HD Camera PS5 Review | Everything You Need to Know About

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Updated: July 5, 2021

So you bought the PS5. Maybe even a PlayStation 5 package with extra DualSense controls and some PS5 games. Well played. Take your game to the next level with these best PS5 accessories and also try an HD camera.

Read this HD camera PS5 Review so that you will know everything about this camera. Sony also supplies many supplements for its new console, from Wireless Headsets to Multimedia Remotes. They are self-explanatory, but what can you do with the new PS5 HD camera?


PS5 HD Camera Features

Apart from double glasses, we do not know much here. The camera does not appear to be adjustable, nor does a microphone. You may be able to adjust images with one application digitally. It is also very possible that this is the first clue to PSVR’s future, as an improved camera can provide a better VR experience. I hope this PS5 HD camera review will help you out.


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Remove the Background

Did you enjoy using fun virtual background video conferencing options while blocking? It seems that PS5 and HD Camera PS5 can offer something similar. With a built-in background removal tool, PS5 camera users can crop the environment to see most of the image or remove it entirely as a green screen, so they can see what they are active in your game clips.


Streams with an HD Camera on PS5 Consoles

Use your HD camera (CFI-ZEY series) or your PlayStation camera (CUH-ZEY series) and put yourself in the shoes of the live broadcast.

  • To add video from the camera or audio from the voice chat, select the transfer options and customize the transfer type. Click the Create button and select Delivery.
  • Select the streaming service with which you want to stream.
  • Enter the transmission information.
  • When you have finished the steps, then the broadcast will begin.

Blurred HD Camera Image

  • Clean the PS5 HD camera lenses with a clean, dry microfiber cloth using no water or other cleaning solutions.
  • Check the lenses for cracks or damage.
  • Try to get closer to the camera.
  • Would you please not move the HD camera after setting it up?
  • Make sure the HD camera is on a stable surface. Movements during the game can cause tracking errors.

The camera for PS5 has two 1080p lenses, as we already know. It means that players will probably be able to stream with much higher quality than before. It will probably also cover a view of the area and potentially do amazing things thanks to the two lenses.


PS5 HD Camera Settings

The HD camera is optional for the PS5 console. PSVR on PS5 consoles requires a PlayStation Camera and a PlayStation camera adapter. PSVR does not support the HD camera. Let us tell you how to adjust HD camera settings.

  • If you want your camera to detect your position correctly when you are in front of it, select Settings > Accessories > Camera on the home screen.
  • Choose a camera style and follow the directions on the net.


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Frequently Asked Questions


Why do you need the PS5 HD Camera?

Are you a hardcore game streamer who likes to put your face and voice on recordings of your favorite games? Then camera equipment may be right for you. It’s a set developed by Sony for the PS5 that is probably the most transparent way to create, share and edit your videos yourself with the PlayStation 5 console interface. You will know why do you need it in HD Camera PS5 Review.

We have not yet decided whether to run this interface or any third-party option that may offer more features at their respective prices. At this early stage of the next generation of games, it may be worth waiting for streamers to see what other manufacturers have planned and how services like Twitch, YouTube, and Google intend to work together on the upcoming console.

For everyone, we think it is safe to pass the camera. There are no specific features in the game that use it may change in the future. The only exception would be a need for the next generation PlayStation VR 2 headset.

And if you want to use your current PSVR headset for backward compatible games, Sony assures that the PS5 camera work on PC, which means that the camera will probably work as well. At the moment, we want to say that you can save money and skip the PS5 HD camera.


What does the PS5 HD camera do?

With the HD camera, you can include yourself in gameplay video clips while broadcasting in a picture-in-picture setting, with the ability to crop the background or lose it entirely with a green screen.


What is the usage of the PS5 HD Camera?

It’s filming you. Share your views on real-time gaming with an audience while you play. Apps like Twitch and YouTube Gaming have a large audience and many popular celebrity streams, many of which live off of approval offers; so significant is the audience.

PS5’s DualSense Controllers have a Dedicated Create Button that gives you instant access to the consoles’ streaming and video editing features. Of course, it is a valuable tool if you are part of the growing number of professional players or amateur players, like avid streamers.

The camera itself records 1080p video, so it is not the highest resolution according to current 4K standards, but it has two wide-angle lenses. Not only are they great for getting a broad overview of your surroundings from a position. But they can also use for in-depth understanding, which may be necessary for a future PlayStation VR headset. The PS5 HD camera is located above or below the TV, connected to the console, and via a built-in tripod. It can be tilted and adapted to your needs.


How to Attach Your HD Camera to Your PlayStation 5 Console?

  • Connect the HD camera to the Superspeed USB port (10 Gbit / s) on the back of the PS5 console with the supplied cable.
  • Place the HD camera on a flat surface exactly where you are sitting while playing games.
  • Change the angle of the HD camera to ensure that you capture the correct area.


Is the PS5 Webcam good?

The quality of the PS5 HD camera is top-notch. If you own a PS5 console and you don’t have a camera. Also, you are seeking to get involved in live streaming. Then there is no better choice than to go for PlayStation 5 HD Camera. Just remember this camera doesn’t work with PSVR Headset.


Does PS5 come with an HD camera?

No, PS5 comes does not come with an HD camera. It will make the console over-priced considering the competition in the market.

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