Monster Hunter World PC Review

Monster Hunter: World is the fifth installment in the Monster Hunter series. In January 2018, it was published worldwide for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. A version of Microsoft Windows will follow in August 2018. The players control a hunter tasked with tracking monsters, destroying them, or taking those in one of the many environmental spaces. If successful, the player’s reward with loot includes monster items and other items used to make weapons and armor.

The player builds the correct team to hunt for more brutal monsters in the game’s main loop, which in turn provides parts that leads to more strong teams. Players can hunt individually or in groups of up to four players through online multiplayer mode. Read this Monster Hunter World PC Review.

The game took the series’ standard formulas from the roots of the old home console and the latest handheld games to harness the superior processing power of modern consoles and computers.

Changes in Monster Hunter: World include the creation of fully interconnected environmental areas, the removal of necessary “zones” for PlayStation 2 and handheld games, more advanced artificial intelligence and monster physics, and more multiplayer collaboration experience. Consistent and sophisticated tutorials and the game’s user interface add new players to the series.

Monster Hunter World PC

This game still has a lot to do for new players, and it always gets regular updates and events.

A lot of Replayability

For example, each monster you defeat gives you new armor and a new weapon tree that you can unlock. And build after you hunt the monster in question. There are 31 monsters with different levels of difficulty. Determine your level to put this into perspective.

The Real Game

When you reach a certain point, you will continuously fight some of the monsters. But it will not repeat as the different interactions may occur. For example, you can try to chase a monster, but another monster annoys and helps you or even helps the other monster. Or maybe it’s a monster somewhere else, or even the monster is more giant than usual. The possibilities are great.

More Weapons and Armor

The player has access to several weapons used with bows, heavy swords, or double daggers. You can upgrade your weapons to contain various items such as poison, ice, water, fire, and explosion that fans prefer. You can also get different armor sets. Those are similar to some of the features of the monster you are chasing.


Monster Hunter World PC Online

A big part of the fun of Monster Hunter: World’s multiplayer joins three other players. While the basic gameplay remains the same as in single-player mode, additional players provide further opportunities to cultivate valuable games. With more players in the mix, you can take out many more monsters in a short time than solo on the go.

This bit is relatively simple, although there are several ways to connect to a server. First, you need to create an online session to check some settings. Many options filter players for new or experienced monster hunters, while the search option extends further by letting you specify what to do. It includes missions, questions, tasks, and the ability to determine if you are looking for small creatures, an enormous monster, or an older dragon.

Monster Hunter World PC Requirements

Update August 8, 2019: Monster Hunter: World is an action RPG and part of the Monster Hunter series development. Players embark on a new adventure to study “The New World,” full of monsters to kill (and study). The developers expect the players to have between 40 and 50 hours of playing time devoted entirely to the history and character development. Monster Hunter: World has high system requirements to bring the world to life.

At least one GeForce GTX 760 or Radeon R7 260x is required with a Core i5-4460 to run at 30 FPS, and the graphics are low. You must have at least one GeForce GTX 1060 or Radeon RX 570X in the GPU slot to set it high. Update August 9, 2019: Monster Hunter: World is now officially a year-old game! Since its launch, more than 500,000 people have tested their computers to meet system requirements. The Monster Hunter World PC release date is January 19, 2018.

Monster Hunter World Steam

The game is the latest addition to the franchise, allowing you to have the best hunting experience and use everything you have to hunt monsters in a new world full of twists and turns and thrills.

Fight Massive Monsters in Stunning Locations

As a hunter, you go on missions to hunt monsters in different habitats. Defeat these monsters and get materials you can use to create more powerful weapons and armor to hunt even more dangerous monsters.


Once a decade, the oldest dragons migrate across the ocean to the New World land on a journey called Elder Crossing. The Guild has formed the Commission of Inquiry to solve this mysterious phenomenon, which sends large fleets to the new world searching for the colossal oldest dragon, Zorah Magdaros. A hunter is about to embark on an enormous journey that he could have imagined.

A World that Breathes Life

There are various places full of wildlife. Expeditions to these regions will undoubtedly provide amazing discoveries.


It is a versatile arsenal and an indispensable partner. Your team gives you the power to create a place for yourself in the new world.

The Hunter’s Arsenal

The hunter has fourteen different weapons, each with unique characteristics and attacks. Many hunters dominate more than one species, while others prefer to stronger one.