GRIS – Wonderful Animated Movie That You Can Play

Updated: October 12, 2021

GRIS is an adventure game where the character explores a world while regaining his color. You discover the world around you as a character, gathering beads of light that will help you reach more places in turn.

The controls are as fluid as the art that allows the person to move and jump through the world. Players collect cards and heroes; build a deck from them. You then battle opponents online.

The game eliminates the majority of possible randomness and proportions. The game contains 24 championships, and some maps, and you can also invite friends to a duel. GRIS starts as simple and uncomplicated and becomes one of the most beautiful games ever created. GRIS is a calm and immersive experience without frustration or death.

Players can discover a carefully crafted environment with diagrams, informative animations, and an elegant original score covering life. Anyone can enjoy the game regardless of their language.

GRIS Story

The game begins with a young woman named GRIS. Who wakes up in the hand of a broken statue of another woman. GRIS tries to sing, but her voice is gone, and the statue breaks into pieces. GRIS then crosses the country and finds pearls of light, hoping to restore color to the world and bring back the statue. She learns new skills to overcome obstacles and eventually finds a way out. Like a painting in an art gallery or an art film, GRIS is open to interpretation.

GRIS will see bits and pieces of the other woman’s statue, finding her grey, cracking, lying down, and in various stages of crying, eventually standing up again. The major enemy in the game is GRIS herself.

A giant, shadow bird, and eel appear, trying to prevent her from moving forward, threatening to consume her. Grief intends to drag GRIS back to the finals, but she and the statue will find their voices again. Together they sing in harmony for the last time while sharing the pain. Tanned as the pain subsides, GRIS despises the statue forever and uses the escalator to heaven.



During the levels, your character also gets power-ups, new abilities that you get to explore more, and manifested in the middle of the character’s actions.

  1. The first is a solid phase in the form of a block where your character’s vestibule solidifies into a block used to repair structures in ruins or withstand impractical winds.
  2. The second ability is to play a double jump. The character’s dress is used to give an extra trick to get to the extremes.
  3. The third skill is to wrap the girl in a dress to give her a stingray-like appearance, with wing-like fins to float through underwater caverns.
  4. The fourth ability is at the peak of the game. The person regains singing, and his voice resonates with plants and animals. The art resembled the watercolors in its liquid. Once you have completed a level and logged in, you release a color all over the world, which causes the color to flourish and transform around you.


Art and Music

The music is perfect and has perfect ingenuity because it is artistic and ready to play on any spot. When you consider that the game has no dialogue or story, the base of art and music is on the game, and that’s great. The atmosphere created by the music is always best and entertaining as part of the game will be discovered.

The only way to avoid the effects of these powerful torments is to seek refuge. But, unfortunately, fighting, killing, and dying are not having a place in GRIS.

There’s a villain in the story, but only you can escape from it, but this is not a game of fighting. It is not a performance simulator or an interactive movie. Instead, GRIS is a platform with many intelligent actors. The game is played with lighting, movement, and perspective because you always know how to drive it. And if you do not have a proper tutorial or practical guide, you should figure things out by yourself.




GRIS itself only lasts for about three and a half hours. And I have heard some additions after the main game is over. It is a short game we can play in a few sessions. The story, music, and graphics are big enough to ensure you get back to the game. It’s a game that starts well and only gets better the more you play.