Godfall PS5 Review

In this article, you will get an extensive Godfall PS5 Review of the gameplay called Godfall. First, let me offer you a glimpse into the mystical world of Godfall. You may regard this gameplay as an extensive game captured on a Playstation 5 development kit.

According to the director-designer of this game, it is still a work in progress. Godfall is the stereotypical next-gen launch game that shines with graphical prowess. But unfortunately, that is the only cover one can provide in defense of this game.

The Godfall gameplay became redundant with all the loots. It becomes lesser and lesser attractive while you play.

The game gets stale, leaving a feeling as hollow and a message of not letting the fancy graphics fool you the next time you buy a Playstation 5 game. Because that game will not be worth your time and money, let’s jump right into what Godfall is?

What is Godfall?

As mentioned earlier, the game is not in its final product as the developers continue to learn and harness the power of Sony’s next-generation console. So, we will look at how the game owners, designers, and developers define the gameplay. After that, we will analyze if that is the case or not.

I searched a lot of online communities and managed to collect data from the developers of the game. I asked them to define what they think of Godfall briefly. And what are the specifications and story of the gameplay? Here is a small summary of the responses I got.

Godfall is a looter-slasher that features intense action, satisfying your inner instincts with moment-to-moment combat. Moreover, the game is very playful. You can play online or through an online co-op with two additional teammates.

Now let’s talk about the gameplay in Godfall. It seems like the developers wanted to do something different. At first, the team wanted to do something different, so they came up with an idea to combine action-RPG loot progression. They are moreover combining it with third-person melee combat. To create what they now call a Looter-Slasher. The game is, therefore, one-part gear-driven and part-player skill-driven.


The Fantasy World

Godfall is set in a brand new high fantasy universe. The game is filled with heroic knights, arcane magic, and forbidden lands to keep the player engaged.

The world is split up into the elemental realms of Earth, Water, Air, and Fire. You might have seen the same plot in the animated series called “The Last Air Bender.” The world provides you with a complete package of fantasies.

The three realms above are visual marvels. Earth realm teems with ancient ruins covered in the overgrown foliage. On the other hand, the Water rea’s colossal corral formations spread as far as you can see with your eyes. At last, the vast desert and collapsed structure in the desert realm also contain many sights to behold.

I’ll say that the environmental beauty masks are otherwise poor and noncreative designs. And I hate saying the word noncreative, but it is true as far as I can tell. The surroundings are little more than window dressing, providing no interaction points.

Upon entering each realm, you are tasked with finding the kind of door that is locked. And to open them, you have to deal with a specific number of McGuffins. From here, you have to return to previously visited locations. Here you have to fight with several mid-bosses. Most of which are repeats of fights you have already clashed with are very unfortunate. After you pass these foes and acquire the required amount of MacGuffins, you can open the door, and then you fight the boss.


Load Time

All the loot and gear in the game are acquired or unlocked through gameplay. There are no microtransactions. It’s all the game on the first day. As you adventure, you will get to tear through enemies to challenge a mad god who awaits you at the top.



You play a Valorian knight; Valorian is a godlike warrior who can equip Valorplates, legendary armor sets that transform you into an unbeatable master of melee combat. Throughout the gameplay, you will find ancient Valorplates lost in time and the whole journey, each with other characteristics and long historical stories.

Playing as a king named Orin, you are destined to fight your tyrant brother. The story revolves around the task of stopping your brother. The villain’s name is Marcos, and your job is to get stronger along your journey and prevent him from becoming a god.

Along the way, you will find plenty of loot. This copious amount of loot might seem fun, but it is not. You will receive loot either from the treasure chest or enemy drops. You will visit a hub world between missions where a divine-like disembodied head called Seventh Sanctum notifies you of your progress.

I should add this critique; you won’t find the game projecting a deep narrative. The story (if you could even call it that) serves as little more than a means to funnel you from mission to mission.


My Review for Godfall PS5

Godfall made an excellent first impression on me. I am impressed by the way sparks fly to the reflectiveness of its goldy golden marvel halls. Godfall seems to signal the arrival of the next generation. Beyond the visual spectacle, however, lies a game that doesn’t bring something new to the gaming industry. The plots are immediately familiar and over-reliant on an amalgamation of loot. They are driven by the past 8 years or so.



Godfall is a mixture of loot progression and third-person melee combat. This game was introduced as a new type of genre called the looter slasher. The name holds up in so far as you loot and slash things in the game. But it can’t stand the label of introducing something new. Diablo, Monster Hunter, and war from make up some of its overt inspirations. But it manages to avoid feeling utterly derivative by pulling from so many different influences at once.


Rigid Framework

The rigid framework quickly devolves into tedium and wears out its welcome. Long before the final credits. It can easily take 9 hours of your time. Moreover, God’s end game revolves around more fights against the same bosses to make matters worse. Now you can imagine the feeling of fighting the same bosses you have already clashed steal with before.


Repeating Battles

There are some new wrinkles. These wrinkles include different ways to earn new loot: a reward system that grants temporary buffs and the prospect of failing. So you have to start over in such cases, which brings the core conceit of repeating battles and fights to unlock loot. As I have already mentioned that repeating battles is not an enticing thing.


The Hollow Environment

Part of the redundancy is somewhat understandable due to the routine and quest design that does little to shuffle you from one fight to another. Your objective rarely becomes clear or has an objective flow during the journey. The primary task in the game is to kill everything in sight. There is no interaction between you and the fantasy world. There is no nuance to indicate a sense of history in each locale. It is like the enemy’s mill about waiting to die. And the environment ends up feeling like a hollow set dressing.


The Threadbare Story

The threadbare story provides a little context, either. It can give the player just enough reasons for all the bloodshed. Godfall is a game built on monotony that would fall apart entirely if the combat were not there to prop it. Your melee repertoire consists of light and heavy attacks, a quick dodge, and a shield that can block and parry oncoming attacks.



There is a usual assortment of gear rarities. At the same time, your weapon arsenal features everything from giant greatswords to nimble dual blades. Each weapon type has a large variety of range, speed, and Candance of its moves. But there are similarities, too, including the same four-button combo and an array of abilities that can be unlocked via a modest skill tree. Whichever weapon type you choose for your battles will come down to personal preference.



It is surprisingly measurable because you can not interrupt the attack animations even when you need to block or dodge the enemy’s attack. I admit that this works well on paper forcing you to learn the pattern of your enemy’s attacks and be deliberate in your actions. But, it belies God falls emphasis on aggression. Being patient works against defeating the bosses and in one-on-one encounters.

But you have to spend the vast majority of the game fighting mobs. However, where speed is of the essence, these mechanics are undermined because dying in God 4 is so inconsequential that you have nothing to lose. Instead, it is advantageous a lot of the time. Because every time you die, you will respawn back where you died with all of your enemies right where you left them. Doing so also replenishes all of your healing items.



The most significant defeat of the game’s battle is the extreme measures of spam it will generally toss at the player. During effort missions, levels are scanty of adversaries. However, when the essential target is finished, that is the point at which the game indeed turns the wrong path.

That is the point at which the game beginnings tossing more ran adversaries at the player, more foes with super-reinforced assaults, and can regularly drop their hit-paralyze while the player is mid-string. Battle experiences haphazardly produce more adversaries all of a sudden.

Likewise, foe levels hop up to meet the players if the underlying mission they finished was lower than their own, which means they’re accomplishing more harm. To finish it off, even though most gone assaults don’t hit-shock you, they work on the player’s wellbeing quickly, which is comparably irritating.


Meaningful Death

Fortunately, there is some meaningful depth beyond the familiarities between the combat’s basics. Every weapon type has two unique variants of special attacks. These are called southern and northern techniques. These are easily executable. You can do it by spending energy gradually accumulated during the heat of battle. Aside from being a flashy display of power, these techniques also play a vital part in Godfall’s soul-shatter mechanics.


Last Words

Effectively the most noticeably terrible part about Godfall is the mission. It’s, basically, nonexistent. The game pretty much rotates around a war story where a sibling conflicts with a sibling. It is a good set-up, yet all that adds up to in-game is the player going several fruitless guides slaughtering foes, and gathering a changeable number of sigils to open the chief. Rinse, repeat for three domains until the player battles the last boss, and afterward, they’re tossed into the neglectful endgame circle.

The player character has a sum of two partners in-game. A divine talking head and a weaponsmith. Where’s the military, or at least, the opposition power for the hero? Where are largely subtleties that cause the world to feel like it doesn’t simply spin around the player? It is essential world-building 101, and, no, small amounts of shallow legend joined to bits of stuff don’t check. The game’s mission ultimately comes up short at causing it to appear like anything is truly in question other than preventing the terrible buddy from turning into a divine being.