All the information you need can be set up, On the game’s official e-sports site.

PUBG Mobile Latest Events: Terms

  1. The lists are supplemented by a presentation of the inscription.
  2. Participants must be 16 years of age or older (the player has lived for at least 16 calendar years) on the start date of the tournament and must meet all applicable age-specific classifications from the classification authorities and the mobile platform classification system.
  3. A player who is not yet of legal age in his home Country, But who is over 16 years old ( lived at least 16 calendar years after the date of birth on the start date of the tournament) may participate with his / her consent. Parents or guardians.
  4. Participants must enrol themselves in any degree either bachelor’s, master’s or associate of the university.
  5. All players must be at least level 30 and at least platinum at the time of registration
  6. The team list can only consist of four players.
  7. Players can only use mobile devices during the tournament (including the qualifying round). The usage of a Tablet or a PC emulator will result in disqualification.


PUBG Mobile launches Godzilla VS Kong Collaboration

  • PUBG MOBILE will collaborate with Godzilla vs. King to release theme content to celebrate the epic action-adventure film
  • The film with two of the biggest film titles can be seen, In cinemas internationally and in the US, as well as on HBO Max for 31 days after the premiere
  • PUBG MOBILE players and monster moviegoers can watch the official crossover trailer.
  • Adam Wingard, director of Godzilla vs. King, social media wishes PUBG MOBILE a happy third day and reveals the upcoming collaboration between the game and the movie.
  • In the following video, Wingard revealed a special game mode where players can interact with Godzilla and Kong. Also, players will have the opportunity to unlock and collect unique content about the tough Goliaths from the film.
  • Apart from the upcoming PUBG MOBILE x Godzilla vs. King, players can switch to a new “Clown” cheat mode.
  • From yesterday to Monday, May 10, the clowns will create chaos at the entire birthday party in the game Players can collect clown wrestlers and exchange them for various combat accessories and strategic items in the vehicle from the newly added clown shop in Evangel Players can also decorate boxes on the Music Graffiti wall to activate interactive Songs.




The next major update, which is related to Metro Exodus, will be released on November 10. This update includes the new “Metro Royal Mode”, which includes the following new features:

  • Takhar Rifle: An automatic sniper rifle that uses steel bullets as ammunition.
  • Guardians: These monsters appear in packs and snore at others when they are hostile. You want to take her out with a suppressed weapon before she calls her friends.
  • Archangel Update: The map is now destroyed and surrounded by two groups: Cobras and Steel Front. They agreed on a ceasefire.
  • Also, the following updates are available for both game modes.


PUBG Mobile Latest Events: Notes On PUBG Mobile Patch

  • Added to the Metro Royale prologue
  • Added disposable melee weapons
  • A new Spike Trap element that can blow up car tires.
  • The mini card token has been added to the game
  • Evangel now has a metro system with three different networks (red, yellow, and blue).


Notes On Metro Royale Patch

  • New environments, challenges, and weapons.
  • A black market
  • Loading stock
  • “Talent” (we have no idea what this means)
  • The new system (Tencent did not say what it was about in its tweet).

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