Houseparty Game Review – What Games are Available at Houseparty

Updated: October 8, 2021

Houseparty is free software for social networking with thousands of iPhone and Android installations. The hit app lets your friends and family make video calls, play games, and have a virtual “house party.” I hope you like this house party game review.

The main differences between House Party and Skype or Hangouts are an emphasis on games. These provide more fun and social elements in the service, making the house party an excellent alternative when group conversations are outdated. Houseparty can be downloaded on Android and iOS devices and Chrome and macOS. Although the game function intends for use on mobile devices.

What Games are Available at Houseparty?

Houseparty offers seven games. Take a look at what’s available next time you have video calls each week with your friends.


1. Head-Up

With this game version, a friend will not see the map on the screen, while everyone can and will provide clues via video chat. There are four free tires to choose from, but you can buy other premium tires, such as Friends and Pretty Little Liars.


2. Quick Draw

Quick Draw is a great way to demonstrate your drawing skills. In this game, you will see an object you can draw on the screen. But all your friends will only see your drawing. If your guess is correct, press this button and go to the next one where your guess is. You can draw it yourself for free if you want.


3. Trivia

Do you want to show your friends random knowledge? Try playing Trivia. There are many categories to choose from, including Wizarding World, Disney, Netflix, and True Crime. The best thing about this game is? If you want to play individually, you can. Start now with your Disney knowledge so you can impress your friends the next time you call.


4. Chips and Guac

Chips and Guac is a vocabulary game similar to Cards against Humanity. In this game, you deal a card with a descriptor like “Sneaky,” and then your friends throw away cards for things they think are sneaky, like “Slip in DMs.” See how many weird and fun matches you can make.


5. Word Racer

Houseparty has recently added Word Racers. Each player gets eight letters in this game and then has 90 seconds to find as many words as possible. All words must contain three or more letters. The longer a phrase is, the more points you get. The faster you get a long-phrase, the more points you earn. The player who has more score after three rounds win.


6. Magic Ball 8

In collaboration with Mattel, Houseparty released Magic 8-Ball, which does the same as it sounds. You ask the Magic 8 ball a question, shake the phone, and get the answer on the screen.


7. UNO

We all remember playing UNO when we were adults, and the latest House Party game reminds us why we have always loved it. UNO continues its partnership with Mattel and acts as the original card game. It has the same goal: to be the first to play all your cards and hang out with your friends along the way.



Frequently Asked Questions


How to Log in to Houseparty?

You can download Houseparty on your phone from Google Play on an Android device or the App Store on your iPhone. Once you have downloaded it, you will need to create an account with your email address, phone number, and username.

When you’re done, the app can automatically connect you to people you know with your phone’s contacts directory. Just click Add to send an invitation to a friend. By installing the Houseparty desktop software for Mac or Windows, you can also use Houseparty on your phone.


How to Start a Conversation at Houseparty?

Open the app once you have downloaded the Houseparty and see the home screen. It is a video feed of your face with various symbols outside. By clicking the plus sign (+), you can start the conversation or group call in the app.

Select one or more of your friends (they must first add to the application) and press “Invite to the room.” You are now online, and you can chat whenever you want. You can also use the + menu to add new friends or invite people without an app to download them.


How to Close a Room at Houseparty?

If you do not want unwanted guests to join your chat, you can easily lock your room. Just tap the padlock at the bottom of the screen to lock it. People can still ask to join, but you can ignore them. If you change your mind, you can press the lock again to unlock your room.


How to Play Games at Houseparty?

The application also includes games that you can play with people in your “room.” When in a chat, tap the cubic icon at the top right. You have four options: Heads Up, Trivia, Chips and Guac, and Quick Draw.

Matches are usually closed after one round, but it can be tough to complete them in the middle if you are in a large group. To do this, everyone must confirm that they will complete by clicking on the X icon at the top right of the game screen.


How do the Games work at the Houseparty?

Houseparty is a video chat app that you can play with friends. All online, and their cameras and microphones work? Then all you have to do is press the little dice button and choose your game.