Lily’s Garden Game Review – How to Get into the Puzzle

Updated: October 12, 2021

Lily’s Garden from Tactile Games is a relatively simple mobile game. Players are given the task of drawing an old garden using Bejeweled-type puzzles. Read this Lily’s Garden Game Review.

Beginner’s Guide

Lily’s Garden is a three-in-one puzzle, complete with an intelligent plot and impressive dialogue at the level of this series, where each character has their role and affects the main character’s life.


What is this Game?

The main character in Lily’s Garden is the young accountant Lily, who has a black mark in her Life. Also, boring work routines, personal problems, and minor daily problems complement by the news of Maria’s beloved cousin’s death.

However, lily discovers that her grandmother left her a legacy: a farm with a large garden next to it. The girl hides for a while from city life. And movement and decides to live in her new property and train on the farm.

In the future, Lily visits her grandmother’s lawyer and says that according to the conditions for gardening, the heir will only have 30 days. Otherwise, Lily sees no inheritance. Now the heroine faces a difficult task: can she face it? Will the Garden be restored and transformed into an actual flower artwork or not? Lily’s duties complement by interactions with other people: a handsome neighbor, a grumpy lawyer for Grandma Mary, a proud assistant, and a cunning cousin who also claims to be an heir.


Game Technique

The basis of the game is to perform Lily’s diary tasks. Therefore, heroin has a total of 30 days of playing time. Each puzzle uses a certain amount of stars, and you get the stars yourself by completing puzzle levels.

The more advanced the game, the more complex the puzzle becomes. In other words, you “control” Lily’s Life on her grandmother’s property, you solve quests to plant a garden and talk with other characters, and you “drive” the whole process, completing levels and collecting stars.


How to Get into the Puzzle?

Each level of the game is a puzzle. Solving this problem will take you to the next one. Therefore, to succeed, click on a green arrow on the screen that shows the current level.



In puzzles, you have to complete tasks whose core is to collect certain things. For example, at level 38, you have to collect five packets of seeds and twenty bees. To do this, combine tiles of the same color next to the bees. And remove them from the playing fields and “move” the envelope field with the seeds down. Costs calculate when the desired number of items are collected. The tasks in the levels are different. The higher the level, the more complex the task becomes.



Amplifiers help solve a puzzle. You can use all or more amplifiers in your arsenal after selecting the necessary ones in the window before starting the level.

When you are done with the spade and the calculation amplifiers you have, you can buy them directly in the game for gold coins.



The number of moves per stage is limited, do not ignore that. Also, the remaining features appear on the right side of the screen above the items you need to collect.


Foreign Bodies on the Ground

Your task is to prevent the player from moving the tiles and forming the necessary combinations accordingly. Strange objects such as dandelions disappear from the field when you use bomb and missile amplifiers or match tiles of the same color.


Level Completion

If you complete the task, you will receive a star for sending the plot and gold coins. The fewer moves you use to solve the puzzle, the more gold you will eventually get.


I Lost the Level

In this case, you can either complete the level again by clicking “Surrender” or buy another five moves for a certain amount of coins and try to win.


Level Secrets

Stack Chips from Top to Bottom

It gives you the flexibility to create as many combinations as possible, including makeup amplifiers. However, the previous combinations will dissolve or “hook” the tiles in different colors if you shop the other way around, preventing the combination from coinciding.


Infinite Life cannot be postponed.

Remember this if you want to earn the infinite live bonus in action and end the game for a while. Even when the phone turns off, the countdown continues to infinity. So try to get this bonus if you want to keep playing. It is the only way to get the most out of the reward. You have to admit that infinite Life is superb.


Use Amplifier Carefully

Amplifiers are pretty challenging to get. And the more you play, the more complex the puzzle levels become. Only use bombs, missiles, magic bottles, and the like on challenging levels when you can go no further and develop the plot further. The inefficient use of the amplifiers makes you get caught up in the performance. Also, force you to buy it for real money from a store in the game.


The Amplifier in the Field – As the Last Resort

You find that there are only a few moves left in the puzzle. Or one of them does not lead to the desired combination of tiles, turn on the amplifiers. Would you mind not using them only on the playground, instead of in a dangerous situation where you cannot do without help? As with all other puzzles, the strategy is crucial here. This only means waiting for the good times and counterattacks when necessary.


Combine Amplifiers

The effect is enormous if you use two amplifiers immediately, such as a bomb and a magic bottle. You can even complete the level immediately. Make sure amplifiers spread across the field are tied together.

Take your time. These tasks do not need to solve at a specific time, so take your time. Think about your actions, think logically, and do not waste your movements. Also, try to predict the location of the tiles two or more steps forward. It all depends on your strategy, your ability to make necessary combinations. And it all depends on your strategy, the ability to make the combinations, and calculate the odds of collecting the elements in fewer moves. Remember that the more moves you have, the more coins you earn.


Types of Reinforcements


Create a rocket booster by clicking on a tile’s group of the same color with an image of a rocket. The chips disappear, and an amplifier remains in place. With a rocket, you can remove a series of tiles in a column (depending on location).



To make a bomb, click on a group of tiles in the same color as your picture. Also, the resulting amplifier immediately removes adjacent chips.


The Magic Bottle

Match ten or more tiles of the same color with the image of a spiral to create a magic bottle. Also, the magical bottle removes all tiles of the same color from the board.



A putty knife is an indispensable tool for removing unnecessary tiles from the playing field. A single tile in one color prevents a group of tiles in another color from being installed. You can use a putty knife to “lift” an unwanted tile and remove it.



With a rake, you can remove one column and one column of tiles at a time. Just click on one of the tiles and use the rake to remove the tile column.


Frequently Asked Questions


What are Amplifiers Used For?

Amplifiers allow you quickly perform work on the plane with less movement.


How to Get Amplifiers?

Amplifiers will be available as the game progresses. Some can be used out of the box in the arsenal and created independently in the field (bomb, rocket, magic bottle). Other amps can take from the arsenal; they cannot receive on the playing field (spade, rake).