Mini World Game Review – Beautiful and Entertaining

Updated: October 8, 2021

The Mini World is a free game from Sandbox where players work together to discover and create beautiful and entertaining 3D worlds like Mine Craft. Highly innovative game features – With hundreds of available characters and over 1000 game elements.

You can also express yourself in an entirely controllable world by placing and removing other shapes. Mini World is a good platform. With hundreds of blocks to choose from and over 1000 items in the game, you can also express yourself in the World as you wish. Read this Mini-World Game Review.

Main Features

  • Huge Sandbox World: Explore a huge sandbox world with various unique and cute monsters, blocks, materials, and mines.
  • Unique Game: Unique game engine with beautiful character design.
  • Single and Multiplayer Modes: Enter a friend’s game with Friendship Fire enabled or create a new world yourself.
  • Gallery: You can also upload or download the work in the gallery, see the most popular MOD card, the game card, or other works.
  • Game Mode: In Survival ModeCreation Mode, or other players’ mini-games, you can also enjoy the charm of this game anywhere, anytime.
  • Powerful Game Editor: There are different mini-games, including PARKOUR, Puzzle, FPS, Strategy, etc. The game editor can generate everything.


Guide to Playing the Best Mini World

We introduce new players. If you are new to Mini World, read the basic instructions. That’s it for beginners. What should you do on the first day of the game?

The first step is to choose three.

Remember that Mini World also has many different monsters. You must first cut the tree to create many things when you start the game. However, it will help you survive.


Cut Wood and Create the Toolbox

Touch and hold a tree with bare hands first. An overall progress bar is displayed, and a wooden block is released when the run indicator is full.

Now go to the wooden block also to collect them in the bag.


Create a Manual Toolbox

You can create a wooden box (toolbox) by collecting all the wooden blocks from the tree.

Open the bag, press B on the computer to open the bag. Then, click on the backpack icon on your phone to open the backpack.



Backpack to Select Items

  • Start by turning wooden blocks into wooden boards.
  • You need six wooden boards to make a wooden box.
  • Manufacture of wooden boxes (toolbox)


Make a Bed on the First Day

In survival mode, it is a challenge. There are no resources, no food, no weapons. So the priority is to make the bed after gathering some primary resources.

You also need three wooden planks and two wooden boards to build a bed.

First, you have to find a sheep. Sheep usually appear near you when you walk.


Touch the Bed at Night to Fall Asleep

Your character wakes up automatically when the day comes. So if it’s early when you’re done with the bed, get more wooden blocks, and get ready for the next day!


Tips to Eliminate Wild Weeds

  • Use the toolbox to arrange the herb.
  • Use hay to create fields near the water.
  • Also the cover


Tips for Growing Wheat

  • Make bread = 2 wheat (can satisfy up to 25 hunger)
  • Do you feel more secure after learning this? Start your adventure now.


Instructions For the First Time

Besides food, what other things should you do to prepare for a long journey?

  • You will find many resources but not enough essential commodities such as wood or food as you explore.
  • First, you need to prepare a wooden set: it should be limited to one type of wood to save more space in the backpack.
  • Then break some stones with your wooden pick and select additional tools.
  • Use the toolbox to make three selections and one shovel.
  • What you need: some logs, three picks, a stone shovel, and a toolbox
  • Choose where you want and start writing.
  • And it would help if you also broke near the point of resurrection or your home.


Build Armor to Protect Yourself in Mini World

You will learn all about resource-rich mines. The mine, however, is not only rich in mineral resources but also many dangers. We must first learn to protect ourselves. After collecting iron ore in the mine, you can start manufacturing equipment and armor.

  • First, create a melting furnace (with the toolbox)
  • Then place the iron ore in the oven and pour in fuel (coal) to start the metallurgy.
  • There may be monsters in the mine. It would help if you created—an Iron Sword after you had collected iron rods.
  • In addition to Iron Sword, we must add a Pickaxe (Iron Pickaxe) to gather more advanced gold/diamond/lithium resources.
  • If you have accumulated enough iron, you can also build armor (iron helmet/iron/rail on leather legs/iron shoes) in this game to improve protection against dangerous objects.
  • Weapon craft in Mini World
  • Remember to protect yourself when digging the mines.


Instructions for Playing the Second Day

What kind of food can you eat in the mini world? But how do you get it?

There are many of the easiest ways to get food:

  • Receive food in a natural environment
  • There are many things to gain from cracking food bottles.
  • Pumpkins that you see in nature
  • Broken leaves can also cause the fruit to fall off.
  • Get food by killing wild animals.
  • Attacking and killing wild animals (pigs, cows, sheep, chickens, and fish) can also produce raw meat.
  • Eating cooked meat can further restore hunger. You can do it with fire.
  • If you kill Boardman / Spiderling, you can escape poisoned spider bones or flesh.
  • Eating can poison the tips.
  • Self-cultivation
  • Diet wheat and turn it into bread.
  • Plant Potatoes, Carrots, Squash, or watermelons
  • The items you have are limited in the initial phase, so do not go.
  • Nearby, You Should harvest Wheat grains on the second day.