Karakin Map PUBG Review | Incredibly Small Map Compared to Others

Updated: October 7, 2021

PUBG PC’s new map, Karakin, is now ready to be played on the test servers. Players who have access to the test servers can try it out and other new features. The new PUBG map gives the latest flavor to the game.

With a small size and desert theme, Karakin looks like Miramar and Sanhok. Karakin offers players a whole new experience, from sticky bombs to the blackout system. Karakin map PUBG mobile release date is February 9, 2018. Read this Karakin Map PUBG Review.

PUBG New Map Karakin

Karakin tripped over the PC and console versions of PUBG in February 2020. Karakin is two kilometers large, incredibly small compared to other PUBG maps, and PUBG Mobile players have wondered maps for more than a year. Now the little desert map will finally show in the PUBG mobile version. Like Livik’s map, Karakin offers fast-paced battles with a maximum of 64 players in each lobby.



Karakin is a small card with a bit of looting but a lot of action. The weapons’ frequency of play is decent, but drugs and the right glasses are challenging to obtain. Players must use each resource correctly, as there is a high probability that the resources will be consumed. Top weapons are not easy to find, and Winchester is now a base. Winchester is by far the best weapon on the map, and learning to maneuver is part of Karakin’s domain.


Red Zone

Another feature distinguishing Karakin from other maps is how the red zone works. Karakin’s red zone is more common and even more deadly than other maps. The red zone is attacked by various rockets that can also destroy structures. So instead of living in buildings in the red light area, it is better to stay outside. Before a red zone begins, a siren sounds to warn all players on the map.


Sticky Bombs

Sticky bombs also debut in the game and spread across the map. Players can drop sticky bombs like regular grenades, remaining on the first target. Glue bombs can also destroy structures and are also a good attack tool.


Demolition Site Function

A notable feature on the Karakin map is the demolition zone. It allows the site to change the design with each game. It prevents players from camping in safe areas, as some of these areas can be a bomb and destroyed at any time. If you do not want to be bombarded with carpet bombs, you need to move better if you hear a siren.

The long-awaited Karakin map in PUBG Mobile is coming on April 27, 2021. Players need to prepare for this is not just their traditional Battle Royale map. Each game can be a different experience due to the abandoned area mechanics.

In PUBG Mobile, most participants on the Karakin map are currently unknown. Karakin will be a small map with a maximum of 64 players per game. Due to the relatively small size of the Karakin map, battles are faster than large maps such as Erangel and Sanhok. It is perfect for players who want to dive into the game and play a quick game to pass the time.


Karakin Map Size

Karakin is a small 2 × 2 map that is almost half the size of Sanhok, and players face a fast match. Mobile players have limited hiding places, including large rocks and bunkers. It means that players must continue to change positions.


Karakin PUBG Release Date

Karakin’s map in PUBG Mobile was presented during the live stream party on the 3rd anniversary. The new card, which will update the Vikendi card, will arrive on April 7, 2021. The new Karakin map in PUBG Mobile is one of the smaller maps in the game, covering just two square kilometers.

Up to 64 players can take to the battlefield to use new mechanics like the demolition zone, sticky explosives, and bullet penetration through thin walls. The Karakin map for PUBG Mobile will be available in a few weeks. For more information, the new Battle Royale map details are coming soon.

Karakin was added to the PC version of PUBG in February 2020. The mobile version is finally here. The map is half the size of Sanhok and is the same two-by-two-kilometer size as Livik. In Karakin, only 64 members will fight for the chicken. Karakin founds in North Africa with little vegetation. But there are small patches of grass on the map. It is similar to Miramar and has several small towns on the map.


PUBG Mobile Karakin Map Update

The Karakin map was also supposed to include in PUBG Mobile Upgrade 1.3. The developers teased the fan’s favorite desert map in update 1.3 betas. Unfortunately, it has been a few days since season 18 was released, but Desert Mini Map is not yet available in the game. Therefore, players wonder if the developers have delayed Karakin and left it for future updates.


Karakin Map PUBG Mobile Download

  • Start by downloading the APK with the download button.
  • Then start the installation process after installation.
  • After installing, start the game, and the Karakin map PUBG download will automatically start downloading the OBB file and updating it in the first few minutes.
  • Log in to your account.



In general, Karakin is a small card that encourages aggressive play. The most crucial replacement drops are in the corners of the map, while small buildings fill the central part of the map. There are very few trees on the map, and rocks and large boulders make up most. The exact release date for Karakin has not yet been announced, but it should be soon.