PSVR PS5 Review – New Virtual Reality System

More than four years ago, we launched PSVR to offer a new way to play on PlayStation 4, giving players a much greater sense of presence and immersion than traditional games. We had unique experiences that led VR games forward during this time, including highly acclaimed titles such as Astro Bot: Rescue Mission, Tetris Effect, Blood & Truth, Moss Beat Saber, and Resident Evil 7 Biohazard. On PS4 Pro and PlayStation 5, we’ve also enhanced the experience of some PSVR PS5 games.

The next-generation virtual reality system for PlayStation 5 offers the best entertainment experience with dramatic advances in performance and interaction. Players will feel an even greater sense of presence and become even more immersed in the gaming world as they put on the new headphones. Is VR coming to PS5?

We continue to innovate with our new virtual reality system so that fans can enjoy the unique experiences synonymous with PlayStation. We use what we have learned since the launch of PS VR on PS4 to create a next-generation VR system that improves everything from resolution and field of view to tracking and input. It connects to the PS5 with a single cable for easy installation and use. At the same time, a high-quality experience becomes possible.


Important Features

One of the innovations we are pleased with is the new virtual reality control, which offers some of the essential features of the Dual Sense Wireless Controller and excellent ergonomics. It is just one example of the evolutionary technology we are developing to realize our vision for a new generation of VR games and experiences.

Our new virtual reality system is still under development, so it will not be released in 2021. However, we wanted this first update to be available to our fans, as the developer community has begun to create new worlds to explore in virtual reality.

We would also like to thank all PS VR players for their continued support. With upcoming games like After the Fall, Sniper Elite VR, and Humanity, PS VR will have much more to offer, whether you play on PS4 or PS5. With PlayStation VR and the next-generation virtual reality system we have developed, our commitment to PlayStation Virtual Reality PS5 supporting gaming is stronger than ever. In the future, we expect to provide you with more details.


BYO PSVR Plus PS4 Camera (and PSVR PS5 Adapter UK)

The supplied PS5 HD camera does not work with PlayStation VR. Instead, it would help if you had a PlayStation 4 camera and a PSVR PS5 adapter to connect to the PS5. This camera is important because it tracks players’ movements.

Sony offers a free adapter to connect the PS4 camera to the PS5, which you need. Is it a shame that the PS5 camera does not work because it makes it easier?


PSVR Price

It’s a point with two halves. Of course, to play PSVR, you need a PS4. If you do not already have the console, it costs a lot more to get started with the PSVR PS5 all-in, from $450 to $550 for the base console and headset. Even then, it’s cheaper with VR offers today, and you get a PS4. But over 100 million people own a PS4 and a much more appealing proposition. Best Buy sells motion controls, games, and a $350 PlayStation camera.


PS5 Price

Then there’s the $399 (£359) PS5 Digital Edition, which offers the same performance as the standard console, except for Blu-ray player crashes. And with a fast PCIe 4.0 SSD, both machines come with the following technology for under $500.


BYO Dual Shock 4 and PlayStation Move Controls

Sony’s latest Dual Sense PS5 controllers are softly vibrating and deliver haptic effects. And force feedback on triggers that seem to be ideal for VR. Unfortunately, you will not be able to play all your PSVR PS5 games with it yet. Dual Sense does not have the motion detection that many PSVR games need, and it only works as a desktop controller. For everything else, use a PlayStation 4 Dual Shock 4 controller instead of a pair of old PlayStation Move wizards (designed for PS3) with shiny balls that work with some games for more extensive controls.


After all, the PS5 intends to be a VR Power Plant

PS5 seems perfectly suitable for VR, with spatial 3D sound and support for Unreal Engine 5, which uses for the next generation of VR and AR. However, Unreal Engine 5 will not be available until the end of next year. And Sony’s plans for a new VR headset are still a mystery.


PSVR 2 Release Date

During Sony’s official launch of the new PSVR 2 controllers, fans were told in advance that they would not expect a new VR headset in 2021. It means that the PSVR 2 is scheduled for release in 2022.


Frequently Asked Questions


What does PSVR Mean?

PlayStation VR is a virtual reality headset released in October 2016 by Sony Interactive Entertainment.


Is there a VR for PS5?

PlayStation 5 is ready to take games to many new territories. It is fully functional with PlayStation 4 and compatible with the PlayStation 5 game console. PlayStation VR is compatible with PlayStation 5 via adaptateur PSVR PS5, which Sony sends for free to anyone who has previously purchased PS VR. You can play PlayStation VR games on a PS5, but you do not need to upgrade.


Is PSVR better on PS5?

Sony’s dive into VR on PlayStation 4 came in 2016 when VR caused a stir: Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and VR headphones on mobile phones were everywhere. Even years later, the PSVR is still a surprisingly powerful platform full of great games, but Sony’s headphones look old and bulky compared to more advanced computers and standalone alternatives.


What Does PS5 Mean for PS4?

PlayStation 4 Pro has improved the quality and resolution of PSVR 2 graphics to make games look sharper and better on headphones. But you may not see much lift with the PS5. Sony says that games load faster, and there may be graphical improvements in some games. But it is not yet considered an essential difference for PSVR PS5 games at the PS4 level.

I have not played any VR games on a PS5 yet, but I have not noticed any benefits. I’ve been playing PSVR games on a PS4 Pro versus a PS4, and there are improvements over the PS4 Pro. It may be too early to say how VR games will be updated on PS5. But it seems like they are being played mainly PSVR PS5 games with faster loading times.

It seems weird that PS5 games updated with new graphics also lose their virtual reality component. Virtual reality modes are available in No Man’s Sky and Hitman III. But they are not included in the PS5 updates. Instead, you need to upload the PS4 versions.