Fishdom Game Review - Putting Five Pieces Together to Make a Bomb

Fishdom Game Review | Putting Five Pieces Together to Make a Bomb

Fishdom is an addictive logic game where you have to solve colourful puzzles to decorate your aquarium. Here you can add all kinds of fish and decorations to enjoy a beautiful and tempting aquarium. Read this Fishdom Game Review.

To add a fish or Decoration item, you must purchase items with coins that you earn by completing the tasks you see at the bottom right of the screen. Solve it, and you will win a prize; Solve it with very few movements, and you get the extra money that helps you a lot when you invest in your aquarium. To achieve your goal in each puzzle, you must match three or more objects of the same colour and get the specified number of points or goals.

In Fishdom, you can add dozens of fish of all kinds, So that they roam freely around your facilities. There are fish of all colours and sizes to look at while swimming in your aquarium. You can also get decorative elements to liven up your aquarium and give the little residents a new vision of their home.


Fishdom Game Review: Characteristics

  • UNIQUE game: change and customize, design and decorate play games and take care of the fish, all in one place
  • Hundreds of challenging and fun match THREE levels

Discover an exciting water world with fun 3D fish, each with their personality and which you will love to meet

  • AQUARIUMS: that you can bring to life with impressive underwater decorations.
  • Great graphics for you when you take a snorkel mask
  • Buddy Dive Time Play with your Face book friends


FISHDOM | Detailed Tips, Tricks, and Strategy Guides to Complete All Levels

FISHDOM: Deep Dive is a bit weird – this PLAYRIX title is a combination of 3 titles, but unlike most genres available on both platforms, this title is currently only available on IOS. The game invites you to dive into a challenging and fun match-3 game with new unique twists.

The twists and turns here seem to mean decorating the tanks so you can give the fish a Nice and comfortable home. You also have the opportunity to feed your fish, play with them and “watch them interact with each other.” In short, this game is, based on the old match-3 mechanics with over a hundred such levels, but many surprises make it more than just a typical match-3 game.

Do you have problems making combinations? Do you need to understand the non-matching three elements of this game? We look forward to answering all of your questions with this list from FISHDOM: Deep Dive Tips and Tricks.



Have a Game Plan Before You Solve Puzzles

You may be, Tempted to jump into FISHDOM: Deep Dive first and solve these gut and instinct-based puzzles. But since you do not have a time limit in this game, you can look at a board as many times as you want and create a more specific schedule with a time limit. However, what limited is the movements, so these are the ones you should be careful with.


Go and Get the Cake

When you have an opportunity, try to put four or more pieces together. Such correspondence allows you to create an explosion; yes, we understand that it seems strange that the game allows it. You to turn shells or other creatures into fireworks, but that’s part of that title in one Hit. You can destroy everything next to the place where you play fireworks. THAT makes it very helpful when you want to complete a level as quickly as possible.


Better than that, Try Putting Five Pieces Together to Make a Bomb

Bombs have similar features to fireworks, but the obvious. The difference is that they cover much more ground. You can make bombs by putting five pieces together in different ways: they can be straight, L-shaped, or T-shaped. Bombs can also destroy golden tiles. So if you see five parts of the same type, you need to adjust them so that you can find a bomb.


Fishdom Game Review: Use Power-Ups

In addition to the bomb and the cake, there are even more power-ups you can try for yourself. For example, if you put six pieces together, you get dynamite. THAT makes it possible to cover a much larger area than the pump. When it comes to the larger combinations, we recommend that you plan things so, that you have a greater chance of starting correctly.


You can Detonate Startup Manually

You do not necessarily have to move the power-ups you came with, whether it is the firecracker or the bomb. Pressing them twice activates and detonates from your current position. So if you see something that may be out of reach, you can create an amplifier and play it wherever you want.


Fishdom Game Review: Light Your Aquarium

Every fish or decoration you buy for your aquarium will result in more beautiful places. And once you have accumulated enough of these points, you can get a decent coin bonus by watching your aquarium grow into star points. You will focus on spending as much as possible on decorations or new fish. On the back, you also want to make sure that you have checked everything at least twice so that you do not buy repetitive things.


Fishdom Game Review: Keep the Fish Well-Fed

Remember that FISHDOM: Deep Dive is not just about solving match-3 puzzles. They also take care of fish, and each of these fish has specific indicators of hunger. Always take the time to play this game to make sure your fish are well fed and happy. And when it comes to feeding, you can get a potential coin bonus if you feed your fish well in this game. Do not stay away from the game for too long Otherwise. YOU may starve your fish.

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