Horizon Forbidden West PS5 Review

This article will cover the Horizon Forbidden West PS5 date of release, the PS5 exclusivity trailer, and everything you possibly need to know. So far, it is said that without any doubt, the Horizontal Forbidden is one of the most interesting upcoming PS5 games.

The story’s plot is this time sending our Horizon Zero Dawn towards the unknown west where the hero is going to confront and explore the new realms and threats from robotic creatures and monsters.

As far as I can tell, the game will likely be available for the players to play in 2021. We got our first look at the game’s trailer at the PlayStation 5 Future Gaming event in June 2020. It will be supported on both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

After Horizon Zero, Dawn sold over 10 million copies on PS4, which was a huge success. However, a series always looked like a dead end. Now, Guerrilla Games is turning to this fictional universe to give us another intricate technological exhibition on PS5. It is said that famous voice actor Ashley Burch will return as Aloy in this entry. While the trailer also signals the return of Sylens (Lance Reddick) from the initial game.

Want all the spicy aspects? Here’s what we know about Horizon Forbidden West on PS5 so far, including its release date, trailer, and more.


About Game

From a post on the Playstation Blog, Guerrilla provided an annoying and uncertain outline for Horizontal Forbidden West. However, after watching trailer one, I know a thing to be clear this game will run the same way it runs on the PS4 Pro.

At this time of the year, there is no PS5 upgrade, as I have stated earlier that the game does support 4k Ultra HD. Although it is 4K upskilled but it is still looking extraordinarily gorgeous.

According to the frame rate test, which I did myself, the game runs at 30 frames per second, which, to be honest, is not entirely wrong because the 30 frames per second will stay stable. Which means it will remain at 30 all day long. As far as my experience is concerned, that was the case.

Well, there might be rare spikes of 29, but speaking of my overall experience, it’s pretty stable. One thing that is not very well known in the game. I found it very interesting. I was testing the frame speed on the screen.

The speed for an instant went above 30 frames per second as the games are supposed to look hard-locked at 30. I found this unusual behavior interesting. Well, what I guess is that the PS5 hardware is just too powerful for the game.

Moreover, I am sure that the developers could have done better on the fps speed. It could significantly impact the gaming experience by upgrading this to 60 frames per second.


Release Date

Due to the uncertainty brought by the pandemic, The Horizon Forbidden West’s release date is anticipated in 2021. And that’s all I can say for now. Guerilla announced the broad release window in a follow-up dev diary.

But I don’t think we have a day or even a month to map for just yet. Furthermore, a recent advert suggested that Horizon Forbidden West is still presenting a late release date in the current year. So we can quickly expect it to be rejoined with Aloy towards the end of 2021.

You may find it interesting to know that Horizon Forbidden West’s game will appear on PS4 and PS5 when it hopefully launches in 2021. This news officially came through Sony and Guerrilla.


How does the trailer look?

Horizon Zero Dawn looked beautiful, but the new innovative technologies available in the next-gen machines have brought the game to a whole new level. The visuals seem to have a significant upgrade.

The fans are curious about experiencing what it is like to have the ray tracing technology and 4K resolution when they wander with the hero Aloy in the lush landscapes. At the same time, it won’t be released alongside PlayStation 5. Nevertheless, this is a very hopeful exclusive we are indeed looking forward to exploring.

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The Adventure

There is more to the trailer than you think and can tell us a tiny more about the game’s adventure. The stages reveal a post-apocalyptic San Francisco. With the addition of a Golden Gate Bridge, caught by time. Moreover, the Palace of Fine Arts drained and sank. From the trailer, we can also conclude that Sylens still has a part to play. The hero Aloy will meet other families or societies as she searches for this new atmosphere.

In one of his videos, the game director, Mathijs de Jonge, verified that the Forbidden West extends from Utah to the secrets of the Pacific coast. Thus, it corresponds to making it an in-game map that’s “a bit more” than the ranges of Horizon Zero Dawn.

The hero confronts the Forbidden West to reveal the cause of a strange color blight that is exterminating living beings, including plants, animals, and communities. The pleasant weather turned into a non-stop superstorm. She’ll go through the unknown tribes, including an unfriendly tribe capable of exterminating machines, and face many new robots as she searches for a way to restore lives from decay.


Horizon Forbidden West a PS5 Exclusive Only?

For the time being, you can play the game on PS5 and the PS4 next-generation console. And by that, I mean when the game will release, it is playable on these consoles only. Also, the game’s previous versions are available in the PC version. But, likely, the Horizon Forbidden West will not follow the same path.

“To maybe put a few minds at ease, releasing one first-party AAA title to PC doesn’t necessarily mean that every game now will come to PC,” said the head of PlayStation Herman Hulst. He also noted that the right way to put it is Horizon Zero Dawn was just a great fit in this distinct situation. We don’t think so shortly there are any plans for day and date (PC releases), and we remain 100% committed to dedicated hardware.”

One good news for players with the hunger for a fluent gaming experience is that with the help of PS5’s SSD. There are likely going to be no loading screens.


Increased Customization Options

Don’t get me wrong, and I enjoy the reasonable number of unlockable gears or outfits in Horizon Zero Dawn. Moreover, wandering the destroyed world searching for valuable elements solely to craft some incredible new outfits. But, it is a regret that gears are mostly giving a whole package. Unfortunately, this means there was no way of experiencing customizing them beyond removing the hero’s (Aloy) headgear and maybe a hair accessory or two.

A method that enables you to change each feature of your character. Whether it be chest plates, gauntlets, or headgear, it would be an outstanding experience in Horizon Zero Dawn 2.


Combat and Creatures

Several battles in the original game began to follow a recursive set of events after some hours of gaming. First, you’d learn the telegraphed fighting style of each robotic monster. Then, you can easily predict their next move and react accordingly.

One technique you’ll learn is hacking off the body parts until they ultimately die. Or, without any hesitation, you could ruin the broken stealth system. Also, you can fight foes one at a time to their unfortunate death. Both options operated and assisted in putting a need for potential depth in Horizon Zero Dawn’s combat into the spotlight.

Fighting each battle with new accessories, tools, and types could make each battle so enjoyable, forcing players to use each weapon with a creative strategy. I expect a better sense of freshness but a similar freshness in Horizon 2. It needs to include more creature designs. After a few hours, The hero (Aloy) has learned the cycles and habitats of her mechanical rivals, so I’d fancy seeing Horizon 2 push the craft out with a few unforeseen blows.



From multiple streaming services Guerilla and Sony have released the first track of the Horizon Forbidden West soundtrack. The one highlighted in the initial trailer for the game. Famous Dutch video game composer Joris de Man addressed the score, titled Promise of the West, and it’s a potent mix of notes that swells into a thumping, significant result.



Even though we have only one Horizon Forbidden West trailer to explore the difference between this and previous experiences, still, with a focused observation, there’s a lot that I was able to unwrap. Firstly, Aloy still has her focus which, in case you are not familiar with it, is her tiny Bluetooth earpiece. This device helps her examine the world around her.

Moreover, in the trailer, we see her riding a fancy charger. It means that she’s either directed to make a new weapon (probably a spear) to let her override them. Or maybe got some new ways to accomplish the same end.

The trailer mainly focuses on the underwater realm and its investigation. Naturally, therefore, it implies one thing, robotic sharks. Other new machines in the game include Shellsnappers, Termortusks, and Sunwings, each based on tortoises, pterodactyls, and mammoths.

“Horizon Forbidden West continues Aloy’s story as she moves west to a far-future America to brave a majestic but dangerous frontier where she’ll face awe-inspiring machines and mysterious new threats.”


Inventory History

One of my biggest hesitations with Horizon Zero Dawn was its honestly unorganized inventory system. Also, many objects and crafting segments were tossed into one section with little planning. As a result, it made for a disordered event overall. Moreover, general icons for various objects meant gaining something to craft or sell to a trader sometimes seemed good.

Now it’s expected the Guerrilla Games to enhance the inventory system for Horizon 2. They are making it easier and more pleasing to navigate during a pinch – since a Hotbar on the user interfaces only takes you thus far. A refinement like this may likely come naturally as a part of a sequel, but there’s no harm in also mentioning it here.



  • What is it? The sequel to the critically-acclaimed Horizon Zero Dawn
  • When will it release? 2021
  • What platforms will it be available on? PS5 / PS4



Horizon Forbidden West sees Aloy traveling to post-apocalyptic California and can feature locations like San Francisco and Yosemite.


Adaptive Triggers

You can expect improved use of haptic feedback and adaptive triggers on the PS5, and Horizon Forbidden West is no exception, with its unique mixture of bows, slings, and cord coasters. In addition, the Dual Sense Wireless Controller’s adaptive trigger will intensify the gaming experience and make the gameplay even more realistic and satisfying to use.


Last Words

Guerrilla stops short of explaining anything more about its upcoming product of future Earth. Can we accuse the studio of acting so cryptic? Half the enjoyment of Horizon Zero Dawn was in finding its best-kept mysteries. After all, Aloy is just as unique as we are when solving the riddles of her motherland. Not too long now before we can begin on the odyssey collectively.