Kahoot Game Review – Ways to Make a Kahoot Amazing

Updated: October 12, 2021

Kahoot is a game-based learning tool used in classrooms and other educational institutions. Educational “Kahoot” games are user-generated multiple-choice tests available through a web browser or the Kahoot application. If you are a beginner, you must read this Kahoot Game Review.

Kahoot tests students’ knowledge, makes formative assessments or takes a break from traditional classroom activities. Kahoot also includes trivia questions.


Kahoots are the best to play in groups. To participate in a game, you need a unique PIN code. If you host the game, you will need a large screen. Players answer on their own devices while questions displays on a split-screen. You can also stream Kahoot challenges that players complete at their paces to live matches, such as homework or distance learning.

Choose one of the millions of publicly available Kahoots, one that has been shared with you or one that you have created yourself. Click “Play.”


Start the Game so Players can Join You

If you want, change the game options, then click Classic to play with one device per person or in team mode to play with one device per team. A unique PIN code for the game displays at the top of the screen. Players go to Kahoot and enter the game’s PIN and nickname.


Play Kahoot

Click start to see all the player names in the lobby or standby screen. You can use the space bar or the mouse to go to the next question during the game. Click Comments and Results and then End Results to play points, favorites, or save and download in ghost mode at the end of the game.


Make Sure Your Kahoot has all the Answers

One of the things that our best Kahoot players like best about making educational games is finding the right answer and ensuring enough time for students to figure out the answers.

  • Are the answers likely to be incorrect?
  • Are they difficult to be challenging and critical while allowing everyone to succeed?
  • Can you answer this question as a natural transition to the next or guide to a later question?



After a game, encourage players to create and share their Kahoots. With one of our premium plans for schools or companies, you can create games with your colleagues and save time finding Kahoots relevant to your class or training. Keep reading Kahoot Game Review to know why this game is entertaining.


Kahoot Features

Kahoot is a free game-based learning platform that millions of people worldwide use every day to discover, create, play and share educational games. One thing that makes Kahoot so unique is that it is a platform to decide on content, graphics, and playing style.

You can choose one of the 8.5 million free public games, customize it for your students, or create something on their own from the ground up. It’s about meeting and learning very well. Whether they meet to learn about quadratic equations, number strategies, or each other, it’s up to you.

Kahoot uses for all subjects at any age and on any device. And players do not even have to create an account. In this Kahoot Game Review, you will know more about this game.

More than 25 million people use Kahoot in hundreds of environments, from classrooms and business meetings to charity fundraisers, awards, and events every month. We also saw Kahoot perform at a wedding.


Add Great Photos and Videos

High-quality photos, videos, and animated gifs are an absolute must, and not just because they make your Kahoot more attractive. Here are some things you can try when creating or searching for images for your game:

  • Imagine what Kahoot will look like when played on a large screen or interactive whiteboard. Using high-resolution images and displaying them on a full screen can make a big difference.
  • Use multiple images instead of just one: You can easily create an animated GIF in mini-slide shows with Giphy or a collage in PicMonkey or Pixlr Express.
  • Inject some humor and surprise the students with your attitude towards a meme
  • Maximize learning opportunities by adding tutorials, charts, charts, or YouTube videos, whether you have found or created them.
  • Build expectations or gradually give small clues to students with an animated “narrative” GIF
  • Hide some clues in the image.



Frequently Asked Questions


How do you Play Kahoot games?

Kahoots are best played in a group environment such as a classroom or conference room, or even with the family in the living room—game displays on a split-screen, such as a smart TV, laptop, or interactive whiteboard.

You can also use screen-sharing tools, such as ads. One is Skype or Google Hangouts to engage players from other classes or other parts of the world. Players use their devices, whether smartphones, iPads, canoe, laptops, or desktop computers. It does not matter as long as they have a browser and a good internet connection.


How to Make a Kahoot Game?

Log in and click on Test, Discussion, or Survey

Log in to create. Kahoot and click on quiz, discussion, or poll to create a fun educational game consisting of a series of multiple-choice questions in minutes.


Add Description, Codes, and Cover Image

By adding a good description, you can set learning objectives for the game and keep it focused. Using descriptive codes ensures that others can easily find you. A fantastic cover image makes Kahoot stand out and attracts more players.


Add Questions, Answers, and Pictures

Follow the on-screen instructions to add questions, answers, photos, and videos. You can also change the Kahoot with different hours and point settings or several correct answers.


Ways to Make a Kahoot Amazing

  • Research and planning ahead
  • Ask the right questions
  • Make sure your Kahoot has all the answers
  • Get creative with great photos and videos
  • Take the students on a trip
  • Celebrate with the stool


What is a Kahoot Quiz?

Kahoots are user-generated multiple-choice quizzes available via the web, or you have to download the app. Kahoot is a shift for the students from traditional learning based on the classroom. Kahoot is used to review the student’s knowledge via multiple-choice quizzes.