FIFA 21 Next Level Edition PS5 Review

FIFA 21 is a video game developed by Electronic Arts and released as part of the FIFA series. FIFA 21 release date is October 6, 2020. It was released for all platforms, including Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Slim, and Xbox One.

On December 3, 2020, improved versions for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and Series S were released, and a version for Stadia. Our FIFA 21 PS5 review covers how FIFA only needs to get better for a new generation of consoles.

FIFA 21 on PS5 is an important step forward, graphically, and reminds us of the exciting days when FIFA 14 was first launched on PS4 in 2013 and blew us away with the next generation boasting.

What New Features will FIFA 21 have?


Next Level offers Controller Haptics on PS5 to provide responsive haptic feedback, faster charging times, an improved lighting system for a more realistic game, specialized sound for an even more immersive stadium experience, and out-of-the-box humanization like them and know trustworthy colleagues.


Improvements in the Career Situation

Career problems prevented the launch of FIFA 20, and fans of this part of the game were keen to improve in this regard. A new Quick option is available in FIFA 21, allowing you to join and end games to influence the direction of the season.

You can also improve the player’s skills with a new active training system. That makes it easy to create group training to solve vulnerabilities. Improved AI resistance is also a new game feature, with new handling transfers, such as loans with optional or mandatory future fees.


Playing Style

Improved play is a FIFA 21 with new attack systems such as soft dribbling, personality positioning, and creative races that give greater control over the player’s movement. Goal fights, possession fights, and attacking duels are “more naturally solved” to create a more realistic and fluid gaming experience.

Competition mode gives opponents a better understanding of tactics and the ability to perform skills, making the game more competitive.


New Icons

New icons are added to the list of heroes from previous seasons, and FIFA 21 is no different for each new FIFA title. Eric Cantona returns as an icon in FIFA 21 and appears in some commercials. Ferenc Puskas, Xavi, and Fernando Torres are a few famous new icons.

However, the most significant addition is, without a doubt, David Beckham, who will take on an ambassadorial role in EA Sports for the first time in 23 years.


Ultimate Team

FIFA 21 has FUT Co-op, which lets you go with your friends and work together to compete for FUT rewards and achieve collective goals. Training cards are no longer available in FIFA 21, which means that players’ endurance is fully charged after a match.

Removing training cards prevents people from upgrading attributes to make players like Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo unstoppable. Division Rivals is now limited to 40 matches against a player’s rank. It means that it is no longer recommended to play a ridiculous number of games.



A newcomer to FIFA street football, Volta, has a more prominent social element in Volta Squads that allows you to play online with three friends and join other Volta players.

When you customize your player, you can choose between new clothes. You can compete for points and rewards with selected matches, including real players like Kylian Mbappé.


FIFA 21 Next Level Edition vs. Standard

FIFA 21 Next Level Edition – PlayStation 5

Game releases in the US on October 6. As new next-generation consoles are available in stores, the latest update will take your gaming experience to the next stage. However, best of all, anyone who has purchased the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One edition can upgrade for free with the new dual-owner feature.


Push-Pull Physics

Our Real Player Motion Technology (RPMT) uses an advanced player interaction framework to fight for the ball. Feel enhanced in the battle for ball possession during open play and place the pieces as players accelerate, glide, respond more than ever and shoot.


Sights and Sounds

Everyone who has been to a live football match knows that the experience means more than what happens on the pitch. The latest update of FIFA 21 has a library of thousands of authentic songs, atmospheric EA Sports sound, exclusively recorded from the world’s best competitions. However, Anfield will also vibrate to the main sound. The Bernabéu will sparkle with anticipation, and the bubbling atmosphere of Dortmund will tell you that you’re in a game.


Next-Level Realism

The latest FIFA update provides advanced technology that makes your heroes more realistic than ever. The new Frostbite-compatible game engine gives your players a more natural physique. It shows off their curved muscles when they hit the ball, and the new awake hair reacts when you fly on the wing.

They have even introduced custom player moves for some of the biggest stars in the game. So they can move. The enhanced authenticity of the uniforms and materials elevates the world’s best athletes to a new level of dynamic realism.


Responsive Multi-Touch Animations

New game technology improves the visual quality and response of connected animations on the ball. So you can experience fluid and realistic player movements. Players now perform more human contexts, which reduces the robot’s mechanical movement.


Humanization without a Ball

From the tedious adjustment of the shins in the 89th minute to the screams of a teammate, Off-Ball Humanization creates an animated visual structure and authentic character behavior that allows you to feel all the emotions in football at the Highest Level of the game.



Inspired by the look of top football games, a new gaming camera gives you a new perspective on every stage. Therefore, see more fields to plan your warm-up or block lanes and see fans at home and away react to the game in real-time.


Live Before the Match

New scenes before the match provide a unique gaming experience to immerse you in the sights and sounds of football at the highest stage. Watch the team buses land on the ground before kick-off, feel the urgency as fans enter through turnstiles, and watch the players cross the media zone and onto the pitch.


Great Objective Moments

Some goals mean more. New contextual reactions from players, banks, and fans react to the game’s situation. And let you feel the excitement and explosive drama of a last-minute UEFA Champions League winner or a reduction in savings.


Super-Fast Charging Time

The power of next-generation consoles means faster loading times that allow you to get into the game faster than ever. On PS5 FIFA 21 Next Level Edition, you can go from the menu to start in less than two seconds.


Standard Edition

The cheapest standard edition offers players everything they need to be ready to go in the game. Special edition FUT sets, stadium items, and up to three rare gold packages include. But players will not benefit from the option for domestic talents in career mode.

  • Up to 3 rare gold packages FUT 21 (1 per week for three weeks)
  • 1 FUT Star Loan Cover item (for 5 FUT matches)
  • 1 FUT committee for selection of ambassador loans (select)


FIFA 21 PS5 Upgrade

FIFA 21 releases on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, including new games and graphics. And even a new camera angle that gives the game a streaming feel.

Everyone who bought FIFA 21 for PlayStation 4 or Xbox One is eligible for a free update to PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X version, including the game download.