PUBG Mobile Game Review

PUBG Mobile Game Review

One of the most significant sensations in the gaming industry, PUBG Mobile Game is popular among teenagers and adults. People of all ages love to play this fantastic game. In short for Player Unknown’s Battleground, the game has described the online multiplayer gaming industry.

When it was launched, it was high in demand that Tencent Games, who made it, acquired the license for a mobile version of the game. It was expected and came out to be true because the PUBG MOBILE proved to be an even more significant success.

If you are sitting among gamers and giving their views about mobile gaming reviews. You would probably have heard about PUBG. When it got even minor modifications, it hit the news, and everyone knew about it.

If by any chance you are a gamer, then you would have heard about it before or might probably be playing it on your phone already. The best thing about this game is that it comes in handy.  Also, you can play it on your smartphones, iOS, and Android. Just install it right away and make the most of this entertaining experience.


What Exactly is PUBG Mobile?

If you already knew this, you can leave this information. But if you are new to the gaming world, this information is for you to read. So, you would understand the game properly before you think about paying for it. Player Unknown’s Battleground or PUBG is known as a battle royal game.


Pubg Mobile game


In these games, a player is left with probably 100 other players on a large map. Every player has to find weapons, clothes, and medical assistance scattered all around the large map and fight it out with other opponents, who are doing the same thing. The last person who stands and stays alive after all the battles is considered the winner.


Blue Zone

PUBG introduces a different method of a control named the Blue Circle or Blue Zone. It is a virtual ring that covers the play area on a map and focuses on all the players in a smaller diameter. After a few minutes, the circle closes with the circle’s centre, falling anywhere on the map.

In case a player is trapped in the blue zone, his/her life begins decreasing, and it can be saved till the player is back in the play area. The Blue Zone needs players to change tactics when landing on the map to stay in the play area and battle with more enemies.


Modes in Pubg

There are two primary game modes in PUBG. One of them is the Classic mode, and the other one is Arcade mode. In the first mode, some matches are held, and from the very start, there are 100 players from around the world to battle it out on a single map.

The matches begin with a 1-minute window in the lounge area where players can move here and there so they would be able to practice. You would see new players being added to the match until the total number of players reaches 100. After that, you will see the aeroplane drops, and you have to parachute down to a safe place where you can scavenge firearms, clothes, and medical aids.

After all of that happened, you are supposed to save yourself based on your expertise. Here you need to protect yourself from your enemies and their attack and utilize medical aids to heal whenever the health reduces. You will be rewarded through many ranks with time as new maps, and game styles will open up.

The second mode is Arcade mode that unlocks after you have moved past Level 10. These matches are given in four various flavours: the War Mode, a Quick Match, Mini-Zone Match, and Sniper Training Match.

In the War Mode, players get to parachute with firearms and reappear numerous times until they attain specified points. The Mini Zone match brings 100 players in the match with a tiny blue circle for an extreme fighting experience level.

The third match, Quick Match, ends after 8 minutes, and here players are supposed to battle it out with a variety of weapons in a short period. The last one, The Sniper Training allows players to use their fighting expertise with many other sniper rifles.


Maps in PUBG

When the game was initially launched, there was only one map for players, and it was named Erangel. The map seems to be like an isolated Russian countryside and is the default map for most matches. This mode is best when it comes to killing Guerilla tactics with its lush green pastures and marshes.

Later, another map named Miramar was made based on a desert region with large arid regions and small colonies. Then Sanhok came a few months after that, which looked like a tropical Asian island with intense fights over its shorter reigns. Vikendi is the newest addition to the game and gives a snowy map that looks like European states with pleasant winter surroundings.


PUBG Mobile Controls

The Mobile version of PUBG gives the same gameplay elements that the PC and Xbox games have. But they utilize on-screen controls. You would have read many gaming reviews, but the one you read here would be worth reading. These can also be customized with a few layouts and elements that are suitable according to your device’s size.

Users can also alter the controls when driving vehicles in the game. As there are different options here to pick from. The gameplay is excellent and smooth, though there’s a benefit for those with bigger displays and more powerful phones.

There are three different graphics settings users can utilize, and the game will choose one via automatic processing. It’s best to close down everything else and turn up the brightness and volume for the most satisfactory experience.



Final Words

Without any doubt, we can say that PUBG is one of the finest gaming experiences for people who are into gaming and love to play games that give them ease and convenience so they could play them on their phones whenever they need to.

If you have never played this game before, we hope you would like to try it now. Go for it and enjoy the most pleasing gaming experience of your life. We hope that you will enjoy playing it. Please share your experience with us. We would love to know your feedback at instant gaming reviews.

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