Fruit Ninja Game Review – Wonderful Game To Play

Updated: October 12, 2021

A straightforward yet addictive Game Fruit Ninja Review Classic, when you take it, you will find out what to do without much explanation. The goal is to cut as much fruit as possible to achieve a new high score. The game also has a few different modes, but they still have the same purpose.


Children run their fingers across the device’s screen to cut the fruit while throwing it. In some situations, children can choose the challenge level. Children must escape from bombs while firing in classic and arcade modes. There are no bombs in Zen mode.

Children can play multiplayer games with another person on the device or online through the Game Center. Kids can get achievements that unlock new backgrounds and new swords. You can also keep track of these achievements and compare your results.

Fruit Ninja Gameplay

There’s something special about FRUIT NINJA. A beautifully rendered fruit is thrown into the air in front of you and strikes it to cut it before it hits the ground. It is the perfect way to unleash your attacks while feeling like an iron chef.

Since you are only starting with one fruit at a time, think, “What’s the problem?” Then the fruits fly, and you cut like crazy, suddenly you stop when you see a bomb thrown into the mix. It’s the kind of game that makes you keep playing and try to beat your previous score every time other players use leader boards.



Features of Fruit Ninja Game

  • Easy to use control panel.
  • Cut the fruit into slices to get a higher score.
  • You can earn more with more odds.
  • Sharp bombs can kill the game.
  • There are different game modes available.



This Fruit Ninja review offers three different game modes.

  1. Classic Mode: In classic mode, you can play even if you lose three fruits. Hitting bombs in classic mode is also deadly. 
  2. Zen mode lets you play without bombs for 90 seconds, making it an excellent choice for kids.
  3. Arcade Mode: The arcade mode has only a 60 second time limit but adds bonuses like two points, Madness and Freezer. Bombs also return in Arcade mode, but they are not deadly, but they will affect your score and wipe out any earned bonuses.
  4. Multiplayer Mode: You and your friend compete with each other to see who can cut the most fruit with the same device. While this is an excellent addition, I would like to see the online multiplayer functionality.


The Experience

The Fruit Ninja Review Classic experience is as good as I can remember. Music is good even if you only listen to it on the main screen and not in a real game. The graphics are well done. They have their style. And even if you do not think it is a natural fruit, every fruit looks so juicy that you want to try it. One thing I do not like is random bombs. Sometimes they dive in front of the fruit, so you have no choice but to avoid both. Let yourself lose a life or the whole game.


What Parents Must Know?

Parents should know that Fruit Ninja has more to do with fruit than ninjas. Your finger is your sword, but you never see a representation of a real weapon in the game. Mangoes, bananas, apples, and the like are sliced, but nothing else. The only thing that drips here is fruit juice.

Bombs are the only violent image in the game, and their explosions are very abstract (more like white lightning). Perhaps most worrying is the game’s connection to the Open Feint network allows children to join and exchange messages with other members. Do not subscribe to Open Feint if your children are in their teens.



Fruit Ninja Classic is a great game so far. How old has the game been? Well, the idea and features of the game are still unique. The game’s looks are still reasonable compared to what we have in the App Store these days. And the game is even better and more responsive than some of the games made today.

So it seems that the only enemy of Fruit Ninja Classic is himself. There is a reason he has “classic” in his name. Half brick Studios released a wholly redesigned Fruit Ninja that’s free to play and has several characters, game modes, and items. But it’s hard to find currency in the game and the ability to see ads for a double reward.