Heaven’s Vault Review | Strongly Motivated by History

Learning the lost and forgotten secrets of the past is a timeless and engaging requirement that Heaven’s Vault has successfully pursued. That’s not a Tomb Raider. It’s a natural, well-written, confusing dialogue rabbit hole like no other. You can dig it.

The desire to discover and understand the past is something I believe is an almost universal human trait. The game of heaven takes on this innate need to understand and rationalize the past, and it does so elegantly and convincingly. Read this Heaven’s Vault Review.

It was developed and published by Inkle from Cambridge, UK. You play as Aliya Elazar in this award-winning game in the mysterious world called Nebula in-game. With your faithful (to some extent) robot friend Six, you can embark on an epic journey to places that no human has been in for centuries and reveal the secrets of the forgotten story.

This title is available for the regional price on PlayStation 4, Steam, and Nintendo Switch.

Heaven’s Vault Walkthrough

Heaven’s Vault can be a little tricky or complicated for players of all stripes in many ways. Any experienced player of the adventure game Genre or any casual and inexperienced beginner to the PC game genre may encounter obstacles in Heaven’s Vault game or a similar game. Barriers that could potentially hamper the experience or cause unwanted frustrations. Players love to host other players and show them how to handle game levels.

They come in the form of complete solutions. You can find the Vault of Heaven guide here. Heaven’s Vault Review tour takes you where you want to be in no time. Of course, Heaven’s Vault Review is not enough, and at least some skill is required to get through different levels of Vault of Heaven and other similar games.

While looking at the sky, try to analyze all the details so that you can quickly go through all the levels in the sky. You can even use other players’ tutorials to create your own Heaven’s Vault review, but in your style, making it much easier for other players to complete Heaven’s Vault levels.


Heaven’s Vault Story: One for Historical Books

This game is strongly motivated by history. It is handed over in a non-linear format that allows players to navigate the story at will. It burns a little slowly but is still fascinating all the way. Vault of Heaven begins at the University of Box, where Box is the seat of power in a group of “moons,” asteroid-like bodies scattered around a nebula that can help human life. Your first task is to find another archaeologist, Reba, who took an old object to the university and disappeared without a trace.

Reba has found something of great importance, and it’s up to you to find it and find out what he knows. This condition is effective in its simplicity, and as you can visualize, things are not extended. As you explore the area, you can uncover secrets from the past and visit lost ruins. Each answer you find gives several questions, and the intricate woven layers of the plot become a tapestry as you follow each thread.

You could say that these characters give a good story and Heaven’s Vault Review has lots of characters. His interaction with everyone is rich and satisfying, from less rich characters on poor moons who despise the Ioxilan Empire to pompous college intellectuals and even robots like your buddy Six. This game paints a picture of a world separated by differences between its countless serenity characters.


Heaven’s Vault Explained

Play | A slow and normal combustion

Much of the game is devoted to finding and evaluating ancient relics. But, that’s not all – you will also explore a growing world as you discover the secrets and make decisions along the way. But, there’s much more exciting so let’s finish.



Once you have chosen a destination, navigate your boat along rivers. Which are gas streams and particles that look and behave as we are used to in real life. But sometimes also as rivers. The sail mechanic is Simple and Fun. He steers the ship from left to right through these branched rivers to the destination and enjoys dialogue along the way while the characters onboard the ship discuss events and discoveries.

As soon as we leave the country, our heroine continues on foot. Like I said before, this game is slow, and Aliya is not an athlete. It’s a bit calm, but it’s not bad because it gives the dialogue time to develop and a sense of realism. We probably do not run in real life. When you meet people and Interesting objects, you will see various instructions that you can use to control how the main character reacts to them.


Options What There Are

When interacting with other characters, you usually have some options for dialogue and action available to you. Unfortunately, many of them are ambiguous: there is no Clear, Right, or wrong way to approach a situation. Sometimes lying or deceiving other characters can help you reach your goals, and it often does not seem the best way, to be honest.


Graphics and Sound Tracks

The soundtrack mainly consists of a dark violin and vocal arrangements when it comes to sound design. Although nothing special, it offers a suitable environment for exploring the lost and forgotten. The timing is minimal but Good.


Heaven’s Vault Download

Download and install Heaven’s Vault

  1. Click the download button below. You will send it to the Heaven’s Vault download page. When prompted for a password, use: www.gametrex.com.
  2. Select a mirror to complete the download.
  3. After downloading Heaven’s Vault, extract the archive with software like WinRAR.
  4. Run the game layout in the extracted folder and install the game.
  5. After finishing the setup, start the game from the desktop shortcut.
  6. Enjoy the game!


Heaven’s Vault Language Guide

Heaven’s Vault is a narrative adventure with an utterly hieroglyphic language to interpret. Navigate through the vast open world of fog and follow distant moons. Translate the inscriptions written in ancient languages into a nested puzzle that spans the game where each solution, good or bad, is part of your story.

Meet, charm, pea, and make friends with many characters who remember everything you say and do. Do you want to find friends or enemies? Only you can decide: every action you take has consequences. Discover the buried story of the mist in a fluid and ever-changing story that adapts to your actions and decisions in real-time.


Heaven’s Vault Translations

I stopped looking at the symbols that made up each word and tried to interpret their meaning based on the shape and continued to insert one of the four words that gave me the game in a way that I had felt. As long as the theoretical English translation made sense, it was probably right, and I found out very quickly.

Your translations will be verified or proven incorrect when you find the same word in other lists. That gives you contextual clues slowly to identify any lists you come across. However, it also means that you do not have to lose or risk anything when translating. You can fill in the words with what you think is closest, and in the end, you will be right or wrong, try to translate often enough, and you are almost certainly right.


Heaven’s Vault Controller

Redistributable Controls: No, the controls in this game cannot be edited. The computer can use the mouse and the keyboard or controller, but the game is designed for the controller. There are no control panels available, and the game uses the standard look / move-stick layout.

Shoulder buttons steer the boat on rivers. Dialogue boxes are selected. With the face buttons, the conventions for the meaning of the buttons are not always followed. In particular, the B / Cancel button flashes in some dialogue boxes. I hope this Heaven’s Vault Review will help you out.