Garena Free Fire Max: It’s Here (Review)

Day by day, the audience of ‘Battle Royal Game’ is getting bigger and bigger and being more demanding than ever. Fans are always looking forward to more immersive experiences with exclusive sound effects and thrilling visuals & graphics due to technological advancement.

So the wait is finally over for the beloved fans of battle royal games. Garena has recently launched a high-resolution survival fighting game, “Free Fire Max,” in August with a facility of pre-booking and it’s alongside exclusive in-app gift hampers.

Free fire max has the same gameplay as its original version but with upgraded premium features & graphics. According to App Annie, this is the most frequent mobile game downloaded in the world in 2019 and 2020. The total download size of this game is 0.96 GB.


50 players are sent to a deserted island to participate in an intense battle where the last one standing will win. You can create a 4 man squad (with in-game voice chat) with your friends to raise your chance of winning and surviving through 10 minutes of action-packed battle.

All players have to compete against each other for weaponry, supplies, medics, and great hiding spots to ensure their victory.


Garena free fire max is the upgraded version of the original one in aspects of both graphics, sound effects, & other exciting features. However, the basic gameplay is the same one.

1. Detail Orientated & Enhanced Graphics

Players will witness more detailed-oriented environments and maps for a great mesmerizing experience. It means that the upgraded version now supports HD Quality.

2. Firelink Technology Feature

Garena free fire max has Firelink technology built within, so the players can link their old existing database, username, and log in from free fire account. All the gaming progress won clothes and weapon skins will all get synchronized with this new version with the help of fire link technology.

You can play all game modes regardless of the version, but all the features will be advanced in free fire max.

3. In-App Customisable Map Feature & Craftland

With this exclusive feature of free fire max, players can build their land and maps to have battles in. Not only can you create new maps, but you can also upload them to the server. So you can invite your friends from both free fire and free fire max to have intense survival battles.

Players can send invitations with the help of a craft land room card. Creating your own Customisable maps feature is only available in free fire max, but players can cross-play in those maps in both versions.

4. HD Realistic Maps

Garena has upgraded the maps in its free fire max, which have a more detailed environment for maximum exposure and effects.

Falling leaves from the trees and water reflection effects are among the newly added effects. The factory area and clock tower are all redesigned with detailed inside and outside architecture.

5. 360 – Degree Premium Lobby

It is a customizable display gallery for players items like

  • Vehicle Display
  • Weapons Rack Display
  • Gloo Wall Display
  • Clothes Display

Players can build their unique style lobby as a secret hideout.

6. Upgraded Animations & Sound Effects

All the animations are optimized in free fire max like running, crawling, sprinting, eating mushrooms, parachuting. These animations look smoother and more realistic now. New weapon animations are also added to the collection, such as reloading and shooting guns.

Garena didn’t stop at that; they also upgraded the sound effects of bombing and firing to a more realistic sound. Players will also notice the bullet hole effect, which only appears in the training grounds whenever a player shoots at the wall. A bullet hole will appear. Along with all the modifications, vehicle effects also made their way on the list like breaking lights, tire path, honks, etc. are all included for a better gaming experience.

Free fire max has a weapon trace effect to enhance the tracker’s visibility from the player’s perspective.


Free Fire Max game is available for both Android and iOS users now. You can look it up in ‘play store’ (For Android Users) & ‘apple store’ (For iOS Users). It is a free download game app with in-app purchases to enjoy the luxuries.

Free Fire Max Registration

Free Fire Max release date is not far away. First, you have to register for the game to get an early notification whenever the game is available for download. You have to follow these simple steps for registration.

  • Go to Google Play Store, type in ‘Free Fire Max’ in the search bar, and press enter.
  • In the results, click on the free fire max icon and then pre-register.

All done. Now you have pre-registered for the game, and whenever the game is available for download, you will be notified.



Free fire Max is more advanced than free fire in terms of stunning visuals, features, sound effects, animations, graphics & even has a 360 display lobby with Customisable maps. Even with all new upgrades and features, this game runs smoothly, and its life-like graphics & animations deliver the most mesmerizing gaming experience.

With its “Firelink Technology,” players can enjoy intense battles from both the platforms of free fire and fire max. With the help of this technology, users can easily switch from free fire to free fire max with all their progress and collection of accessories.

A great game worthy of your time battling against others and standing firm from start to end. An overall fantastic gaming experience with all the ultra HD visuals and sound systems.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Free Fire Max better than Free fire?

Free fire max offers better and more enhanced graphic visuals and sound effects than free fire, initially providing players with an immersive experience.

With its ultra HD textures and high-quality playing, free fire max delivers a memorable battling experience.

Is Free Fire Max free?

Yes, this mobile game is free to download, but it has in-app purchases for exclusive clothes, weapons skills, and other character-related upgrades.

Can Free Fire players play with Free Fire Max players?

Since the basic gameplay of both games is pretty similar, that means both the free fire and free fire max players can play together. But only the players of free fire max can enjoy the luxuries of enhanced graphics, customizable map features, and other features.

Players of free fire can battle in those custom-based maps but with only the help of craft land card invitations. They can only have battles there but can create their maps even with the craft land invitation card.

Is Garena Free Fire any good?

Garena is a specialized gaming company that makes amazing battle royale titles worthy of your time. If you are a die-hard fan of games like battle royale, we suggest you give it a try. Garena always does its best to provide the best quality visual games to its customers.

And since it’s free to download, you won’t be worried about wasting your money. You can explore the whole, and then you will answer this question.

Can Free Fire Max run on 2GB RAM?

2 GB RAM is the minimum requirement for free-fire mobile games, and it won’t display its effectiveness. Players need to have at least 4 GB RAM or more free space for mobile games to run smoothly and effectively without any loading or server errors whatsoever.

What is the MB of Free Fire Max?

The total game app size is 0.96 GB which is 980 MB.

Is Free Fire Max available for PC?

Yes, this mobile game is available for PC but with the help of applications like BlueStack, MeMu and others. You need to install one of these applications on your PC, then transfer your mobile app to the PC.