Monster Train Review – Depths of Hell

Updated: October 12, 2021

Monster Train is a bright and colorful game. You select new cards and modify items after each match to improve your deck. You then use energy to use these cards in turn-based battle. Monster Train is a different picture of the idea of ​​building bridges. It is deep, dynamic, and repeatable. It fascinated me as much as Slay The Spire and other games did.

Difference Between Monster Train and Slay the Spire

The most obvious difference is that Monster Train not only attacks a character and gives magic, but you also take command of different creatures. You can call them on the first three of the four floors of your train. They form an increasingly complex glove that enemies can break through to attack their power source at the top.

Why does a train have four floors? It is not clear because the trains are traditionally horizontal. But Monster Train has strange traditions. It is looking for a restart of Fires of Hell, which provides crazy colorful backgrounds for your battles and manages to solve all issues by hand.


Interesting Five Decks’ Gameplay Differences

Variety is king in a game like this, and it is interesting how different each of the five Monster Train tires is. Hellhorned demons are powerful creatures. They develop anger to increase their attack power. Enamel residues are on cheap temporary wax units that burn and die after several turns. You can revive the eerie shadow even more by summoning and consuming creatures called bites to bite others.

Awoken uses revenge and health renewal spikes on herbal devices, and Aquatic Stygian Guard specializes in spells and damage over time. The differences between the five-deck game provide a rule change. All monsters are in cartoon art that mixes happiness and grotesque. The change in character is fun. Their game differences do a fantastic job of changing the rules and creating a new selection.


Freedom of Choice in Monster Train

Choose two of the cards to be played in each performance. You can use ten different combinations, all with very different synergies between your abilities. For example, you can feed the demons in pieces to make them stronger or use Melting Remnant’s resurrection ability for any other unit faction.

Every time you defeat the ultimate boss, the challenge pushes you to the point that less than one superpower gives you the chance to snowball into hell. The more I experimented and learned, the more I was rewarded with nuanced understanding to maximize the coverage potential. Each tire combination has very different synergies between its capacities.


Emphasis on Tactics and Abilities in Monster Train

Monster Train places more emphasis on tactics than Slay The Spire. The order of the spells and devices you use is always crucial in this game. Here you think about simultaneous positioning on three floors. Many abilities, such as Armor Imp’s ability to equip an ally, affect only the first unit in the queue. So you have to make sure your troops are in line to get the most out of them.

You should also be aware that, by default, all enemy units will attack first. It means that you must consider defending before attacking. A team with a strong attack but a weak defense will not survive. So please do not take advantage of this attack unless it is safe. However, it is annoying when you have a device with a quick modifier that attacks first and unlocks new strategies.

Almost anything your units can do, the enemy can do. It means that many strange “heavenly” beings can fight them and exploit their weaknesses. Each battle ends with a boss battle that first harasses you and helps your attacking units.

It moves between the three floors and launches upgrades and attacks before joining. They also have random modifiers. Even if Monster Train notifies you in advance of which bosses you want to meet, you will not be able to predict their moves until the match is over.


Trying and Learning Things is a Great Fun

I had a lot more fun trying and learning things on my own than I had been looking for them. I would say that Monster Train only saves at the beginning and end of each match and not after each round. It’s too easy to play the stray nature, a problem that Slays the Spire also shares. When I understand that if my fingers slip and accidentally hit the Alt-F4, the timer will return. If I lose a match, I open it again. It will be much harder to swallow a loss. But that’s my problem.


Variety of Optional Modes in Monster Train

If you are tired of regular racing, Monster Train has many optional modes to make it easier or harder (like playing without a champion or placing multiple units on each floor), as well as daily challenges and an asynchronous multiplayer mode.

So everyone can compete to get points with the same modifier. When Monster Train came with me, it felt almost bottomless, and that was before developer Shiny Shoe started adding new content. You have reached a speed that will probably be something new to try if you put it down for a while and come back.


In a Nutshell

It has mechanically different bridges and interactions. This idea may sound like the equally remarkable Slay The Spire at first. But apart from a few basics and a similar (but not derived) cartoon art style to its large number of monsters. One that is always worth knowing the pros and cons of their strategies.