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Updated: October 12, 2021

With the launch of next-gen gaming consoles like PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S, gaming has jumped into another dimension. Although for some hardcore gamers to move away from their PC. PC gaming is way older than consoles and looks quite outdated, but it’s hard to move away from PC gaming with the available options in the market.

Gaming consoles are something that everybody can’t afford. But they offer more flexibility and ease of usage. You have to just plug-n-play, and you are already one step ahead in the game. But don’t forget that the PC offers better value for money. You get optimal performance for minimal spending.

You can enjoy your most favorite titles like Cyberpunk 2077 and Call of Duty Series in optimal settings. In addition, PCs are easily upgradeable and long-lasting.

Introduction of PC Gaming

Everybody loves to play games, and if somebody finds the one he is best at, he certainly gets addicted to it. The customer will ensure he plays his number one game in his extra time or time he saves from day-by-day activities, and therefore, they love PC gaming.

PC games are much more addictive than different games. An individual can undoubtedly play them whenever he needs to. Some are online; however, some can likewise be played disconnected. Numerous games are accessible in the market, which is PC-based.

These are the most famous kinds of games being played around the world. PC games are the games that you can play on your PC. The critical contrast between these games is that you can play them on your PC instead of on an arcade machine or computer game support.

Go through this article without skipping any piece of information, and you will become quite familiar with everything about PC gaming.


Advantages of PC Gaming Reviews

Although there are numerous focal points; however, the most preferred position is that it will save your time and energy, which the customer already used in looking at the game. Presently you can discover all the audits at an isolated spot. Henceforth, time and energy are saved.

It likewise gives data like scoring valid statements or managing the game. In short, it additionally offers strategies to play games. There are millions to billions of players worldwide who pursue PC games. Just make yourself stand different from them and get connected to us and feel the difference.

So by reading reviews of PC games, users can get details about each PC game and gaming things. So they don’t have to search for more items and decide which game or setup is best for them.


PC Gaming Reviews as a Source of Business

Back in the time, games were viewed as just amusement. However, these days they have become a business. Competitions happen between the game players, and the one who wins gets the fixed cash. Likewise, individuals are selling a portion of the game accessories like the forces and so forth. Every one of these organizations can profit from the PC gaming reviews.


8 Reasons Why PC Games are cheaper than Consoles?

That may surprise you, but we at PC World are big fans of PC games. PC Games are the cheapest ever, and for many people, they are also the most affordable for various reasons. So yes, Microsoft’s powerful Xbox One X console is surprisingly good value for money. However, hardware costs are only part of the equation.

These are some reasons why PC games are more advantageous than consoles.


1. Award

First, let’s talk about the elephant in the room: the first gross dollars. Here, the computer tends to be behind the consoles. PC games are always more expensive. At least the proceeding has not changed.

If you can make a $400 gaming PC, you are a very good or magician to buy it at a discounted price. But the computer is currently not much more expensive. You can build a Ryzen gaming computer that beats consoles for less than $550 or a much more POWERFUL gaming rig for $850.

Prices have dropped dramatically, especially graphics card prices. With a 3GB GeForce GTX 1060, you only get $200 back on Amazon, which is excellent. Maximum graphics with 1080p resolution, and you still get 60+ frames per second (FPS) in almost all modern games for just $200.

A more scalable version with 6GB of built-in RAM costs just $260, so you can easily play in higher resolutions at 1440p. It can be hard to find graphics cards at recommended list prices today, but the point is that companies want to make PC games affordable. They want experts to buy GPUs.

Competition has made the PC cheaper than ever. And that $200 graphics card is better than PlayStation 4 Pro. Nvidia’s 3 GB GTX 1060 offers gaming performance like the AMD RX 570, while the 6 GB GeForce card works like the AMD RX 580.

That is wrong because consoles and computers use the hardware differently, but they work pretty well as a rough comparison. Take the rest of your room, and you are ready to go, especially if you already have a keyboard, mouse, and monitor.

Well, you can go beyond just matching the performance of the original PS4 and Xbox One. A $110 graphics card like the GeForce GTX 1050 or Radeon RX 560 onward with $107’s cheaper Ryzen 3 chip available on Amazon will take you over the Extremely Low line.

But wait, there’s More.

“Okay, of course: PC games are cheaper than ever. But it’s still expensive compared to consoles. I cannot see how you can also say that this is the best value for money for most players”.


2. Best Upgrade Track

That is the significant change and inspiration for this article. Many bought a PlayStation 4, the most powerful console ever, and they hoped it would take years. We can talk about console expectations, which is why people are willing to spend more than $600 on a Phone every two years, but they expect a console of $400. Lifespan is ten, But I’m not talking about this.

The difference this time is that the consoles are now using a fake PC upgrade strategy. PS4 Pro and Xbox One X show that we can expect consoles to be “platforms” hardware stocks, with higher performance issues released every three to four years. However, consoles are bad for updates. As in, you cannot update them. It’s a language. You throw your old PS4 on Craigslist and buy a new one.

The computer is initially more expensive, but updating is noticeably easier. If you are a budget player, you can probably use the same processor for six years and the same graphics card for four to five years.

Case? FRAME? Power source? Fans? Hard disk? All the surprisingly affordable things you want to take with you, in the long run, were designed to be built and replaced only when necessary. As a result, you can easily stick to an upgrade budget when needed and be perfectly fine for a long time, especially if your goal is to be one step ahead of consoles. If you expand them, you will use as much or less than if you bought a new console every three to four years.


3. The Exclusive Console Has Expired

You can open Steam and play Street Fighter V. You can also play Gears of War 4, Forza Motorsport 7, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Axiom Verge, Talos Principle, Killing Floor 2, Darkest Dungeon, Nobody’s Heaven, Down well, SOMA.

All of these games are exclusive to Xbox One or PlayStation 4. They are also noticeable as “Console Exclusives” for these consoles, which means they have also reached the computer. Both Microsoft and Sony seem to be considering PC-neutral territory.

Sony is more cautious and reserves the title. As a result, you still cannot find Uncharted 4 on your PC. However, some signs may change when Sony recently launched PlayStation Now, the streaming service for subscription games, on PC.

Microsoft went a step further and Largely took over the Share of Xbox and Windows 10 to create the Xbox Play Anywhere program. As a result, almost all “Xbox Exclusives” hit Windows 10 every day these days, including Gears of War 4, Cuphead, Quantum Break, Forza Motorsport, and more.

And games from third-party AAA publishers make the road to computers universal. The bottom line is that buying a computer these days rarely means that console games run out. Of course, you cannot play a handful of Sony-owned titles, but everything else ends and often (except exclusive cases like Afkham Knight) in better shape than the console versions.


4. No PC-Exclusives

Maybe you have this friend who says: “The computer has no upscale.” We have all met this person before, if not in person, at least on forums.

It is a strange argument that disproves the ignorance of the personal computer as a platform. That may be an abbreviation for “PC does not have [I want to play] exclusively, but there are many more PC games than console games today. For example, turn-based and real-time strategy games are mostly available on PC, and there are many of them.


5. Backward Compatibility

Oh yes, and you will have it forever when you have a PC game. The legacy of PC gaming dates back to forty years. But, thanks to the enthusiasm of the PC community, most of the forty years are immediately available to you.

Buy a computer, and the whole story is yours. Last week, Steam added several classic Sierra games, from Gabriel Knight to Phantasmagoria to Caesar III. It had some of the best from the 90’s still available to players today. PlayStation 4 owners can only play PlayStation 3 games if they earn $20 per month on PlayStation Now.


6. Free Sales and Games

“Okay, but I do not like classic games and have played all these games before.” Good news! It’s also cheaper to be a PC player for new titles. So our prices go down faster, go down and stay that way.

The highly regarded Steam sales will begin with, but they are far from the only Sales in town. GOG.com, Amazon, Green Man Gaming, Gamergate, Humble all sell regularly. As a result, you can EASILY and cheaply assemble a Large library of games that consider the cost of hardware.

And then there is the free game. So often, the dirty word is that some of the biggest (and most popular) Games in the world are free. You May have heard of Dota 2 and League of Legends? Team Fortress 2? The path of exile? Develop? You can spend hundreds (or thousands) of hours playing some of the best PC games without spending a dime.


7. Different Fields of View

Do you have travel sickness? With PC games, you can change the Field of view to solve this problem. I start all my PC games in a field of view of about 100 degrees. Brackets that appear on an extra screen Typically measure around 60 degrees. That is not a problem in itself. The biggest problem is that console games are usually related to a particular field of view, so you can do nothing about it if you get sick. (Disabling motion blur also falls into this category.)


8. Check Flexibility

We can also talk about mice and keyboards, but we do not. It is more accurate, accessible (for new players), and responsive than a controller. But there are so many console games on PC these days that it is only natural to play some of them with the original control form.

Dark souls will come to mind, just like Assassin’s Creed. These games are best played on a gamepad. Fortunately, connecting an Xbox One or DualShock 4 controller to your computer is easier than ever, via cable or (for Xbox One S and DS4) via Bluetooth. And most games today are compatible with PC controllers, especially the large platform versions.

You probably need a computer anyway. There are good reasons for this – you may prefer laptops over your daily computer. Maybe you do all your work on a tablet.

For many, however, a desktop computer is still a necessity (or at least a preference). People who work with pictures, movies or sound, work with their games or write long hours every day need a computer. Others like to sit at a desk with a big screen and a meaty keyboard.


At the End of the Line

PC games still have some challenges to solve. Streaming on Twitch is too complicated for ordinary people. Just building a computer can be stressful at first. It’s not for everyone. Not yet. But PC games are much more available than before.

There are almost endless resources on the Internet for every question you may have, for every error code a game throw at you. In addition, driver updates are done at the touch of a button and take much less time than any firmware update for the console.

The computer is in a good place, probably the best of all, and it’s just getting better. However, if you are watching Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 with disappointment or confusion, it may be time to think about a more open platform.


Final Thoughts

We trust that the above-given data would be sufficient to recognize the significance of having a review site to read after. PC gaming is the best experience one could have.

We trust you would attempt to encounter it now on the off chance that you have never experienced it. Begin and appreciate it. Additionally, let us realize how our article encouraged you. We would be satisfied to have your valuable criticism.

We look forward to welcoming you.


Frequently Asked Questions


What do PC Games offer?

PC games are a path simpler to seek. You can just put on your #1 game and begin playing it. Another thing is that many PC games are now accessible, and many will be delivered.

The best thing about these games is discovering more players. They generally have a more central limit in information, preparing video, and sound. These are probably the best highlights that gamers use when purchasing a game.

The most running PC titles are The Witcher 3Dark Souls 3Red Dead Redemption 2, etc. So stay with us till the finish of this article, and you will be familiar with the PC gaming reviews.


Why do you need PC Gaming Reviews?

Reviews are the main thing that gives us an impression about the game or anything else. If a game is reviewed correctly, it is authentic and performs well. For genuine reviews, and the original site is required likewise.

Our site is anything but not difficult to experience and reason. Without any difficulty, you can become more familiar with any trending and new games through it. It refreshes each new game on the lookout with its advantages.


How PC Gaming saves your Money?

Through our site, you will be made to think about every single detail of PC Games. That will straightforwardly drive you to decide whether to get which type of game. Therefore your cash is saved because you will review the best games.


How to Determine the Reviews?

The entire cycle is anything but not difficult to go along. It would be best to look through the situation using the search engine, and you will be coordinated towards the best article about that game. This article can determine the advantages and disadvantages of the game and each detail you need to know about it.


Why not use your Computer for Work and Play?

In other words, there are ways to minimize the cost of a gaming PC in your mind. In any case, I need a desktop to use Ableton, Phrase, and Premiere. So why not win $250 on a Radeon RX 580 and turn it into a slot machine at the same time?”

A console? It’s a one-way machine, especially in an era of the $35 Chromecast. There are so many ways to get Netflix, HBO Go, etc. You no longer need a console on your TV to do these things.

So you can do many things with your computer but not with a console.