GRID Autosport Review – Best Racing Game for Mobile

GRID Autosport is a car racing game for mobile. It is recommended for all car racing enthusiastic fans because there is so much content to discover. The number of running types is significant, and although they are not as varied, as you can switch from one discipline to another, it means you will not get stuck in one in 12 hours. The game handles it quite well, with some of the best graphics on the Switch, especially with the HD package installed, and even if there is no multiplayer, there are still many events you can enjoy.

The Grid Autosport is long-term. It’s not a one-time title you want to complete tomorrow but a game that rewards perseverance. There are no problems with looping to unlock sections and modes or with stupid coins. Everything is available from day one.

Playing Style

Running is the most crucial part here, and the game clearly shows that. All events are fast and fluid. The game controls are responsive and customized according to someone’s needs. Before the race, you will ask what difficulty level you want to set the game to the simple setting for applying breaks for you. So you only have to drive and accelerate. The higher the problem, the fewer models you change, but the more rewards you earn.

The running green line shows you the best way to avoid a route. If you drive too fast for a turn, the line starts to turn red and darker. The more you have to break, the easier it is, but very efficient. If you disable this line, you will be alone, but the rewards are much higher.



GRID Autosport is five racing games in one or seven if you want to be technical. It offers rides, which are more like V8 supercars. Endurance, long runs that require careful planning to complete smoothly; Tuner, a place for the homeless and the like in search of comfort; Open wheel is more like Formula 1 and the street, which only runs on closed tracks between cities around the world.

Each of the five subjects requires a different approach to driving in these, as it is okay to behave crazy on the road, but it will not change anything on the open wheel. It is a challenge to discover the situation that appeals to you the most. However, I think most people will appreciate it. The only downside is that you have to level each to access the GRID events, not just the ones you want.

The better you do in each category, the more offers you get from competing teams. Less brave teams have readily available goals for success but modest XP rewards, and you will generally find that there is no or no way to optimize your car. On the other hand, Autosport’s prestigious team, Ravenwest, requires first-class results but offers plenty of XP and allows you to customize a variety of setting options at your discretion.



In the series you run, you will encounter several events. Depending on your chosen discipline, these can range from an individual career to a low double-digit number. For example, the first series will have four-six races on the street, but the six-race series has much shorter distances, but the total driving time will be about the same.

When you start a series, you are linked to it until you are done with it. So you have to make sure you choose the one you want. When a series is selected, it’s time to choose a sponsor. These make little difference to the overall game but can affect how quickly you level up. It increases the speed at which you unlock the GRID series. Therefore, it is recommended to think about it.

Each of the sponsors has several goals that you must achieve during a season, for example, place fourth or higher. The more complex a goal, the more XP you earn at the end of the season. These include specific running goals such as hitting an opposing team or achieving a certain speed in a few minutes. These are not things to think about because most people will finish as long as you are in the top 3.



With more than 100 cars and more than 25 different competition venues in five disciplines, the Grid Autosport android is a rare versatile game that does not compromise on quality. We hope this grid autosport android review will help you out.