Helix Jump Game Review – Gravity-Based Puzzle Game

Updated: October 8, 2021

Helix Jump Ultimate is a Gravity-Based Puzzle Game that offers players many levels. The game’s purpose is to bring the ball to the bottom of the tower by manipulating the figures. The ads continue to be frustrating and sometimes make the game impossible. It is an exciting adventure game.

In Helix Jump, the ball bounces through the Tower Labyrinth. Drag the mouse over the screen and move the ball through the spiral. The levels gradually become more complex. Do not squash. Rotate the spiral maze to guide the bouncing ball over the squares and avoid obstacles by sliding your finger across the screen. Try to get the highest score. Read this helix jump game review.

Game Features

  • Attractive graphical user interface (GUI) and good sound effects.
  • Friendly and easy access to the game.
  • Different exciting levels of jumping games 2021.
  • When you end the game, it starts again.
  • The most exciting game of all time.

All users can play the game freely without any problems, and when it comes to ball jumping games 2021, the spiral jumping game is always on top once you have downloaded the game from Google Play Store, some important points to consider.



  • A large number of levels
  • Several levels of difficulty
  • Difficult to solve puzzles
  • Also, regular game checks


Helix Jump Tips and Tricks

You do not need to buy in the app, just Patience and Practice. These are Helix Jump tips you need to get a better score.

  1. Take your time: Set up and take three or more platforms simultaneously.
  2. Destroy red: Use a jump of three or more to remove a red platform when it is difficult to find a place to land.
  3. Take risks: Trust your reflexes and dig deep as you go through a third platform.
  4. Revive Every Time: It can be crap to see an ad, but every time you come across some platforms. It’s worth using revive to keep going.
  5. Practice: Keep playing and learn to recognize which deck openings you need and how far your finger must move to get through the next opening.

With these Helix Jump cheats, you can also get a higher score. Watch out for Helix Jump Hack websites that promise unlimited lives or other things in exchange for your personal information.


The Disadvantages

  • Overwhelmed by the hype
  • Sound effects are boring
  • There is not much variation
  • The graphics are also a bit simple.



Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Helix Jump?

Helix Jump is an endless style of play where you try to throw a ball over a series of platforms while avoiding the red platform that ends your turn. It’s simple but quite addictive. This game does not generate many in-app purchases, just like most free apps. The game gets complicated with time. You will see messages between rounds and will be able to see a message to continue.


How Do I Play Helix Jump Game?

It’s a straightforward and exciting game that you can also play with family and friends. Among all the jumping games, it is the most exciting game. However, the user can put their finger on the mobile screen and move it according to the game.

He cannot move the ball on the MOBILE SCREEN. He can only move the column on the screen unit to manipulate the central ball in balance. The user must break the column by dropping the ball on the surface of the column. You can also move the game maze and pay attention to the space boards as a player.

A player can end this spiral jump game when the colors of the ball touch the colored stripe. And the player is finished. The game starts automatically also according to the rule in this new ball jumping game.

This spiral ball jumping game has creative and challenging levels to increase adventure and entertainment. It is an addictive game because many users like it very much because of its features.


What You Should Be Aware of?

  • Continue to focus on colored ribbons.
  • Look at the ball.
  • Do not leave the ball on the strip in the same color.
  • Collect all the diamonds to improve your speed in the game.

Here are all the things you need to know about this Android ball jumping game to have a wonderful experience. You can enjoy it with your friends while they play it together. Hurry up and download this new choppy jumping game on your smartphone.

Is Helix Jump Safe for Children?

Helix Jump is safe for children, but some ads may not be suitable for children under 12. Parents are often worried about ads, in-app purchases, and in-game content. Helix Jump is ranked 12+ on iTunes for the following items from the ads you see.

  • Uncommon / mild medical information / treatment
  • Recommendations or rare/moderate use of alcohol, tobacco, or drugs
  • Unusual/slight nudity and sexual content
  • Strange/mild themes of fear
  • Sometimes / moderately lazy games
  • Rare / mature / suggestive themes
  • Unusual/mild comic or fantasy violence
  • Rare / moderately realistic violence

When I played, I only saw ads for other age-related games. If you do not pay for the ads, the game content is suitable for ages 4+.