Media Remote PS5 Review & Complete Guide

Sony Playstation 5 Media Remote offers a wide range of multimedia features, including several essential streaming applications and services and the ability to play Ultra HD Blu-ray discs.

However, controlling media playback with a game controller is painful because it is difficult to remember which buttons perform which functions.

A traditional remote control makes it easier to watch your favourite content, and this is where the PS5 multimedia remote control comes in handy.

Read this PS5 media remote Review.

Sony PS5 Media Remote Manual

It’s a slightly curved white wall with a black band around the edge that matches the PS5’s white sides and black centre.

It measures 5.7″ by 1.6″ in height and length, respectively, and only 0.8 “at the thickest point.

The keys are flat and sparse, especially around the navigation panel. The remote control has a sizeable plus-shaped navigation bar with four narrow directional buttons around a small circular confirmation button.

It’s great to navigate menus, but the individual buttons are slightly annoying compared to the sizeable clickable navigation boxes on the remote controls for Amazon Fire TV Stick and chrome cast with Google TV.

Fortunately, the Plus design is easy to find, even with small buttons.

The TV’s on / off, silent, and volume buttons are found above the navigation panel and a microphone button to use the PS5’s voice control functions.

The navigation panels are for the game and menu buttons, including exceptional service buttons for Disney +, Netflix, SPOTIFY, and YouTube. Finally, a tiny PlayStation logo at the bottom of the push-button controls is a home switch.

Connect and Use the Multimedia Remote Control

It is easy to connect to the remote control. Go to the PS5 menu, select accessories, and then Media Remote. You are bringing about to hold down two buttons on the remote control to put it in pairing mode.

After a few seconds, the remote control is joined to the system, and you can also control the menus directly and even turn it on from standby, just like the Dual Sense game control.

The Media Remote controls work just fine, so you can easily control the multimedia features of the PS5 with a traditional remote control (instead of a gamepad that is difficult to play).

I switched between the different system menus and looked at the content libraries in the various applications.

Dedicated service buttons also work well; you can switch to Disney +, Netflix, or YouTube at the touch of a button.

The TV control buttons also work well, and you can adjust the volume on the TV without using a separate remote control.

An Indispensable Accessory for PS5 Multimedia Control

The multimedia remote control offers user-friendly playback controls, volume controls for your TV and quick access buttons for specific streaming services for the PS5 experience.

A typical form factor for the remote control is much easier to use when relaxing on the couch.

PS5 Media Remote Setup

Transparent Console Compatibility

Turn on your PS5 console and use the remote control to navigate menus directly for convenience.

TV Settings

Adjust TVs’ volume and power settings to be compatible with the integrated infrared transmitter.

Microphone Button Reserved for Future Use

Internet and PlayStation Network account are required. In addition, account holders must be at least seven years old, and children under 18 must have parental permission.

Full terms apply to Terms.

A PS5 System Software Update may be required.

“PS5 logo” and “PS5” are registered trademarks or trademarks of Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc. “SONY” is a registered trademark of Sony Corporation.

Disney + is a trademark of Disney Enterprises, Inc, used with permission. Netflix is the service brand for Netflix.

SPOTIFY is also the service brand for SPOTIFY. YouTube is the service mark of YouTube.

PS5 Media Remote Amazon

PlayStation 5
Pending note (4.7 out of 5 stars, 2029 ratings)
Media playback controls
Built-in buttons for play/pause and rewinding
Perfect Console compatibility
Turn on the PS5 console and navigate the menus
TV settings
Adjust the volume and power settings of compatible TVs using the integrated infrared transmitter. A PS5 system software update may be required.


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PS5 Media Remote Not Working

We suggest removing the batteries from the remote control for about 1 minute before taking any of the following troubleshooting measures.

Then insert the batteries again and observe the polarity (- / +).

If the problem persists, we recommend reading each section of the article using our complete troubleshooting guide.

Our Complete Troubleshooting Guides

Section A

Check if the TV works or not.

  1. Check that the buttons on the TV can be used if the buttons cannot be used. Go to step 2.
  2. Check that the on / standby indicator on the front/bottom of the TV lights up.
  3. Perform a TV reset. If it is due to an external factor such as Network service/data transfer / connected device, it can be improved by restarting the TV.
  4. Remove external devices to check if external devices affect. Also, disconnect the connected external devices (external USB hard disk drive, HDMI connection device, etc.) and the cables from the TV socket.

Section B

Check the remote controls (often)

NOTE! Because each step is a possible solution, you must check the remote control after completing each step.

  1. Make sure that none of the buttons on the remote control lock.
  2. Restart the remote control. It’s possible that the remote control won’t function for a while due to a bad battery connection or static electricity.
  3. Remove the batteries from the remote control.
  4. Slide open the lid to open it.
  5. Press and hold the power button for three seconds on the remote control.
  6. Insert the batteries into the remote control.
  7. Also, clean the terminals on the remote control.
  8. The battery terminal of the remote control may be dirty. Remove the batteries and clean the connections to the remote control with a small amount of alcohol, a cotton swab, or a soft cloth. After completing the necessary cleaning service, put them back in the remote control.
  9. Replace them with new batteries.
Make a TV Reset

It can be improved by restarting the TV due to an external factor such as B. Network service/data transfer / connect the device.

For Android TV released in 2015 or later: Symptoms may improve if the remote control software is updated. Check the following article to see if there is a software update for the remote control.

Section C

Select the type of remote control (general)

Infrared (IR) Remote Control

Sony remote controls depend on two communication systems (infrared/wireless). Also, most Sony TV remote controls are IR remote controls.

For information on troubleshooting the infrared remote control, see the following.

The infrared remote control does not work correctly or respond at all.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Connect PS5 Media Remote to TV?

  1. Go to Settings > Accessories > Media Remote > Configure Media Remote and follow the pairing instructions on the screen.
  2. If automatic pairing fails, select Configure manually and follow the on-screen instructions.

How to Update the TV Software for PS5 Remote Control?

Remove external devices to check if external devices affect.

Therefore, disconnect the connected external devices (external USB hard disk drive, HDMI connection device, etc.) and the cables from the TV socket.

Is there a media remote for PS5?

Yes, Sony released an official media remote designed for the PlayStation 5 (PS5).

The media remote allows users to control media playback on the PS5, including streaming services, Blu-ray discs, and other media applications.

What does the PS5 media remote do?

The PS5 media remote is designed to provide convenient control over media playback on the console.

It features dedicated buttons for common functions like play/pause, fast forward, rewind, and volume control.

Additionally, it has buttons to navigate menus and access specific features on the PS5, making it easier to navigate media applications.

How do I use my phone as a PS5 media remote?

Sony did not offer an official mobile ps5 media remote app for using a phone as a PS5 media remote.

However, third-party apps on mobile platforms claim to provide similar functionality by emulating a remote control.

These apps typically require connecting the phone and the PS5 to the same Wi-Fi network for communication.

Is the PS5 media remote Bluetooth?

Yes, the PS5 media remote uses Bluetooth to communicate with the PS5 console.

This allows for a wireless connection between the remote and the console, providing convenience and flexibility in controlling media playback.

Will the PS5 remote turn on the TV?

The PS5 media remote is not designed to turn on or control the power of your TV directly.

However, it may have additional programmable buttons that can be configured to control your TV if it supports HDMI-CEC (Consumer Electronics Control).

HDMI-CEC allows devices connected via HDMI to send commands to each other, including turning on or off the TV and adjusting the volume.

Do you need a smart TV for the PS5 media remote?

No, you do not specifically need a smart TV for the PS5 media remote to function. The media remote is primarily designed to control media playback on the PS5 console itself.

However, some additional remote features, such as controlling the power or volume of the TV, may require HDMI-CEC support, which is commonly found in modern smart TVs but not exclusive to them.