Homeescapes Game Review – Tips to Complete Each Level

Updated: October 8, 2021

After playing the long-awaited mobile matching game Homescapes, you may be wondering if there are any Homescapes tips or tricks to help you master each level, especially some of the most difficult ones later. With this Homeescapes Game Review, you can clean the levels and restore the house in no time.

Homescapes is a free video game released by Playrix in September 2017. The game is available for macOS, iOS, Android, and Amazon Appstore.

Homescapes is a spin-off of Gardenscapes and shares the same game concept by combining traditional match-3 mechanics with a story. The main character in the game is also the same: Austin the Butler.


The game was developed by Playrix, who previously developed and released the game Gardenscapes. In the first week after launch, Homescapes was downloaded seven million times. By the end of the first month, the downloads had amounted to 28 million.

In October, Homescapes was the fourth most downloaded game for iOS and the eighth-most downloaded for Android.

Gamezebo rated the game four out of five stars and generally praised the game. But it did not feel as good as Gardenscapes and the conclusion: “The result is still a wonderfully itchy match-3 simulation game, like Gardenscapes. But has overall new surroundings. If you have Conquered Gardenscapes and looking for a remake of much of the same experience, Homescapes is a must, but beginners in the series should stick to Gardenscapes for now, at least until Homescapes captures them all.



The story focuses on Austin, homesickness, and moving in with parents Olivia and William. But his parents tell him they are selling the family home, which is in poor condition. They think renovation is too expensive, and age prevents them from doing so.

Austin tries to convince his parents not to sell it and voluntarily restore his house. As the story unfolds, the player (and Austin himself) learns more about Austin’s childhood and Olivia and Williams’ younger years.



Homescape is a puzzle game consisting of three matches where the gameplay is based upon swapping two adjacent objects to create a row or column with at least three elements. The player can get valuable bonuses and activate them by pressing them twice or switching to another item.

The player must achieve the level’s objectives (collecting certain items, laying out carpets, removing moss, etc.). In this way, the player gets stars to complete tasks around the house and move on in the game.

The game is free with in-app purchases to buy the game’s fictitious currency for real money. Functionally, this works in the same way as Candy Crush Saga, so that the player can have the opportunity to try levels again if they fail. It also includes in-app purchases and other microtransactions.

There are also “events” in the game where the player can receive special rewards (bonuses, coins, etc.) at the end of the event. One of them contains a plot about Austin’s cat falling in love with a cat. The player completes special levels to face the cat.



Each level has goals and a limited number of moves. When you run out of trains, you can buy more trains or repeat the level that costs a life. However, you can go one level back without moving, and you will not lose your health or any equipped boosters.

New articles introduce with few levels. They are also be introduced to Furry Tales if they are new to your game.



The coins are awarded based on the difficulty level when a level completes. And the stars required unlocking the next part of the scenario.


Features for Home Matches

Welcome to Homescapes, the most touching game in the Playrixs Scapes series. Solve Match 3 puzzles to restore a magnificent mansion on a triangular street. Exciting experiences begin right outside your front door.

Finish colorful match-3 levels to renovate and decorate rooms in the mansion and unlock more and more chapters in the exciting family history.

  • Unique game: help Austin renovate the house by exchanging coins and collecting them.
  • Interior: you decide what the place looks likes.
  • Match three exciting levels – lots of fun with unique startups and explosive combinations.
  • A large and magnificent mansion: discover all the secrets it contains.
  • Fantastic Character, See them live life and interact with each other in the game’s social network.
  • A cute animal: meet a naughty and airy cat.
  • Invite your Facebook friends to create their cozy home environment.

Homescapes are free, although some items in the game are purchased for real money. If you do not want to use this option, disable it only in the Restriction menu on your device.


Tips For Homeescapes

Here is a list of tips for playing Homeescapes.

  • Infinite lives manipulate as that it is harder to beat the levels during this time.
  • Lives sent by team members are also helpful.
  • Jumping is just like butterflies.
  • The game gives you a better chance of winning if you have played less and less to continue playing.
  • The game examines the strategies you use and makes them difficult to use.



Homescapes and other Playrix games have received increasing criticism online for posting misleading advertisements describing a fake game unrelated to the game itself. For example, many Homescapes ads have a completely different action game than the app itself. At the end of 2019, a petition was created on change.org on “Stop Fake Mobile Game Advertising,” with Homescapes as a good example.

In October 2020, the Advertising Standards Authority banned Homescapes and Gardenscapes ads because they cheated the real game.