Game of Life review

Game of Life Review | How to Win This Fun Game

The Game of Life has a beautifully rendered interactive game board, cards, and spins that capture the joy of classic games packed with exploration, and suspense. Read this Game of Life Review.

The Game of Life takes players on a journey where fortunes can also be earned and lost. Choose a college or a career and travel the many paths of life, also make money, buy a home or start a family. The choice is yours as you navigate through life’s rich tapestries. Therefore, do everything you can to retire in style and win with the fortune at the end of the game.


Fun for Everyone

Game of Life introduces a unique and long-awaited new multiplayer mode. With online matchmaking, you can play online in a whole new way. Play and play against other players online as they all spin and run to the last yellow tile.


Save and Continue Running Games

With the options, the game can also be played entirely in English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Russian, Traditional Chinese, or Simplified Chinese.



What’s the Point?

In-Game of Life, players go through life in search of success. When you play, you go from college to work, then family life, and then retirement.

Throughout the process, you will also make money, make investments, get married, have children, and retire.


Make Decisions Get Paid or Lose Everything

Go to college, find a job and play minigames in this fun interactive app for the whole family. Watch the characters on the board come to life and also move through the stages of life in this spectacular 3D animated retouching of the famous physics painting.



  • ONLINE MULTIPLAYER: play with other players and run to the last yellow box
  • LOCAL PLAY – Play with up to three others on one computer
  • FAST MODE – A new and shorter game mode where you meet another winning condition.
  • MINI-GAMES: test your skills and compete against each other in a variety of mini-games.
  • CHAT: send expressive emoticons to players as they play online.


Game of Life Review: Characteristics

Take the road to a roller coaster life filled with adventure, family, surprises, and pets. In this game, players can also make their own exciting decisions as they go through the twists and turns of life. Therefore, move the automatic tile from start to finish on the game board and experience surprises related to family, career, and other phases of life. Players will also adopt pets in this edition of the game of life. The player with the most money wins after the game.

Includes game boards with roulette wheels, 100 cards, five spinning chips to win, four cars, 24-person games, 12 pet games, money packs, and a game guide.



Game Setup

Life Tile

  • Place the LIFE SIDE of Life tokens near the game board.
  • Slide 4 tiles and side up in Millionaire Estates

Game of Life Review: Cards

  • Divide the cards into four decks and lay them face down near the game board.
  • Career card
  • Salary card
  • House record

Game of Life Review: Requirement

  • From 8 years
  • For 2 to 4 players.

Game of Life Review: Money

  • Select a player who will be the banker responsible for all money paid to and from the bank
  • Each player receives $ 10,000 from the bank

Game of Life Review: Playing Style

  • All players spin the wheel
  • The highest roulette is the first player to start
  • The game continues clockwise.
  • Turn the wheel on your turn and move the number of fields on your car on the wheel
  • Always keeps the car moving
  • If the storage space is full, go to the next open storage space.
  • Follow the instructions in the room and complete the rotation.

The game’s first turn is an exception. In the first round, each player must choose:

  • Start a career or
  • go to high school

College offers career opportunities and future salary, but it takes time, and you will be in debt


First Round: The Beginning of a Career or University

Game of Life Review: Start a Career

  • Place the car in the Start Race area.
  • Draw a career card. You cannot have a career card showing “Diploma required.” If you draw one, draw again
  • Draw payroll cards
  • Place the career card and salary card up in front of you.
  • Rotate and move like a curve

Start College

  • Park the car on START COLLEGE square
  • Borrow $ 40,000 from the college bank
  • Rotate and move like a curve


Rotate and Move

Professional Rooms

  • Stop when you reach this room (even if you have moved to the left).
  • Draw three flea cards at random: select one card and return the rest
  • Draw 3 debit cards at random and select one
  • Place your career and salary card with the front in front of you


Change Operator

Areas for Midlife and Fire Crises

  • Change your career card by shuffling a card at random and replacing the current card. You cannot keep the diploma card if you have not gone to college.
  • Draw one debit card at random and replace the current card

Special Rule for Police Officers

  • If you are a police officer, you will be fine
  • Catch a player who turns ten, and the player pays you $ 5000
  • If none of the players are police officers, there is no speeding penalty.


Game of Life Review: How to Win

  • The game ends when all players have settled down
  • Millionaire Estates players count their money
  • The richest player gets 4 LIFE tokens
  • In the event of a tie, the independent players share chips.
  • All players count and add their money to the dollar amounts added by their LIFE chips.
  • The player with the highest monetary value wins

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