Mini Motor Racing X PS4 Review: Thrilling Little Racer

Updated: November 23, 2021

Mini Motor Racing X is an isometric racing game. The Binary Mill developed Mini Motor Racing X for the iOS and Android platforms. From top to bottom, it is a crazy racing driver where small vehicles run through claustrophobic racetracks that twist and turn to prevent you from hitting the walls several times.

The cars behave more like remote-controlled cars than real fees, which means that competitions are generally closed and easily missed if you take your eyes off the screen for a while. Nevertheless, there’s lots of content here – dozens of races in different settings. You approach the ruins and glide down to the beach. Mini Motor Racing X has many unique places, cars, and modes that make a helpful set; he is fun.


The game cars are fantastic. During the game’s career mode, you will upgrade them. But even in the standard mode, you will not feel out of control. There are many good running tracks, and they start pretty smoothly.

There are also surprisingly many clues. There is plenty of variety and colors from the port to a coastal city, from suburbs to airports, from desert ruins to resorts. There are day and night variations and reverse runs to keep you racing for a long time. Given the short length of each track, they do not give you time to breathe. The level of challenge is increasing quite rapidly.



There are times when artificial intelligence runs off with a victory, even if you run a perfect race. It also happens in all difficulty levels, even in simple situations where a car has left everyone looking for dust. It also has a wide range of styles, some are in nature, while others offer snow, and others have it on the city’s narrow streets.

Some places have a ridiculous track layout with sharp corners and no room to use a nitro boost. As a result, it often feels like you are being punished for using it because it will push you towards the next wall. After all, there is not enough straight line to take full advantage of the speed increase.

Even when AI rushes through you on its nitro and blows you away, It sometimes ruins your entire career. Once a mistake has been made, there is no way to compensate for it. Catching up is almost impossible, at least for the best cars in the race.


Game Boost

The corner in Mini Motor Racing X helps you to use the boost. Some of the corners are hidden, at least in the game standard aerial photo. They are a little easier to detect if you move the camera behind the car or use the first-person view.

However, game travel distance becomes a problem, and these opinions are not fun to play. Although the levels do not deter you, some lack better places to use power-ups, one of the best improvements in the game. If you do this, you will hit a wall or be too fast to hit a corner properly. It can vary, and there are some best levels, but they are inconsistent.

In addition to racing, developer The Binary Mill has added another game mode – Bumper Ball. One is a Rocket League clone that does not feel right, while another adds weapons to your competitions to make the game look more like Mario Kart. However, it works much better as a racing game than a fight.

The game can be a lot of fun while driving. In standard mode, racing on all levels is based only on driving and careful use of nitro. In Mini Motor Racing X mode, the addition of randomly throwing weapons at the end of each turn makes things a little more chaotic, but in a better way. There are tornadoes, missiles, landmines, and even a wrench that bounces off the landscape and can win or lose a race.



Jumping physics and wild AI makes the experience very difficult and rarely fun. However, despite the problems with artificial intelligence, the Mini Motor Racing X has a lot of content and an impressive list of vehicles with all its tracks and variations that can be unlocked and upgraded with race winnings. Above all, it is a fast, fantastic, and exciting little racer.