Luigi’s Mansion 3 Review – Defeat the First Ghosts in the Hotel Lobby

Luigi’s Mansion 3 is an action video game developed by Next Level Games and launched by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch. It is the third episode in the Luigi’s Mansion series after Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon and releases on October 31, 2019.

The player Luigi, explores a haunted hotel, with various topics covered on each floor, to save friends from the ghosts, after the group trick King Boo into buying it for a visit holiday. Read this Luigi’s Mansion 3 Review.

In addition to several recurring game elements from previous episodes, the game includes new features, including extra ghost-catching features, an ectoplasmic doubling aid called Gooigi, and extensive multiplayer features that allow players to play locally, competitively, and online.

The game received great recognition and was nominated for several awards. It was even named “Best Family Game” at The Game Awards 2019. As of December 2020, the game has been sold more than nine million times worldwide.


Luigi never seems to learn his lesson. 18 years since he was first lured into a haunted house and tortured by the scary inhabitants. Now that he has been betrayed again, he is trapped in an even more desolate building, the Hotel of Last Resort, while running to rescue a famous role from the Mushroom Kingdom.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 players control Luigi’s character from a fixed third-person perspective as they catch the ghosts of a large hotel. The game offers a single-player mode and different multiplayer game modes. Players stun ghosts with Luigi’s strobe and grab them with poltergeist weaken them, their health to 0 to catch them.

While he is very familiar with his predecessors, there is a lot to like in the third part of the adventure series that puts Mario’s shy twin in the lead. They still lead the character through unique themed areas of the building. And rely on their multifunctional Poltergust flashlight and vacuum cleaner to clear the place of ghosts.

A digital assistant named Virtual Boo helps Luigi track his progress through the hotel’s 15 main floors. As well as the original, Professor E Gadd offers tips and guidance. Luigis mansion 3 price for Nintendo Switch is $49.99.



In multiplayer mode, up to eight players can play together locally and online. In this mode, players can play together through “ScareScraper,” a recurring feature in Dark Moon, or through competitive team play in “ScreamPark.”

Players can control four color variants (green, purple, orange, or blue) of Luigi or Gooigi. ScareScraper focuses on collaboration between players to clear each of the 5/10 floors of a randomly generated tall building by finding the ghosts lurking on each floor.

ScreamPark focuses on team play – one side as Team Luigi, the other as Team Gooigi – and scoring in three different types of games: Ghost Hunting, where teams score by capturing ghosts, harder ghosts worth even more points; Cannon Barrage, where groups score by safeguarding cannonballs.

Some of which are in the hands of ghosts, loading them into a cannon and shooting at targets, with challenging targets getting more points; and Coin Floating where teams use fleets to collect coins that fall into a pool to avoid mines that also fall or lose coins in their possession and let opponents steal them.




The first ghosts you fight in the hotel lobby area in Luigi’s Villa 3. Therefore, you may not be able to find out how to kill them. It would help if you found out quickly because you know how to defeat the first ghosts in Luigi’s Mansion 3 lobby.

You can destroy all the other players, except maybe the bosses. The game tries to explain it to you as the fight continues.


How to Defeat the First Ghosts in the Hotel Lobby in Luigi’s Villa 3?

To defeat the first ghosts in the great hall of Luigi’s Mansion 3, you must first eliminate them. Of course, you cannot kill them all at once. To stun these ghosts, aim the flashlight at them and press A, or use Poltergust to suck in an object and shoot the ghosts.

Note that it can stun and damage multiple ghosts at once, but it is unnecessary. It is a valid method of catching them one by one. Beware of other ghosts when you are busy with one.

Once a ghost has been eliminated, you need to get close and absorb it with a poltergeist. You have to hold down the ZR and move the left stick in the opposite direction the ghost wants to escape. So if the ghost runs to the left, hold the magic wand to the right.

You will change direction, so be prepared to adjust the left stick accordingly. It fills an ad. When the unit is complete, you prompt to press A; when you see this, hold down the A key while holding down ZR.

Each time you press a button, you strike the ghost on the ground and deal damage. You can grind four times, but different spirits allow a different number of Slams. Then the ghost is dead, or you have to start the whole process again. By the way, there will be more ghosts in the lobby than the two you found. So stay awake until the battle is over.


Luigis Mansions 3 Free Download

Luigi’s Mansion 3 review is the next big Nintendo Switch exclusive. And before the Pokémon Sword and Shield season starts, fans will probably want to spin on this title. If you want to download and play Luigi’s Mansion 3 as soon as possible, here’s all the information you need.

Log in to the Nintendo eShop with a good internet connection. New titles display on the website, but players can also search for the title manually.

The game is downloaded in advance to buy and prepare the switch when unlocked. Luigi’s Mansion 3 is 6.36 GB in volume.



It turns out that Mario is not the only plumber in Nintendo’s work who can make his own fantasy game. Luigi’s Mansion 3 review is so entertaining and cute. And well-design that I hope we get three more of these games every 20 years.

It is the best Ghostbusters game ever – he plays Mario’s saved brother more than Peter Venkman and Ray Stantz. I hope this Luigi’s Mansion 3 Review will help you out.