NBA 2K21 PS5 Review – Is It Worth The Upgrade?

Sports games go hand in hand with console versions such as Le BRON James. The only sports simulation available on PlayStation 5 is NBA 2K21. It is changed on April 4, December, when FIFA 21 and Madden NFL 21 are canceled. Thanks to 2K Sports for quick preparation. Read this NBA 2K21 PS5 Review.

The game is also more physical, trying to work your way through the painting when surrounded by a 7’0 “animal-like Nikola JOKIC trying to break through a wall, now that you get much more realistic contact at times when you’re on edge. Simulating from it was not weak on PS4; it seems more sophisticated on PS5. The result of a seemingly endless list of adjustments and changes, improvements under the hood.

We have to say that specific animations in the game are beginning to display their age. And 2K Sports can still do something here to emulate real basketball. Of course, it’s already a very fluid game, but the improved graphics highlight some weird or unusual animation transitions that destroy the overall illusion. These problems also occur outside the game, at a standstill and at half-time, when players stare lifelessly at radio waves with dead eyes.



Of course, everything sets the stage for The City, developing the next generation of games in the neighborhood. That is a sprawling metropolis on PlayStation Home where you can join clubs, go on missions, and shoot rings. The size is impressive, but it feels lifeless due to the limited number of people on each server. If you do not use VC on a skateboard or bicycle, navigation is so slow that you forget the city only serves to highlight some of the weaker parts of the franchise. Everything costs VC.

So if you want to practice free throws on your own, you have to buy a basketball or, if you’re going to rent a place to play nonstop with your friends, you have to pay. You can make virtual money by doing almost everything in the game, but since you also have to raise your player, you are in this constant moral dilemma of where to place the money.

It does not help that the game feels lazy when you play online. We’ve known this for a while now compared to NBA 2K, but there’s a clear difference between playing online and offline, you lose a lot of the density on which the game is found, and it feels a bit neglected. We love to start on a beginner’s path. But it always feels like you smoke when you are not spending your life at stake.



You dedicated your life to NBA 2K21 PS5 game. Yes, you can, there is a lot to do. The franchisee’s card collection mode returns virtually unchanged. That version simplifies My Player Mode but has many important things. In a traditional Sports Career Mode, increase the player while improving the female game profile.

Of course, the NBA 2K21 PS5 speed experience is changing, as games now take just over three seconds to load. Which means you’ll be in the middle of it all. We think it goes a little too high on the control unit as it is the only track where we can hear the mechanics of how the plate works. You have a fluid feeling when you post against prominent opponents. At the same time, the speed button tends to tighten when you get tired.



  • Large versatile basketball simulation
  • Unmatched presentation
  • Customizable fashion franchise
  • A new career in WNBA
  • A long and entertaining story



  • The city feels a bit ambitious
  • Problematic microtransactions
  • A strange valley


NBA 2K21 PS5 vs. PS4

With gameplay hindered by slow generation times in the current generation and a smaller player base on the Xbox, the NBA 2K21 Next-Gen looks to play better on the long-awaited PS5. There’s a reason why NBA 2K21 NexGen has been approved as one of Sony’s best PS5 launch titles – the next-generation version of the game is being rebuilt from the ground up.

From a makeover of the much-needed basketball simulation game to a new My Player experience with a redesigned My Player Builder and The City, the NBA 2K21 Next-Gen expects an overnight improvement, in the current new generation.

Note that all VC and My Team points from PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the game in the same console family will be passed on to the next generation. The next-generation NBA 2K21, 121.7 GB version for the Xbox Series X, and the PS5 version is expected.

NBA 2K21 Next-Gen officially launches November 10 for Xbox Series X and Series S and November 12 for PlayStation 4 and 5.


NBA 2K21 PlayStation 5 Standard Edition

  • Following Levels and Involvement: The next generation of basketball is here. NBA 2K basketball looks and feels like a wholly new and realistic experience with fantastic graphics.
  • Welcome to the City: Explore a large city with several districts in this wholly redesigned basketball RPG.
  • A Smoother, Harder Game: NBA 2K has never moved or felt so good.
  • My Career: Start your journey through a new cinema story called The Long Shadow.



NBA 2K21 PS5 game is an impressive redesign of an already good basketball simulation. When it continues, the city, for example, is a good idea in principle, but the size can exceed it. We have some legitimate problems with the implementation of VC Games. With so many modes and features and groundbreaking presentations, 2K Sports will undoubtedly kick this generation with a bang.